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  1. IGN: Dimitri Petrenko Age: 18 Country: England English Skills: Native Dayz Mod Experience: 50 Hours worth of experience it doesn't seem like much but my accuracy with a scoped weapon is good about 700M is my best Dayz Standalone Experience: 92 hours I'm still finding new things out about this game but if you want someone dead give me a gun and they are dead. Role-play Experience: I have some experience with RP severs from the Island Life gaming servers so I am aware of what I can and cannot do though everyone wasn't the best at playing in Role play which was annoying at times when I was in RP mode. I have also played hours upon hours of Garry's Mod RP but that wasn't always fun because people would always. In Game Role: Scouting is my favourite thing to do but as I mentioned if you need someone dead I'm the one you call. Have You Been Any Clans/Groups Previously: No I haven't I was more of the lonesome ranger. Additional Notes: N/A Best Way To Contact Me: PM Backstory: Dimitri Petrenko was born on April 26, 1980 in Novaya Petrovka after his parents had fled from Soviet Occupied Germany and had moved to Chernarus to start again. He never knew his mother as she died in childbirth and Dimitri always blamed himself for it. While growing up he had heard stories of his Grandfather and his effects with troop morale during World War II. His Grandfather was a musician in Stalingrad. During the German occupation, the sound of his violin filled the air with magnificent music, many of the great nationalist composers. To his countrymen, it was a symbol of hope. To the Soviets, it was a symbol of defiance. The Reds slit his throat while he slept this was one of the factor why he hated the Russians so much. Dimitri joined the Chernarus Army at the age of 19 shortly after his father died of a working accident. After having enlisted until 2010 where he was honorably discharged due to the injuries he sustained in his left arm, he lived a quiet life as a hunter in the nearby areas of Vavilovo. Mostly keeping to himself with a few exceptions for instance when selling the pelts and meats of the animals he had killed from time to time. Most nights he would nightmares of the war and couldn't get these visions out of his head, this contributed to distance of him and his neighbors as they had never seen the horrors of war and what it can do to a man. Dimitri had heard news that his fellow childhood friend and Comrade in arms Oleg Yanovich was given leave and he met up with Dimitri. Swapping war stories even though Oleg had many more by that time they drank to the early hours of the morning, and throughout those nights Dimitri felt understood for the first time in months. But after the week was done Oleg left for the Borders Russia to keep the peace. Dimitri continued with his hunting until the incident of Myshkino, he moved to Kamyshovo where he stayed until the problem got worse and fled for Elektrozavodsk where he found Oleg...
  2. Hello my name BittahRev and I've just sent my application through I hope to see you guys in the wastes -Happy Trailers Guys