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  1. I would be fine with having this added to the loot table and item shop. Perhaps don't, are it spawn too often. It is an interesting item and can add some variety to the poncho.
  2. Welcome Kye! Hopefully you will enjoy your time around here. Looking forward to seeing you ingame.
  3. Glad to hear you are having a good time! About the group, would probably be most fun to find that out in character
  4. We are saying goodbye to @Billyand @Lemonsfor now. Hopefully you guys will find time to play again soon. We will definitely miss you. Since the group is shrinking in numbers, we are looking for new and enthousiastic people to join up. The group will soon get a new rework with goals that suit the current member size. New directions to our story will be given aswell through these goals. If anyone is interesting in joining the group, feel free to message me, @Kormit , @Isylonor @Derek Steelfor recruitment. Besides this we also have an IC radio broadcast out for ingame recruitment:
  5. *A very clear sounding radio broadcast starts to come in. From the sound, you can notice that it is not transmitted by just a handheld radio* ''Hør her!'' ''Jeg er Rasmus. Some of my people seem to have gone missing for a while now. At first we thought they were gone for a few days of hunting, but recent events led us to believe something else happened. For our own safety it is better to keep this information off the radio.'' *Pauses for a moment* ''We need more people out here in the wilderness. If you are hearing this outside Nyheims walls and have any technical experienc
  6. Thank you Bryan. All people have been reached out to.
  7. Welcome Jay22, In our current map it is not hard to find people. Have a look around ingame and you will definitely find people in character to roleplay with! Hope you will enjoy your time around here.
  8. Welcome back PurifieR! I think I might have seen you around before. Looking forward to running into you.
  9. Welcome back R3ALBRETT! Hopefully you will enjoy your time around here again
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