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  1. I only ever use the mini 14 which i class as a civi weapon, so would love more like that to be honest.
  2. Personally after so many years of Chernarus i'm done with it for a long time, I like Livionia but wish they added more to it.
  3. ScouseViking


    Looks interesting, good luck guys!
  4. Yes, it's beyond annoying now with little to no purpose. Its boring having to constantly take pills any time you are with more than 4 people.
  5. Rakeesh the hero we NEED but do not deserve.
  6. Looks really good actually. Yes from me.
  7. These lads already saved my ass, Doing some hero shiz already, Is right boys.
  8. I got mad.. seen the date.. and got mad at myself. The shame.
  9. There is hostile rp on the server, And some of it is excellent, it really is. The problem i think some people have is when people not groups... use 'hostile rp' as an excuse just to be a pvp'er and don't actually want anything to do with rp at all, Which does happen. A lot. People like that do give people a sour taste to certain peoples 'hostile rp' but you cant blame people for that, at the end of the day this is dayzrp not dayzpvp. Hostile rp is needed, hey even fighting is absolutely needed to, but let's make it for the right ROLEPLAY reasons, as many individuals and groups do. For those that do it the right way keep up the great work, for those who use it as an excuse to be purely pvp with little to no rp, there are plenty of other servers to do that where you won't be looked down upon for it. Viva la hostile rp.
  10. Hope you enjoy the bacon steaks.
  11. This idea is great, i had a experience with a cannibal last night and it was fantastic and horrible rp, a group of you would be fantastic as long as youre providing good rp. What i will say is though, Don't make yourself KOS'able. Although it's honourable etc people will just abuse it and use it as an excuse to give you minimal rp and then claim they 'killed the cannibals'. I hope you form the group, good luck.
  12. The 'WAIT NO' bit was tragic, but the fact he flew back onto the rocks was boss like. Is right lads.
  13. *gasps* Betrayed by my own friend.. The knife is deep in my back.
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