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  1. From what I remember (This occurred over 2 weeks ago) I was in the tower in the Green Mountain Compound. My group was holding people hostage inside the jail. A group of about 3 men were standing at the front gate asking questions about what was going on. I asked them to leave, but at the time being new to RP, I did not know that the way I was asking them to leave was technically initiating. So, I remained vigilant on top and inside the tower. And when I opened the door on top of the tower, I was shot and killed soon after. That is all I recall from the event. I hope this will help resolve any issues.
  2. Hey guys, to be honest that whole situation was one of my first RP encounters and I accidentally initiated without even knowing I did. After I initiated I was shot and killed soon after. At the time I was new to DayZRP so I hope this gets cleared up.
  3. Sup people!

    Hey guys, I'm Hero. Looking forward to meeting some of you in game.