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  1. Granted, but after one day the forum gets taken down. I wish I was a real bee.
  2. We unfortunately do not allow work in progress group ideas. /archived
  3. Basko

    New guy

    Welcome Lucufer! Goodluck with your whitelist proces and I hope you will have fun around here!
  4. Welcome around here! I hope you will have a good time.
  5. Hello Krackerman! Welcome back. Hope you will have a good time around here again.
  6. Basko


    Hello OM3N! Glad to hear that you have been enjoying your time around here so far. Welcome and I hope you will keep enjoying the roleplay!
  7. /closed as OP requested
  8. This is looking good! A new doctor group around is always good and especially if it is a lore faction! I'm looking forward to meeting you all.
  9. Looking forward to what this will bring! The new lore has been more than enjoyable for the last couple weeks and I must honestly say it is way better than I expected it to be. Season one looks promising and especially with a new lore faction I think we are in for a blast again!
  10. Congrats on approval! Heard good things about this group. Hopefully can meet you all soon myself.
  11. Hello and welcome! Hope you will have a good time around here. To get you started these are two links you could take a look at: 1. Newcomers guide 2. How to join
  12. Welcome back! Hope you will have a good time in the new lore
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