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  1. Welcome back to reality non staffer Scouse.  Now take a shower and wash off that filth

  2. Cub

    DayZRP 21.4.1

    Summer chernarus would be a great addition imo.
  3. Cub

    DayZRP 21.4.1

    Of course i care about lore.. i'm surprised that you even came to that conclusion from what i said, i very much care about the lore, but there is some stuff from a storytelling and lore perspective that i dont enjoy, and i think that's fair enough, no one has to share that opinion and to say that i don't because of not liking a story is.. well, strange for me, But i don't want this to be at risk at going off topic, so i will leave it at that.
  4. Cub

    DayZRP 21.4.1

    I fully understand what you are saying but i also believe that from my experience in other servers with the same mod it is very restrictive and the fun/fear factor of it wears off extremely quick, I also find that it is implemented to push a lore narrative (fair) which i do not fully enjoy myself, but this is just a personal opinion of mine alone, and that is for a different thread when it gets to that point.
  5. Cub

    DayZRP 21.4.1

    Can't say enough how against this toxic zone thing i am, very restrictive, some of the features are cool, nice to have BMW back and such, more doors a great addition too. Youre essentially forcing people out of their home and roleplay place, which i find damaging, long term.
  6. Been really enjoying rping with this group for the last few days and setting up stories that will last for the foreseeable future! thanks for the great rp so far guys!
  7. Hello, We are moving this thread to community discussion as we feel it is more fitting for there, We also recommend adding a poll to this.
  8. Character Name: Luka Novak Character Age: 17 Does your character have any physical shortcomings?: No Does your character have a mental disability? : No Does your character have a specific disease? (Diabetes etc.) : N/A Does your character have any phobia? : Claustrophobia Does your character have a love interest? : no Does your character have any addictions? : Drug addict. Does your character do any drugs? : Moprhine, oxy's etc. Is your character overweight? : No Are you willing to experience (manageable) small Hordes of infected or wolves during RP? : Yes Would you l
  9. None scouse people trying to speak scouse slang should be a bannable offence.

    1. Oy


      Is that cultural appropriation?

    2. Cub



    3. FaeLR



    4. Cub


      season 3 showtime GIF by Billions


    5. Woodzie



    6. FaeLR


      ❤️ you @Cub 😛


    7. TheBishop


      Spanish No GIF by GIPHY News

    8. ImRabbit


      Swerve Mate

  10. Whilst i myself am not crazy on the gas idea and such as i feel it can be more restrictive in the end than it is promoting rp, Because all it would take is a few hit or misses from the LM team and it could end up being a lot of the map is covered in this 'gas' and people cant really just navigate their own story without the risk of being pk'd due to it. That said, Regardless of my own personal beliefs with this, i have the trust in the team that are behind it, and know for a fact they're working hard to get something going that we all can enjoy, and from a creative stand point you
  11. *Chernarussian boy's voice is heard over the radio* ''I will make it clear that the words of Josef Liska do not repretsent the views of SPERO as a whole, and his words only represent him and his views.'' *A sigh is heard over the radio* ''Please stop warring over the radio, this is not helpful to anyone, or to our country.''
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