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  1. stinky scouse

    1. AtrixLR


      nah bro Scouse is a real one 💯

    2. Cub


      what fuck @groovy dingo

    3. groovy dingo

      groovy dingo

      AH shit aight bruv damn

  2. dog asks GIF

    1. Peril


      Avatar The Last Airbender GIF

  3. There must always be one knight of olsha
  4. End winter Chernarus now pls

    1. ImKrullix


      I second this

    2. tz


      It’s so freaking cold 

    3. Ron


      spawn more sun & ... well gear.

    4. BeanMama


      Im just so sick of looking at it ffs

    5. ImFrosty



    6. ThatGuyJacob



    7. kalyri


      Two and a half more weeks of snow to enjoy ❤️

    8. Cub


      I don't think there are many left enjoying the snow anymore, it's time for it to go

    9. kalyri


      Sounds like someone needs to go have a snowball fight and make snow angels.

    10. Cub


      We been done that for the last 2 months!!

    11. kalyri


      It’s been two months?  Feels like less.  

    12. Cub


      feels like 6 years! 😂

    13. kalyri


      Or 6 weeks o.o

    14. Cub



    15. kalyri



  5. BMW never caused issues it was always the trucks and the trucks specifically.
  6. *Damian picks up his radio in response to this, and flicks on his PTT* "Good afternoon... To the guy who says he is hunting Russians.. RAC.. Prole in svetlo.. Some of those remnants are close friends of mine, the fact you think you can swing your ego around and wish death on them and that it will happen is funny me to me. My name is Damian, I'm not hard to find, if you have a problem with these people you can show yourself to me instead of making threats from the shadows. You will not harm my friend. Reach out soon. *Damian ends his transmission*
  7. Open door once in 6th months for shitty take out food, test positive for covid a few days later.


    1. IntenseGeek


      Dude so sorry to hear that, feel better please.

    2. TheBishop


      Wow, who did you piss off. Cause that’s not bad luck, someone is out to infect you man! 

    3. Cub


      getting fragged by covid

    4. ImKrullix


      Get well soon

    5. TheBishop


      Shoulda had your pocket MP7 

    6. Faygo



    7. Dingle


      Get well soon bud!

    8. Millicent


      That sucks. 😞

      I hope you feel better soon.

    9. Spencerlb


      Oh no!! Get better soon man, that’s fucking rough.

    10. NillerSB


      Get well soon bro. Next time just KoS him and take the points.

  8. no way smh GIF by Originals

    1. Cub


      I Love You Hug GIF by Demic

  9. I think we shall respectfully agree to disagree on both your intentions of this post and with what you have said in the context of the matter too, Enjoy your night!
  10. I agree with you, they should not have expressed their displeasure in logs, You have also done this yourself on Namalsk at a different level, As to which i believe you have already apologised for doing so which is a step in the right direction. I have no idea of knowing whether i am right or not but it does feel you have taken this personally and are using this to exact your annoyance at this on the group as a whole instead of personally speaking to those who don't enjoy it. I think you should not take the comments of the few to heart and focus on the overall, because otherwise you can get lost in that entire tit for tat nonsense that no one needs. Going forward any issues with the group that are as minor as this do not to be expunged all over the group thread, and you can easily resolve tiny issues like this by reaching out to a leader of this group before going further.
  11. Good evening / afternoon / night. I'm going to respond to this concisely and in my opinion fairly. You have now been provided feedback publicly and personally by various members of this group with regards to spawning in hordes of zombies during ongoing roleplay, or during situations that are somewhat tense for multiple reasons, They have explained this to you in a respectful manner, and i believe you could have raised this issue you have with them personally in DM's instead of tarring the entire group with the same brush which i believe is both unfair and irresponsible. As for your other points, Roleplay is what drives the server, If the people in this group prefer story driven rp to hordes coming in which essentially feels like a mini game, you cannot take the past criticisms of you doing that personally, you are not here to judge peoples preferential roleplay. As for another point you make the campfire comment was not made by a member of this group so i would advise revising that comment and taking it out as it is not accurate to this group at all, We cannot be responsible for the actions of those who interact with us, and we have to respect their opinion. Your comment about 'factions that seem to not care about any rp other than their own' is incorrect and damaging to the view of the group, These 'factions' are people that have already displayed their displeasure at the hordes because it quite frankly does not feel like a lore event as nothing comes from it, it feels like a mini game and nothing new is learned from it. Me personally i quite like the hordes, it gives me something to react to ic'ly and some ammo to use, but you cannot and should not take it personally when other people do not enjoy that type of thing. I am free to talk about this at any point and my DM's are always open. Thanks.
  12. The only other advise i know that has worked for me is restarting your computer, I will look into this further too.
  13. Restart your steam and this should solve the issue
  14. bear cub GIF

    1. Cub



    2. FaeLR


      Me @ you 

  15. Yo Cub, can we just agree that Disney Movies is a certified hood classic no matter at what place or at what time?

    or is that just me?

    Cat Please GIF by Atinum

    1. Cub


      Of course 

    2. NillerSB


      Mucho Gracias ❤️

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