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  1. Cub


    new zombie update is disasterously bad.

    1. Pepsi


      Nah it's not.

    2. Cub


      I mean, it's my opinion, and it is for me.

    3. Pepsi


      Yeah, it is more harder to deal with, my game style involving infected didn't do much change in my eyes.

    4. Cub


      Im glad you like it ^_^ i personally don't, is what it is, people enjoy different things.

    5. AndreyQ


      It's absolute shit, every patch we stray further from happiness with this game.

    6. Cor


      The zombies are soooo inconsistent as is the stealth system, seem to only be able to sneak up to a zombie and stealth kill it 1 out of 5 times where the situation and setting is exactly the same.

      At least silenced pistols are actually useful now?

    7. Oy


      The new stealth system is stellar IMO, I've been having a lot of fun with it. Although I like the fact that the zombies are a bigger threat now, I wish they could have just increased the number of infected rather than make them stronger. 

    8. KonoSimp


      New bullet damage and stagger system is shit for pvp. The zombies are shit in the new update. People try to say that it's a ZOMBIE game and it should be treated as such but IMO its a pvp game in its core so it shouldn't be as drastic. Humans are stronger and smarter than dumb zombies. Bohemia took a massive L.

    9. TheBishop


      Yeah... nah I like it over all. The fact that people get KOed more often leads to situations that are always better. Giving the players more of a fighting change instead if Insta kill. The stagger system is designed to make guns shooting heavy rounds, which are suppose to be extremely rare, more effective. It’s not designed for everyone in there mother shooting a PKP. 


      I agree, zombies need to be more consistent with stealth. But other than that having zombies more of a threat Is awesome and leads, imo, to more player interaction 


    10. KonoSimp


      ^ evidently it will stagger even with pistols though. which is fucking dumb

    11. OkBuddySIMP


      I rather zombies be hard in hordes, not having all my clothes damaged and me down to yellow after 2-3 zombies. Update garbage. 

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