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  1. Will do, I will keep my friend informed on this situation.
  2. Unfortunately no, neither of us have video of this case.
  3. Hello, I was with Nick at the time this happened. Event list: -Arrive at camp -Inspect camp -I go into tent, Nick watches grounds -David then comes and asks me to get out of tent -I comply, get out saying I never seen one before -Nick then orders David to the ground -David complies -We talk with David, exchange gear -Nathan comes up, gun drawn, no address -Nick and I ask him to get down or put his gun away -Does NOT comply -Nathan gets shot I don't believe we did anything wrong here, we role played accordingly and yes, we got gear out of it. MY POV - D
  4. Hello everyone, I just wanted to ask some information about servers and which ones will be up. I know that S1 Eu and S2 Eu are now up, I wanted to ask if either will be up for good for potential camp building? I don't want to start a camp on one and have to switch to another! Just curious to know which servers will be going up!
  5. I do not have any evidence regarding this report, (not thinking much of it). But in future conflictions will most certainly have video/image evidence.
  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Metagaming-Min-PainRP-attemp-KoS?pid=1265093#pid1265093 Why the verdict is not fair: Hunter Pierce did not comply and attempted to kill on sight after being told he is not allowed in our V3S. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: In the report regarding Hunter and Carl Pierce, Jon Mark, and myself, I would like to get some clarification on to why I am a part of this report? Before arriving at Green Mountain, our intentions were searching for two men by the names of Solomon Kurtz and Roland. Jon had a note that "Solomon Kurtz was here. I am coming for you Roland..." and we wanted to investigate. Since GM is quite the meeting place, we figured to check to see if any of these persons were there. Unfortunately, we did not come across Solomon or Roland, but we did come upon Hunter Pierce standing in the road. When we pull up to Hunter (we did not know his name at the time) Jon got out of the V3S and I stayed inside for safety measures. We proceeded to ask this person who they were (Hunter Pierce) and why/what they were doing at GM. Hunter said that he was "looking for his brother" and we wished him the best of luck. Jon and I were just looking for two people and Hunter insisted that he needed a ride in the truck. I told him no and no again that we did not have the time to give him as ride as that we needed to carry on with our work. I then told Jon to follow me down the road in hopes that Hunter would soon leave but he continued to follow us. We then arrived to an opening and that's when I told Jon to get behind the V3S and we could take tactical angles on Hunter and figure out why he is not listening to our commands. We asked him time and time again to put his shotgun down and he did not do such. Jon, then told Hunter one last time to put his gun down and then drew his MP5 at Hunter. After not putting his shotgun down, Hunter started shooting at the cabin of my V3S and I needed to take action. I then drove towards/over Hunter and broke his legs. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: An understanding of what wrong doing I have done with my POV. What could you have done better?: Given him a ride?
  7. My POV: As mentioned in this comment "The initiators started moving us in the field to the North West towards Zub castle when me, Lucky and probably someone else spotted a fellow following us, but we didn't know who he was. After we went up the fields a bit and stopped near the fence, the fellows who took us hostage started to shoot at the lad down the hill, which, as mentioned earlier, we didn't know." I was the lad being shot at for no particular reason. I did not know anyone in this hostage taking. I was coming down to Mogilevka when I saw some people being held up in the road and wanted to wait before taking any action if needed. I watched as the initiators took the hostages up the hill in the field and then position them along the fence. I then made my way up, took out my binoculars to take a better look and then started to get shot at. The group then made their way up to the house, then the castle. As I proceeded up closer to the castle, I was shot just outside the main entrance.