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  1. See yea on the otherside

    Goodbye sid may the Amazonian bird gods take you into a glorious afterlife. I will miss u
  2. RealizePC Media Thread

    For me what you said came across much more of a accusation and a snide dig than anything else mate, but fair enough if that was not your intention.
  3. RealizePC Media Thread

    You realise it was my character talking to the guy in the clown mask, and saw the guy flanking us up the hill. Seems like you're making a bit of a uncalled snide dig there lad when there is no need to. We were already in the process of leaving the area so no ooc views came into It la.
  4. Timeline now null and void?

    -User has been warned for this post-
  5. Timeline now null and void?

    I don't get the issue personally. Maybe because I don't even know where the "a cold one with the boys" meme came from, but people actually say that in real life either way when they're talking about drinking. There's beer in the game and its safe to assume that little groups would drink it to relax, when the opportunity arises. So I dunno why there's a issue over people saying that, its not something I'd personally say but no point getting angry or upset over it. If anything its just a mini phase that'll probably be over in a few weeks.
  6. Should We Have Settlement Rules?

    still pretty new so my opinion isn't as valid. I do believe they should be there, but extremely altered, and it needs to be addressed / cleared up as the settlement rules and normal rules contradict each other, and make it hard for everyone really. They still should be there IMO, as it can create a good rp area for people, and get stuff going that can't just happen anywhere randomly on the map.
  7. The North [Open Frequency]

    *Choi presses down on the ptt* Arr ey' another one. Listen lad, you and your 'boys' *he adds in a extremely sarcastic manner* can do whatever you want mate, carry on with your daily sessions of tommy tankin' eachother off for all i care. Your threat's are meaningless to me lad, and always will be. If you are what you say you are, see you soon' I'm out. *he ends his final transmission*
  8. The North [Open Frequency]

    *Choi presses down on the ptt* *He laughs hysterically before responding* Get on you soft lad, finally found a pair to respond to a fella?, get yourself back in a hole boy, i've got no time for wannabe gangsters and ketwigs like you. You take your own advice now mate, sit down and shut the fuck up. If you want to start something, let's go. Less of your jaw swinging. *he finishes the ptt*
  9. The North [Open Frequency]

  10. The North [Open Frequency]

    *Choi presses down on the PTT* Ah, lads. The king of the talk has started something he can't finish. Enjoy your small victory, its one of few you will get. Time for action, shut mouth ra' up and let's go for it. *the transmission ends*
  11. hey man was fun rp with you too! also great rp with the russian guy 'red' (cereal killer, don't know your name, but you're fun to rp with and a good guy) had a lot of fun with rp today at the 101 base, first day back from holiday was eventful
  12. Best Line when approaching players

    "Alright lad(s)" in a thick scouse accent
  13. Really enjoyed it too man was super fun