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  1. Victor Avnas was born and raised in de little town of Vavilovo, west of the Northwestern Airfield and near the railway. Before the outbreak he worked at the factory in Vybor. From that factory he had a nice view on the airport. The airport that always fascinated him since he was a kid. That big open place, surrounded by trees and fences. Not to mention those beautiful airplanes inside taking off and landing. It felt very powerfull. He always wanted to become a pilot but unfortunatly, since the outbreak that dream shattered. He came from a poor family, it felt like the dream of becoming a pilot was one that started with a big disadvantage. Saving up money from the job at the factory was his goal. Saving for his study and finally becoming that pilot. Now, he's all alone. No family, no friends. He lost them all in the chaos. He has no idea of them still being alive. He keeps wandering and looking for any sign of them. But apart from missing his family, he actually feels himself comfortable alone. The wandering, surviving and hunting had a surprisingly positive effect on him ...
  2. Hello. I was indeed looting around in the cabins at the camp. I did not notice anyone around. Suddenly I saw someone who spoke to me with weapon in hand and I noticed an other person a few yards away. Both in the same color of jacket. I kinda freaked out because this was not a confrontation in a random village but a camp. I assumed this might be a 'basecamp' and they would be hostile. I indeed heard him yell altough I did not understand what he yelled. Probably 'stop running or I'll shoot'. I indeed kept running to the nearby village. I also got jumped by zombies while being wounded by his gunshots. I got unconcious and bled to death near a barn on the outside of the town.
  3. These are some nice backgroundsoundtracks, thanks for sharing them ! Also great for adding them as audio on my recorded Dayzfootage.