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  1. *Jan holds down the broadcast button and starts speaking* ''Hello everyone out there, this is Depressed Cowboy with another announcement. We will go live in 30-45 minutes. If you don't have a watch on you, then just tune in right now! As always we will be on 102.5 . This time we will start off with a live acoutic session. Then we will play some records again. Hope you all can tune in again!'' "O and we also have a little announcement to make, but you'll have to tune in for that!" *Jan stops the broadcast*
  2. *Jan starts to broadcast again* "Good afternoon everyone. Your host Depressed Cowboy again from Redwood Radio. We will do another broadcast in about 1 hour on 102.5 . Hope you all can tune in again.'' *Jan releases the broadcast button*
  3. *Jan presses down the broadcast button and starts speaking* ''You all right, folks? Depressed Cowboy again from Redwood Radio. Today will be the special broadcast we promised. We will go live in about 4 to 5 hours. Starting off with a live acoustic session. Some good calm guitar tunes will fill the beginning of the show. After that we will play some old school Nashvile vinyl records. I hear you thinking! Is he only gonne play those dusty old tunes? Ofcourse not! After that we will play some uptempo rock and country songs.'' ''I hope you will all tune in again. It will be a long session, so don't worry if you miss the first or last bit. Alright folks see you in 5 hours on 102.5 .'' *Jan could be heard talking to some people before he releases the broadcast button*
  4. baskorthuis

    Polaroid 1

    Thanks! Will definitely do more of these in the future.
  5. Jan de vries (aka Depressed Cowboy) has been carrying a polaroid Impluse camera with him for a while. He found it in the basement of a house. It also came with lots of cartridges. Enough to last for a while.
  6. baskorthuis

    Rate the Above Song

    8/10 Great guitar work and lovely harmonies! Here a live video from a band that I'm really into lately:
  7. baskorthuis


    I always enjoy watching Eurovision, but I don't think the winners are always the best participants. I feel like it's more about making statements nowadays. Like Israel did last year.
  8. Had some great roleplay with @BillyR last night! Fighting hordes of infected, showing you the radiostation and even seeing the flying car...
  9. *Jan presses down the broadcast button and a cheerful voice starts speaking* ''Hello folks, hope you all doing well out there. This is Depressed Cowboy. I just have a little announcement to make. We'll start another broadcast in about one hour. From now on we'll announce our broadcast everday before we go live. This way you know when we'll be live.'' *Silence for a couple of seconds* ''Hope you all can tune in. I have some lovely records like Graceland, Sergeant Peppers Lonley Heart Club Band, Greatest hits from John Denver and many more ready to be played! Alright see you in an hour.'' *Jan release the broadcast button and starts setting up things for the upcoming broadcast*
  10. We haven't had a lot of people talking through the broadcast lately, but those devices might be something to test out. Thanks for the headsup!
  11. Good idea! Won't be a problem to stay IC. The thing is that it will get very repetitive over time. Don't know if that is a problem or not. The server wide messages won't be an option if it is only for Diamond ranks. If it will be available in any other way, I will sure welcome it! Also we are not securing the GM radiotower, but have some other radiotower we use. I think we will just go with the radio thread for now. If anyone has an other idea, let me know!
  12. baskorthuis

    DayZRP 19.5.2

    Great to have text back! Didn't even knew that I used textRP that much. Now I know better, after having to restart like 10 times yesterday... Thanks for the fix!
  13. Alright, we have been doing the radiobroadcast for over a week now and got very positive responses. Thank you all for tuning in! We also got a request to make a forum thread, where we announce when we go live. People could follow the thread to get notified. But which forum section do you think is most appropriate for this?
  14. *Jan plays back the tape recording he made while he was away. He hears multiple people talking throughout the recording. He goes back to his microphone and presses on the broadcast button* Good to finally hear some people! First of the English man. Atleast I assume. Thanks listening in. Also appreciate you looking around for us. If you need any help with a guitar, I could probably help you out with your left-hand issue. Now Mr. Stone. Sounds great! A high school PA is a bit different than our radiostation though. But at the end of the day it's still the same old audio cables. We could indeed show you around, see if you like it. How about meeting in the town of Zelenogorsk this evening? *Jan stops the broadcast and starts his tape recorder again*
  15. *Jan sadly presses down the broadcast button again* Alright folks, Not all at once please! no seriously..... Alright I get it. There probably aren't a lot of sound-tecs and musicians out there, but at the moment we could really use any hand. We got multiple problems going on at the station. A lot of work needs to be done to get the broadcast out every day and supplies running low this week. We'll probably not broadcast today. Our supplies don't fill themselves. Surely we'll be back later this week. If anyone is still interested, make sure to let me know. *Jan stops the broadcast and once again picks up his handheld radio*
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