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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-KOS-GM-Metagaming-Possible-NLR-possible-Ghosting-possible-AoGM?page=2 Why the verdict is not fair: Not saying the Whole verdict is unfair, its the aggravated i do believe is unfair, i understand what i did wrong and what not to do, i saw something on the forums multiple times about the good bystander rule, i now realize it's no longer a rule. However i did make an effort to avoid any rule breaking, i waited the 90 minutes and then some, i talked to the "aggressors" to understand the situation and did not just simply shoot them. Like i said i understand what i did wrong but i do believe the punishment was over done. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Everything about my POV should be on the thread. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: remove the Aggravation part of the ban, i understand i did commit a KoS and i accept responsibility for it, but i believe i should only be punished according to the Kos. What could you have done better?: Understand the rules better, Initiated as a hostile better.
  2. lustymaid

    [CHSP] Chernarussian Movement of the Righteous Proletariat [Active][Recruitment Open]

    Thanks for Recruiting me to the group guys I'm excited to Live out this wasteland along side some like minded people.
  3. lustymaid


    Me Markus and Boyd where on the backside of green mountain when we originally ran into the group after talking we leave and they followed us into a field where they surrounded and started asking questions. Clay Diamond (i believe it was Clay) then told us to put our hands up and drop our weapons we all did. Shots rang out after we drop some gear and one of them died. Boyd would then be killed after the shooter would be dropped, and seeing the situation and how they were threatening to harm us Markus decided to inflect some damage back and not go down without a fight. After he killed Clay diamond he was gunned down. I would later be executed (i gave permission) Having 5 men around him why would he think his life had any value after he killed one of ours a man who was trying to help us and were threatening to kill us after they thought we killed their friend.
  4. *Takes Radio from Friends hands* All we wanted from your friends at the airfield were for them to answer a few simple questions, these days you can't take any chances, they acted up hence why we put on the table the chance of us using force to calm the situation, and as we were leaving they followed my group. Understand my group and I take no chances. They killed a good man. We might be fighting for the same things "Cannibal laughter in the background silenced by gunshot" but it might be best if we try not to cross paths due to possible.....Shall i say tensions. *Takes swig from canteen as he lowers the radio*
  5. *Charles grips the Radio with anger* "To the two Russian brothers that my group ran into today, you have made a mistake. The man you Shot, Nick Baker, was a good man who had done nothing too you except ask a few simple questions. I hope you have realized your mistake as next time we run into you two and any of your friends who you are with, well lets just say you are going to get to know the dirt and my bullets real well." *Charles lights a cigarette, looks at the radio, and throws it against the wall shattering it*
  6. lustymaid

    KOS GM, Metagaming, Possible NLR, possible Ghosting, possible AoGM

    So you're saying in the half a second I looked up at the tower you ran past the entirety of the screen? The blur you are looking at is the graffiti on the wall i guess so, I am200% positive i ran right in front of you, could of been lag or just very good timing on you not seeing me. If there's a glitch in how you can go through walls of the Admin building i am unaware of it.
  7. lustymaid

    KOS GM, Metagaming, Possible NLR, possible Ghosting, possible AoGM

    Also Multiple times around 3:14:00 the survivor aims at walls zoomed and looks different directions, luck of the draw and i caught one of those time brackets. For the doors, probably a sound glitch it's DayZ we all know there are sound glitches in this game.
  8. lustymaid

    KOS GM, Metagaming, Possible NLR, possible Ghosting, possible AoGM

    I would like to clarify several points. 1) You say you were in Balota when you received this radio contact from Nick Miller, correct? If so, you did not meet the requirements to share KOS rights on Zanaan and his group. I don't presently have a map pulled up, but I'm well aware that Balota is well over 500 meters away from Green Mountain. 2) The logs show you (Jose Flanders) died at 00:29:01, killed by Norman Casey. You then return to the same situation approximately three hours later, again after receiving "radio contact" from Nick Miller under a new name of Richard King. Why exactly did you change names, then proceed to go back to the same situation in which you were killed? 1) My fault i accept responsibility, but as i was in the vicinity of GM i did hear the threats of killing/injuring one of my fellow survivors. Should that not give KoS rights? being part of his group or even being a good Samaritan 2) Yes, it was 90 minutes past and for some reason it slipped my mind as this would be okay. Zenaan at 3:14:18 of your video you look up at the tower i believe that is the time i ran past you as you can see a blur of something at the bottom of the screen, just to clear that area up, i did run right infront of you.
  9. lustymaid

    KOS GM, Metagaming, Possible NLR, possible Ghosting, possible AoGM

    Richard Park POV: I received word on radio of my friend being held up on GM for countless hours after one of my other friends were killed. i arrived with a silenced CR and a Shotgun. After Attempting to sneak in i was caught and was forced to pretend as if i was a random as i believed my life would be in danger if he knew i was with my friend in the tower. After choice words were exchanged my friend threatened to act back to the aggression that was given to him. I went into the Admin building thinking that bullets were about to fly and i wasn't in a position to help out. (keep in mind my group member gave awareness to the possibility of his friends coming up to kill them to save him the entire time). after realizing that the situation wasn't going to escalate i opened the front admin doors and ran to the side of the building where one of the other members were. i ran right in front of him, i have no idea how he didn't see me, but after realizing he wasn't aware of my presence i took advantage of the situation and eliminating him in the hopes it would free my friend. i later hid in the bush and would eliminate the other threat. Long story short, my friend sent out a message saying he was held up, i came in to save him leaving Balota heading to GM, i had KoS rights as my friend was being held hostage and they were threatening to kill or injure my friend, i walked out the front door and did not glitch out it was dark i guess you didn't see me.