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  1. If he has any more trouble later I will point him towards a community helper. Thanks for the help!
  2. You're probably right, and I was thinking the same thing too about possibly not being allowed to post the answer to a whitelist question. I could've just made a dumb mistake and hit Solnichniy instead of Svetlo. I will confirm this theory in a few hours when my friend can take another shot at the quiz again. If it was just my dumb mistake, sorry for wasting your time
  3. Hello, I just got whitelisted after failing due to a very vague question unless I am not seeing something correctly. The question is: //Conor: Whitelist question snipped I am just concerned because I have a friend who is getting whitelisted too and he has this question. It says in the lore that from "Oct 29 - Nov 1, Berezino, Elektro, Solnichniy, and Nizhnoye fell" in no specific chronological order. Then it said that the last surviving town was Svetlojarsk, kept alive by its mayor running militias. I failed by being mislead by thinking Svetlo was the last to fall, and the other three choices being given in no specific chronological order encouraged me to pick it. Unless I am wrong and missing something dumb, is there no clear answer to this given in the lore???