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  1. Michael Verbeek is born in belgium, he served the United nations as a helicopter gunner in various missions and operations. He was sent to Chernarus when the news of the outbreak spread around the world. Stationed in the airfield base north of Vybor, he was sent on a scouting mission to look for survivors in the surrounding area. After a while of flying around with his crew he found 2 survivors trapped on a rooftop in a city called Zelenogorsk, the building was surrounded by infected. Michael picked up the 2 survivors and flew off back to his base north of Vybor. During the flight a malfunction happend in the rotating motor of the helicopter blades, twirling for left to right, Michael couldn't control his helicopter anymore and crashed his helicopter somewhat northeast of a little village called Sosnovka. After a while he woke up only to see everyone dead, his right leg and ribs were badly hurt. He took all the ammo he could find and started limping back to the airfield so he could be safe again. After hours he finally arrived and recieved help, few days later the base was overun by infection and he had to run off. Now he wanders around looking to survive untill he can finally return home.
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    [WIP] The Pestilence Brotherhood

    I really like the idea of your group