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  1. Pretty damn epic and fits in perfectly with the lore and new map, exciting group can't wait to see what you do! ( I THINK IT MIGHT INVOLVE RAIDING)
  2. The map is smaller, which it needs for better interactions, Chernarus was way too big. The map is literally PACKED with different locations, you could have 5 groups in one city and it does not feel like youre on each others toes. Its a brilliant map, i can't speak highly enough about it, it's one of the most immersive maps ive ever seen, you will enjoy it, despite its size its extremely diverse and filled of different areas. Its the way forward.

    1. Niller


      I need paper.



  4. VERDICT - @Killough - Invalid kill on Sight - Guilty. @Killough - Combat logging - Guilty. Summary: @Killough Is in a base of some sort when he hears @jackthemanmove towards the location he is at @Killough approaches him with his gun out, and says ''Freeze, don't move'' before opening fire upon @jackthemanand killing him. Invalid Kill on Sight: @Killough In your own footage you do not give enough time for @jacktheman respond at all, and is in clear violation of rule 4.1. You must give a valid initiation, such as a demand and a consequence, and give time to the the person
  5. YOOOO my boy skooms is purple now wtf

  6. Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy congrats

  7. Perfect, now solve my report 🙂

  8. Gambino1.gif.ef3ed2729b9e582a3c66a2f2b69dbfa3.gif

    Me realizing Scouse is a gamemaster now


    Congrats bby

    1. Bear


      my reign has begun

  9. Gongratz bro, don't know if purple is your color, but I am sure you will manage 😄

    Flower Flex GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals 

  10. LOL worst GM ever

    1. Bear


      Sad Cry GIF

  11. Felix Shchyotkin Felix was born on the 10th of December 2002 to his ethnic russian parents Maxim Shchyotkin and Alina Shchyotkina. His family were the working class of Kirovograd, and Felix' father had strong Marxist-Leninist beliefs. Felix was not your textbook child, He was intelligent, preferred books and studying to partying, And was very independant, But he firmly believed in everything his father did, and Felix was a more laid back kid than his brother who was always harder working and more athletic, Whilst Felix was more creative and artsy. ChDKZ In 2007 Felix father join
  12. Early life Freya grew up in a unstable home, Her parents were drug dealers and she did her best to get away from that life, She had a brother Jacob, Who was kicked out at a young age and maintained a good relationship with him throughout. To keep her busy away from her parents disgusting behaviour she joined in on many various military cadet programmes and excelled in there. Teen years Through out her teen years she continued her military programmes and also, Took up first aid and other medical programmes to go with, She avoided the life of drugs and crime as best she coul
  13. Looks really cool and exciting! I do like the snow but i hope the entire map isnt permanently covered in snow as that can be super depressing and winter maps after a while lose their charm and fun, so i hope its a mix of green and snow. That said from what we can see so far, it looks really interesting and up to date, the photo @Hofer posted looks really cool, and i do notice some greenery around there too. I think it'll be a beauty.
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