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  1. He actually did it! You absolute madlad! I've been asking for this for ages, finally it worked out! hopefully this can make it into the game once you get through as developer.
  2. Did someone say guitar? Quite a change from the guns, but hopefully you can get it to work!
  3. Had a great evening of roleplay! Thanks to the fairy guild @Kordruga, @Ronnie, @AndreyQ, @Realize, @Rutkiy, @Ozhand @Sung for saving me today. I have the gut feeling the Knight man is gonna be famous around the lands. Also @Mauneko Grey thanks a lot! I really thought you were innocent for a long time. Takes some good roleplay skills to be so convincing. Shouldn't forget Redwood's @Daisy and @Gandidoor!
  4. *Jan turns on the local broadcast system and starts to speak* ''This is a message directed to the corporation from Vlad and his people. We have an operator. We'd like to negotiate for this operator's life. Provide us with a frequency to contact you on." *Jan stops the broadcast again and puts it on repeat*
  5. Looks great! Seems like you are getting the hang of the modding tools quite well. I think it would be great to see more weapons like this that resemble the local feeling.
  6. *Jan sits back in his desk chair and starts the broadcast* ''Hello folks out there! Depressed Cowboy here from Redwood Radio. The last couple of days we have been very busy with setting up a local community center in Zelenogorsk. Where we do local music broadcasts and help out people with basic supplies. We are only a small bunch of people and we cannot do this alone. So that is why... We are hiring again! If you are listening out there and feel like helping to make this world a bit more civilised by filling the airwaves and helping out people, then please sign up on this frequency! We can use all hands we can get. You don't have to be an engineer or mechanic to be able to help out. Sign up either on this frequency or on 102.8MHz AM.'' *Jan ends the broadcast and listens in for people to respond*
  7. *Jan boots up the broadcast console and starts to speak* ''Hello folks out there! Good message today.'' ''After some damaging and inconvenient events, we can now safely say we are open again. Survival packages with basic supplies like food are ready again for bypassers. So make sure to come by the community center if you are in need of help. Also we are back at offering housing options around town. If you want a place to settle down in a city where more people live, then make sure to come by Zelenogorsk!'' ''See you all around folks. This was the Depressed Cowboy from Redwood Radio. Over and out.'' *Stops the broadcast*
  8. +1 Yes, the health of infected should really be lowered. Most civilian characters that normally would never pick up military grade rifles are forced to take them now, to be able to wear of big groups of infected. I think it shouldn't take two .45 acp rounds to an infecteds head to kill it. That is just ridiculous if you ask me. I believe the health of infected was uppered during the winter map, because it made sense for them to be harder to kill when frozen. Now that spring is out, they should be back to default health.
  9. Unfortunately you were just too late. We had been raided and there used to be a barrel full of food and medicine for people like you that are passing through. If you come around next time, then we can hopefully help you out better!
  10. *Jan starts the broadcast console and starts to speak with an angry voice* ''Hello folks out there. Today we have a sad message. The community center in Zelenogorsk has been destroyed by some people. Apparently people are so greedy these days that they can't even keep their fingers off a charity place where only basic supplies are being stored for people in need!'' *Waits for a bit to calm down* ''Alright.... We know who these people are. They are called The Militia and give out gun licenses to people. Just like back in the days when Anarchy roamed these lands. Last day we ran into these people and they freely gave us licenses for all the people of Redwood Radio. They seemed like good and nice people that only wanted to make Chernarus a better place. These licenses were even handed out right in front of the community center.'' ''Next day we come back, to find the place wracked open and emptied. Three notes had been placed on the wall. Stating that we had gotten a new gun license from them. The payment for the license was everything they took. They also stated that we could contact them to get it back. That is why I am sending this message out now.'' ''Hopefully these people come back and hand us all the things that they have stolen from the people of Chernarus. And especially the people of Zelenogorsk. I get it if people need guns, ammunition and things like that, but we stored food and medicine in old water barrels for people in need! Please come back to the community center and hand us back everything you stole. Thanks in advance.'' ''DC from Redwood over and out.'' *Stops the broadcast and repeats the record version every hour*
  11. I believe the Steyr AUG was removed because the sight was glitched and you could only hip-fire it. If this is fixed then I would love to see the gun back in the game.
  12. I don't think crowdfunding is the way to go with this. Having the map in a not eastern european would be interesting to see though. The thing is, making a map takes a lot of effort. Especially if you want a map the same size and quality of Chernarus, but with fitting unique buildings. For I think it is best to just enjoy the maps that we have and see where the modding community comes up with in the future.
  13. I really would like to see a good working horse mod. That is why I voted yes. Though looking at this, I think this mod needs a lot of polishing. Maybe we can wait for the mod to develop a bit more and then see if it fits in!
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