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  1. baskorthuis

    Testing a new map on S2

    Interesting idea! Would also make people want to switch occasionally to check out the different map. About the location. I think the Island of Utes can be used as the location. In my opinion Lyutyi is too far away to make it realistic to switch servers. The location of the island most be relatively close to South Zagoria, because I believe people would like to switch every now and a then.
  2. Good luck with this! I have only visited you once, but I think I can say it was good trading rp!
  3. *Jan comes back to the station and listens to the frequency. He hears a woman talk and decides to respond* Hello miss.... Didn't catch your name. Our private frequency is 102.2 Mhz. Probably best to arrange some kind of meeting. If there is more people interested, please let me know. *Jan stops the broadcast*
  4. *Jan boots up the radioconsole of the new station for the first time and starts speaking* Hello folks out there! This is Depressed Cowboy here broadcasting from Redwood Radio. The only up and running radio station in South Zagoria. We are looking for new reporters. There must be some people out there that have done similar work in the past. Think of news reporters, detectives or just people that are always curious and up for joining the cause. Let me know on this frequency if your interested.... *Jan stops the broadcast and shuts down the console again*
  5. - Updated Roster: Saying goodbye for now to @Conkick and @Billy. Was alot of fun with you two and hopefully you will be able to return to the group someday! - Updated IC goals: Added three new goals for the group to work towards. Removed completed goals that didn't have any meaning to the current state of the group. - Story update is delayed. We are going to write it in more detail then first intended, because we feel like this will help the group in long term.
  6. baskorthuis

    DayZRP 19.8.1

    I did not notice any degradation of server performance when the islands were still in, besides the usual server crashes. This being the reason why I asked if there already are results. We also had some rp planned on those islands and would love to see them back.
  7. baskorthuis

    DayZRP 19.8.1

    Any results on this? Has the removal fixed the performance issue and will we see the islands return?
  8. *Jan boots up the broadcast console and starts to send out the podcast every hour* *Jan shutsdown the broadcast console for now*
  9. Welcoming @Winter Lianne to the group!
  10. We are aware of this issue. Alot of our members are on a summer trip at the moment. Most of them will return this week or next week and become active again. I will contact everyone and see if we can get this sorted as soon as possible. We also have a story update coming up soon. It will contain most important IC events to this point and will make room for new ic goals to help the group progress.
  11. It's fascinating how just sitting in a town square can lead to situations like this! Really liked the rp from both @Daisy and @Winter Lianne. Also, sorry if I made you come down for nothing @Aron73 and @Nonplayer. Was good talking on the radio with you though!
  12. baskorthuis

    DayZRP 7th birthday!

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for the present aswell Roland.
  13. Welcoming @scarecrowb24 to the group!
  14. Was a pleasure playing for you all! Hope we will still meet your characters despite toymakers' archieve.
  15. *Jan comes back a day later and listens to a tape that record the radiosignal. He hears two people responding and picks his own microphone up hoping that the people are still tuned in* Hello both of you. Hope you are still tuned in. The reward or price is not defined yet, since there is no official currency everyone uses. By all means, the reward can be whetever you have in mind. Within reasons ofcourse. To discus this properly I suggest both of you try to reach me on our secure 102.2 Mhz frequency. *Jan turns the microphone off and waits for the people to reply*
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