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  1. I thought I was out of the drugs business but I'm being pulled back in ... This may or may not have been part of the plan....
  2. Nice chimping

  4. Yes. It would also be good for the police to use this to knock people out in game instead of having to shoot people. Would provide nice rp.
  5. Whoever the old man is in the mcoomer place was had me laughing really hard in real life, good work dude you play it greatly. But big f you for what you said about the best city in England.
  6. A group of really solid tier rpers here, Looking forward to meeting you guys in game
  7. I will put a stop to your evil plans
  8. Fake HARO with seedy undertones you say.. I have a purpose now, can't wait to find out about you guys in game
  9. Then i dont believe there should be a cool down timer at all, but that's just me personally mate.
  10. Not for me, People should be able to rp their characters when, and as they want, aslong as they aren't in a firefight for 10 or so mins. Swerve restricting peoples rp, let them play their characters when they want to. If this was for firefights i'd understand if it was a cool down of lets say 10-15 mins after a firefight, anything longer or other than that is a big massive nah.
  11. happy birthday sweet boy 

    1. DrMax



    2. Scouse


      Privet Drive Magic GIF by Harry Potter

  12. One thing that categorically will not help this server is NPC ideas. Not a good thing for RP servers. What WOULD help the server is staff supporting roleplay ideas, and stop caring so much about the loot spawn issue. This is a RP server we should be pushing to help create that as much as possible. Things that are not allowed to happen need to be allowed to happen. For example, medical groups, HARO lets say should have been provided everything they need from the get go, cabinets should have been spawned in for them with medical gear to make it more immersive, Why this isn't allowed i dont know but surely not making an APPROVED lore group run around trying to find bandages so they can rp with it is not time effective and can easily be helped by the staff. In fact all approved groups should be supported in some way shape or form, If they have a good idea, solid plans that they can bring to the staff they should be able to request support from staff, I dont mean in the sense of spawning trhem in guns or ammo but you can definitely help set them up at their base with little bits of roleplay items. I do not agree with spoonfeeding rp, people need to make their own rp, what i do agree with is supporting RP. Help people, help groups support roleplay. Also LM's yes we know its been difficult, People can't just wait for LM's / admins to create rp for them but more events, more long term storylines and 'quests' for groups or individuals to do would be extremely beneficial. LM'S also should have more tools and the ability to spawn things in, create things and whatever they need. I find sometimes this server can be too restrictive because were playing a survival game, Yes we are but this isn a roleplay server, lets stop restricting things.
  13. Started off really good, then really lost its way. For me CLF started to become more about who they could PK as bragging rights and scalp taking then about providing the best rp they could to the server. This is the right decision, Thanks for the great rp i got from you at times.
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