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  1. Ban appeal

    Alright, thanks so much
  2. Ban appeal

    Okay um... from what i remember... I was just hanging out at GM and was taken hostage. They put a burlap sack over my head so i couldnt see anything. But i heard a firefight erupt and next thing i know i was killed. I tried my best to get out of there alive but without warning was killed. for seemingly no reason... Sorry if this isnt enough... I dont remember what happened very well it was a while ago so its a bit fuzzy.
  3. Ban appeal

    Link to the source of punishment: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Green-Mountain-Invalid-Execution-Metagaming-BadRP?pid=1268508#pid1268508 Why the verdict is not fair: Its fair. I didnt reply so i got banned. Additional comments: I hadn't been on the website for DayZRP recently as i have not been playing on the server. I didn't see the PM to come to the thread until today. Hope everything works out okay so I can play again soon What id like to achieve from this appeal: Id like to be unbanned so i can resume playing on DayZRP.
  4. Just a quick thank you.

    I just wanted to post a quick thank you note here to thank the staff and community for creating such an awesome RP server. As a new player it really is awesome to be able to talk to other survivors and learn their stories, as well as tell mine. Really happy to be a part of this amazing community and im looking forward to many more encounters! -Shy
  5. Hey guys!

    Will do, thanks!
  6. Evening.

    Welcome to the community! Hope to see you in game.
  7. I would love to see hazmat suits. I feel like these areas will change the game for sure.
  8. Hey guys!

    Hey Guys, I just got whitelisted and just wanted to say hi before i join later on. Cant wait to join the fun! -Shy