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  1. Beavis Was born in Ottawa Canada in 1990 He was part of an upper class family who took care of him till he was 18 Because of a tragic car accident they both died in. A year later he decided to join the Canadian armed forces where he trained to be a sniper after many years of hard work and dedication his first place he was sent to was Chanorus. His mission was simple Find survivors establish a base and wait for back up. his first day was awful His partner Gregory giffors was murdered at night by a group of raiders. Beavis barely made it out alive After losing his rifle food radio and his partner he now walks chanorus alone and scared trying to find the people responsible for his partners death
  2. beavisburton

    [S2 GM]: BadRP Execution|Ruleplay over Roleplay

    I'm new to this sever this is my second day on it. But Donut had us at gunpoint so once the other group of guys came in and save us my character Gregory Gifard has not killed anyone at this point. I just met up Jayce and friends earlier that day so I decided I had something to prove yes we could have extended it more but he wronged us so I decided my initiation to the group was to shoot donut in the head. http://www.twitch.tv/couchbombers/v/18712184 This is my pov and I can bring more if you would like