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  1. Is Role-play Still Dead To People?

    I kind of get the feeling that the server starts to get more crowded and with more and better rp around than before. The new settlements also bring in some light in the darkness.
  2. RP'ing a Blind Character

    Really looking forward to encounter a blind man. Great idea!
  3. Another gun bites the dust

    Losing guns sucks, especially when it's one that you have been looking for. Just don't get attached to your gear.
  4. Lonely Boy

    #hyped Looks very promising!
  5. The Cereal Box Compass!

    I found this a couple of times before. I think you can only get it if you eat all the cereal at once.
  6. A survivors guide to vehicles [0.60]

    Really good guide, lots of detail. This guide helped me out alot, thanks!
  7. Future of dayz

    I'd guess 2/3 years as there is still a lot... . ... a lot of work to do for the developers. Personally, I don't care that much about Dayz getting 'finished'. I find playing a game that keeps improving and getting new features totally fine. Yes there are alot of shitty bugs and glitches that sometimes ruin your experience, but overall I really got enough entertainment for the 20 euro's I payed for the game back in the early days.
  8. What's happening?! (Open Frequency.)

    *Hears the voice again and picks up his radio* Sorry I didn't follow the whole conversation My bad.... I could have been wrong, but you still sound familiar to me.... My offer still counts though, even if I mistoke you for someone else If you need help, visit me at Novy-Sobor *Transmission ends*
  9. What's happening?! (Open Frequency.)

    *Bas hears some people talking on the radio. Which one of them sounding familiar. He decided to put down his guitar and respond with his radio* Hello...... You sound familiar, but I'm not sure I don't remember your name *Static for a moment* I think we have met before My name is Bas maybe you remember me better than I remember you It has been a long time...... Anyway let's get to the point If you need any help, come around the town of Novy-Sobor I usually hang around there The names you talked about do not sound familiar to me, but maybe I can help you find those people *Another static. This time a little longer* Hope you are doing good Stay safe out there *Transmission ends*
  10. Gasmasks

    I think wearing a gasmask has no use in the game or in roleplay yet. First of all, its bloody hot wearing a big gas mask on your face all the time. Secondly it would be really hard to breathe. For me gasmasks are a no go until the contaminated areas make their way in the game.
  11. IC Base RP

    Really interesting idea. I agree with you that it adds diversity to the rp. It would also strenghten the friendships between the characters in a group. +1 for this idea
  12. Custom character creation.

    I think this would make the game alot more immersive if they would implement it. The thing is that I don't think they will implement this. There are much more important things that first need to be done in the development of dayz. For example the player controler.
  13. Utilising the DayZRP Chernarus Map

    The map looks like a nice new feature for Dayzrp. I will probably use it quite often myself.