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  2. AssasinMasta, do you have any pics or vids of any of the shots? do you even have a screen shot of my inventory? No you don't, please don't post in here unless an admin asks you to. PLEASE CLOSE THIS THREAD
  3. No one was killed, I did not attempt a KOS, this was my 2nd hour on the server, very sorry I asked what command to press on the keyboard, so sorry. Drop the case. I understand now about RP, this is enough. Please close the thread.
  4. Umm, let me get this straight... 1) I was approached by you in the field where I was observing you beat a man with a baseball bat. 2) You told me to put my hands up and I try to comply, I was cycling through random F commands, around f5 or so you shoot me in the leg. *At the time I was shot in the leg I did not have a weapon out, I was not running away, was standing still, and was clapping my hands 3) I go unconscious but can still hear you all talking to me, demanding that I get up. 4) I go into teamspeak and enter 4 populated channels and tell people I am still unconscious! hoping some of them will hear me (logs will show I entered teamspeak and various populated channels) 5) I am killed because I did not and could not comply. wait for it, wait for it... 6)You file an attempted KOS report on me. Guys this was my first 2 hours on the server, I came upon you randomly and saw that you were all heavily armed, I was very intrigued and very happy you sort of allowed me to hang around. I have no issue with how you handled the situation, but I was unconscious the whole time and would have enjoyed being healed and taken prisoner. I do not want this to be an issue and I ask that the matter be dropped and let's move on. I lost all my gear and learned a lesson but at no point did I break a rule or interfere with anyone's rp. I don't want to get technical but in your own report you admit that you did not make it clear to me the consequences of not complying with your demands. you were not unambiguous about the fact that you would indeed shoot me if I did not comply. "Put your hands up or I will shoot you" was never spoken or texted by you. But in fact that is exactly what you did. You shot me as I was searching for the hands up button. Again, to be completely clear, I have no problem with you that you killed me, but seriously, you file a report on me? I did not shoot magnum rounds at anyone, you even state that "Not 2 minutes later someone starts shooting at me,bullets landing right next to my head.It was the same person shooting again at the prison with his magnum.We start looking for him and eventually hold him up,trying to understand what he is doing" How is it that you "Start looking for him..." If you actually saw him shoot the magnum why would you "start looking for him..." wouldn't you know where he is and simply chase him down or run up to him or return fire? In fact, you did not see who shot the magnum rounds at or around you.