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  1. '' There needs to be a undercard, and some main events, Sung Ho rematch.. Bishop vs sam.. they are the joint main event, winner takes on winner... but we need others, whose up for it?''
  2. Had my first hostile interactions with you guys yesterday and for me personally I found it really fun, Not sure how the other two people involved felt but rp wise I personally got enjoyable stuff especially from Craig and whoever yuri is. Only thing I'd say is I do think the initiation came too early after the restart but I understand why, I would have complied either way.
  3. (WIP) Born to a Landlord Mother, and a Depressive Alcoholic and abusive father, Teddy has always been surrounded by somewhat seedy and dark London underground characters whose best traits are getting up to no good and avoiding the men in blue. Teddy himself remains a rather mysterious character, Those who claim to know him say he is unpredictable at best, Sometimes he will see someone as a best friend, Only to be looked at the wrong way and wish for them to be dead, And that although he is proudly working class, He deeply enjoys certain things he see's as 'upper class' such as his taste in fine wines, Well made suits, Along with beautiful women and handsome men. He has been described by some as a egomaniac, Strictly driven by his own desire to become someone special, The sheer belief that he already is, His lust for those finer things in life and to become notorious through out. The limited pieces that can be brought together on how he even got to the Island are another thing, He has told some he came here to buy crates upon crates of cheap alcohol to take back with him, Only for his ship to fail not far off shore. He has told others he was here for a 'family vacation' but when pressed on where his family are, He quickly became dismissive and changed the conversation, What is real and what is not with Teddy comes down to a matter of belief. What IS known is that Teddy clearly has a slightly warped sense of reality, He truly does believe the things he says despite them possibly contradicting what he has said in the past, And that his harsh and potentially abusive upbringing has certainly had it's affect...
  4. had different types of rp with this group already, think it will be very interesting. good luck and see you around in game!
  5. Post Chess GIF

    1. SynO


      Just stop

    2. edgy Daemon

      edgy Daemon

      Game on then lil homie 


    3. edgy Phoenix

      edgy Phoenix

      your name is a disgrace to the edge 😄 

    4. eDgY ScOuSe

      eDgY ScOuSe

      meme the meme. 

    5. groovy dingo

      groovy dingo

      what have you done to my boy

    6. edgy Daemon

      edgy Daemon

      massacred him months ago 

    7. Wulf


      I'm disappointed

    8. edgy Daemon

      edgy Daemon

      Wanna Fight Animal Crossing GIF

  6. oh my god no GIF by The Maury Show

    1. SynO




    2. eDgY ScOuSe

      eDgY ScOuSe

      i hate you middle finger GIF

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      Rude, just dance with me man 👀

    4. eDgY ScOuSe

      eDgY ScOuSe

      arrested development no GIF

  7. i love it @Watchman you know what to do
  8. Brilliant rp from you today man! Jett totally a older bro figure to damian for sure was a lot of fun @lunathecat great rp again from you!
  9. sylvester stallone yes GIF by Rocky


    Me after easily destroying the weeb army, and enjoying my victory over the two last generals.


    @Aiko @Whitename

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      black lagoon GIF#

    2. edgy Daemon

      edgy Daemon

      One day you’ll stop fighting it. And realize your true potential good friend. image.gif.f9096ee4f77ee610e53b2b3de970c8fc.gif

    3. eDgY ScOuSe

      eDgY ScOuSe

      Y'all gross

    4. edgy Daemon

      edgy Daemon

      Accept yourself 

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