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  1. Played today. Server 2 still booted me after about a minute. But server 5 and 3 let me stay on a while. Suddenly, server 3 won't even allow me to connect, I get a black screen while loading in, then it just goes to the main menu, no "spawning in X seconds" or anything. After work, I'll try messing with some router settings and seeing if it helps any.
  2. My connection is hard wired, as well as given priority over any other device which might be connected at the time. I preformed a tracert to each of the 5 server IPs, and discovered an interesting pattern: The second (leaving my connection) and fifth (leaving my ISPs network) hops both had higher ping (ms) than all the other ones, sometimes triple or quadruple the time. This could be a firmware issue on my end as well as a possible traffic issue at my ISP's part. I'll look into both of those issues once I get home from work for the day. If anyone has any suggestions on either, I'd appreciate the feedback.
  3. No messages at all on my end, it kicks me straight to the main menu. I've had the same name the entire time I've played on the servers.
  4. S1: 57 seconds from spawn in to disconnection, 20/60 player count at time of connecting S2: Connected over 12 minutes, logged voluntarily to test next server. 12\60 player count at time of connecting. Seems Stable. S3: Stayed online over 21 minutes before switching to S4. 7\60 players online at the time of spawn. Seemed stable. S4: Connected for 15 minutes, no issues. 6\60 player count when spawning. Stable enough to play on. S5: Disconnected about 1 minute and 15 seconds after spawning in. 12\60 player count when logging in. At least it didn't freeze the game this time. Spawn times did not include the approx. 95 second wait time for switching too quickly after logging out. Started the stopwatch on my phone the moment I heard the ocean as my "spawn in" time. S1/S2/S4 has seen no change in performance. S3 actually allowed me to play this time, so that's a plus. S5 didn't freeze my computer this time, but still disconnected me shortly after connecting. No other users on the internet connection, no bad weather or other known issues locally. Any ideas? Just logged back into S2 to actually play, since it was stable before, and it disconnected me twice in a row after about a minute. No error message at all. This is a tad annoying ><
  5. Sorry, I got pulled into a 24 hour twitch stream for a new patch on another game, then had to work a couple of 15-hour days. I'll re-test again this afternoon
  6. Server 1 disconnected me within a minute and a half. Server 2 I was connected over half an hour, and was able to voluntarily log off to continue testing. Server 3 kicked me within 2 minutes. Server 4 performed similar to server 2, allowing me to stay on without issues until I decided to continue testing Server 5 let me play, but ended up freezing the game to the point I had to do a restart on my computer. At the time of me doing the tests last night, none of the servers were full, most had under 20 players, though server 3 I believe had around 40. Still no idea as to whats causing it.
  7. Server 1 booted me, without message, within 1 minute and 10 seconds. I was on server 2 for 32 minutes. Game froze, and I restarted the computer (may or may not be server related) Booting into Server 3, now
  8. I worked over the weekend, and will as well tonight. Once home again, I will try each server that is up at the time, and see how long I am able to stay on each. I'll post prior to doing so, in hopes that someone might be able to watch for in-game messages as to me being disconnected, then we can regroup with what we learn in this thread.
  9. That could be it, as it seems more random as to which servers kick me or not. I was able to get onto S1 and stay on for some time, even though prior S1 was booting me without a message. Router is fine, done all the usual with it as well.
  10. S4 booted me within 2 minutes, S5 is where I apparently was stable. Switching to S1 now to see what happens
  11. I'm afraid not, only white listed friend I have is currently in bed with his woman, and also hasn't been active for a while (roommate that is lol) However, seeing as you are alive and awake, would you be willing to connect to a server alongside me, and then let me know if you see a message about my name? S1 at the immediate moment has 16/60 and S4 (which I believe I was connected to prior) had 3/60. I will jump onto S4 first, to be sure it is where I held steady, then head into S1 after seeing you reply to this thread.
  12. Iago LeMoix, my white listed name. As I said, I was able to stay online on either S4 or S5 for multiple hours at a time tonight, however as soon as I attempted to log into S1 prior to heading off the the evening, I was booted to main menu, without an error message, within a minute or so.
  13. Ever since the .60 "hotfix" I haven't been able to stay online for more than a minute or so on our normal servers. Public servers seem to pose no issue. Tonight, however, I was about to connect, RP, and roam about for a number of hours, on either S4 (S4 being most likely) or S5, I'm not sure exactly which, due to the time between connecting and encountering people (RP encounters with a Glenn and an Allie at least, near Dolina) however when I attempted to log into S1 (with 10/60 server population) afterwards, I was once again booted directly to the main menu, without an error nor disconnection message, after a minute or so. I have cleared all relative programs from my active log2, as well as verified the games cache through steam. I ask: Are there any other possible solutions to this issue? I am based within the central standard time zone, and it seems the UK servers are the ones booting me off without a message. I have my "ping" filter set to 300, so I must ask: is there an auto-kick enabled for a certain ping level? While I don't feel as though I'd reach a set limit with my connection, I thought I would ask. Insofar, from looking at the forums, I have done what I have found for solutions to this problem (as previously stated) in hopes of maintaining a place to RP, instead of being constantly shot in the back (on public servers) while playing. Any help, suggestions and/or advice would be most appreciated. Much Thanks; Iago diLeMoix
  14. Only going off of what is currently in my house? Awesome.. Here it goes: USMC ILBE Pack, Full Set. 1 MRE Menu 13: Cheese Tortellini in Tomato Sauce. 1 MRE Menu 15: Mexican Style Chicken Stew. 1 MRE Menu 18: Beef Ravioli in Meat Sauce. 1 8" x 6" x 4" Watertight Container w/Carabiner. Steel-toed Work Boots. 3 Folding Drybags of various sizes, Largest will hold at least one change of clothing (not jeans, but thinner cargo pants at least) Small Med Kit. Collapsible/Folding Mess kit. Kukri w/sheath. 12' x 10' Heavy-Duty Tarp. 100' Smooth-Braid 22lb load strength rope. 100' Pack of 550 Cord. Hardened Leather Torso Armor (will stop smaller caliber firearms at 30 or so feet. I'm a European Martial Arts reenactor, so I got lucky with having this one laying around lol) Hunting Crossbow w/3 Dot Sight and 6 bolt quiver. Modified Mosin-Nagant M91/30 with Synthetic Stock (would prefer the original wooden stock though), 40 Rounds of ammo, bent bolt (instead of straight) and Hunting Scope. (Really wish we had an M44 instead, one of my favorite rifles, just getting too hard to find these days) Bedroll. Down Sleeping Bag. Pack of misc Bungee Straps. 2 Collapsible One Gallon Containers. .44 Caliber Black Powder Revolver w/shot, caps, and holster. 2 Tins of Pistol Grade Black Powder. Dry Rice and Beans. Multi-tip Screwdriver, Needle Nose Pliers, Crescent Wrench, and Hammer. I'm sure I could list a lot more, but I am trying to consider what would be the most important and still fit in the ILBE set, or be strapped to it. Good start, at least, I'd say. If I only knew how to attach a picture for you folks lol
  15. Hello folks, just recently signed up, reading through the forums and rules. I'm liking the amount of detail going into this RP setting, seems like a good break from the constant KoS on open servers. Soon as I get around to applying for the white list, and have a character background in mind, I'll be looking forward to joining everyone in-game. Iago