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    S1 - Ruleplay/Baiting

    I was all day at work so couldn't reply earlier. Me and James run from the military base down to Vybor where Sayid was waiting for us and also another friend was about to log in there. We heard shots and then I saw someone on the ground. It was a night time, I walked up to that man to see if he's alive, it was so dark so I had to come close. Then I saw some movement and heard shots again, another guy fell on the ground. I run behind the building towards my friends, then we walked back to the main street and saw few guys, also looked at the second body. Those guys were shouting at us go away in really rude way, ignoring our attempts to RP and ask what's going on there. We walked back but stopped at the bus stop. We were curious about what's going on there. Then those guys shouted at us that they will shoot if we won't run away when we didn't do anything bad. We started jogging towards the factory and then one of them tried to shoot at us even if we were doing what they wanted. We run up to the factory when we saw those guys chasing us, which doesn't make sense since they told us to go away and we were doing that. They we were getting shot, friends were out of my sight so I run around for few seconds looking for them because, as I already mentioned, it was very dark. Then someone strated shooting at me and I run away, laid on the ground to bandage and got shot again so died. *edit* I was writing my POV, distracted few times so it took time. Surprised you ban me without even giving me time to reply.
  2. I'm Helen Kot. As guys already mentioned, we joined an event as buyers/guests and I had two guns since we planned to trade one of them, UMP in my hands wasn't loaded. We walked in, bought one slave, then walked out, traded some gear with our slave and set him free. Then we were back to the auction planning to buy another one when we heard a few shots outside. We didn't want to kill or get killed so we run out of that place and headed towards the treeline to hide and take a look from there on what's going on. While I was crossing the field I got shot once, then when I almost got to my friends I got shot couple more times. I laid down in a trees, bandaged, looked around left and right, listening to multiple shots from all directions. Then I saw James running away from someone aiming at him. Few seconds later someone who I didn't even see spayed me with AK and I fell unconcious and a minute later died. Me and my friends didn't shoot at all until (as you can see from the video) Seneslav shot at the guy who was killing him. Nobody asked who we are and why we're running, nobody told us to stop, nobody even said anything, no RP at all, just KoS.
  3. All that looks cool Interesting ideas, but as people already said, would be nice to see zombies again