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    Chris Steele here. We did watch the V3S cargo truck go down the AF and with its headlights on drive up to the bunker and drive away. I was in the tree line about 150m away to the west watching over them with my binos. It seemed like a standard self protection protocol to make sure the 2 unknown players were not a threat. Guns were not drawn till the 2 unknowns exited the bunker and a short convo was had. the 1 unknown raised his weapon and it seemed he was not being cooperative to any requests. the other unknown went back into the bunker and shots rang out. The 1 unknown outside the bunker was killed and the other unknown person raised his weapon and was killed promptly. I didnt hear any of the convo just the radio call that they were leaving. It was unfortunate but from my POV it seemed like justified self defense.