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  1. *Choi presses down on the ptt* Arr ey' another one. Listen lad, you and your 'boys' *he adds in a extremely sarcastic manner* can do whatever you want mate, carry on with your daily sessions of tommy tankin' eachother off for all i care. Your threat's are meaningless to me lad, and always will be. If you are what you say you are, see you soon' I'm out. *he ends his final transmission*
  2. *Choi presses down on the ptt* *He laughs hysterically before responding* Get on you soft lad, finally found a pair to respond to a fella?, get yourself back in a hole boy, i've got no time for wannabe gangsters and ketwigs like you. You take your own advice now mate, sit down and shut the fuck up. If you want to start something, let's go. Less of your jaw swinging. *he finishes the ptt*
  4. *Choi presses down on the PTT* Ah, lads. The king of the talk has started something he can't finish. Enjoy your small victory, its one of few you will get. Time for action, shut mouth ra' up and let's go for it. *the transmission ends*
  5. Tama 'Wolfie' Waaka-Lewis

    to be written
  6. Sam Choi

  7. hey man was fun rp with you too! also great rp with the russian guy 'red' (cereal killer, don't know your name, but you're fun to rp with and a good guy) had a lot of fun with rp today at the 101 base, first day back from holiday was eventful
  8. "Alright lad(s)" in a thick scouse accent
  9. Really enjoyed it too man was super fun
  10. personally i've had the opposite experience, past two weeks i've met and rp'd with so many people. Last few days i've stayed around stary yar, at the 101 camp but even then i've seen / met so many different people. Maybe just try and find the hotspots, it can be difficult at first.
  11. This will be badass
  12. What's your name on TS?
  13. I was in that situation too first time I tried and I couldn't get into the game and enjoy it. But I met @Scrxts first few days I rejoined and me and him playing together really made it so enjoyable and finding out about people and groups in character. Then I met the 101, who have honestly been so good with me IC and ooc, if I ever have any questions ooc, with being new they help me out. They've involved me in so many different situations already and have been really good to me. But I am super game to rp with anybody whenever I'm online dude so if you're ever by stary yar come say hi!
  14. Second this. Enjoy the effort he gives to his character and the efforts to create rp. Enjoyed it even if my character is very mistrusting of his off the bat. Also enjoyed the brief rp with you Sid (you psychopath) and Rad!
  15. From what I've heard in game the clowns are the in game Freddy Krueger's. Part of me wants to meet you guys in game.. Another part wants to swerve you completely! Interested to see what rp happens with your return.