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  1. Zombies, please. The .59 batch of cars looks promising, anything that turns better than a V3S would be great. I'd love to see the initial merge of the engine(.59!?)
  2. mrosb

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    I've yet to find a pair. I usually rock aviators or the other ones.
  3. Most likely because the stuff they're working on right now is large changes, engine merges, bug fixing and stuff like that. The concept art is just to rehash their main focus for the future updates. EDIT: I don't see the similitarities, the last update mentioned bikes and new weapons and more bug fixing, this regarded soft skills, life span and aerial vehicles, and the new Military base. https://dayz.com/blog/status-report-23-sept-2015 Yeah, you're right. I caught this at the end of last week from twitchcon. My days and weeks are folding into just 'lapses of time'...Oh the joys of working from home. =)
  4. This was rather short and unmentionable..a rehash of last week.
  5. Just joined up, curious to get into the server after I apply and hopefully white listing goes through. Old School DayZ'r(mod days), always vanilla. Standalone animal and public hive server hoster. Looking forward to interesting encounters.