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  1. Always a pleasure to meet you ingame @Aron73! Sorry for first confusing your new character with Michael. Hope to see you around more often.
  2. I like the idea of having a working currency. We have had ingame roubles before, but I never got the feeling it really became a big currency. Things like bullets and nails were still worth more. This is defenitely something to wrap our heads around, but in the ends there needs to be demand for the currency. A big trade group or organisation like for example trade union or green mountain chairity could set up and maintain a certain currency. As long as big traders like these keep a currency 'alive', it could work out.
  3. Basko

    East/Northeast get no love?

    We as Redwood Radio have been situated in Krasnostav for a long time before we moved to altar. I was surprised with how many people actually passed through Krasnostav on a regular day. It might not be a 'hotspot', but it defenitely gets its attention. I cannot speak for the other towns on the east coast, but a town like Gorka also gets its fair share of traffic. In the end, there is always gonna be hotspots and less populated area. Though if you look around good enough, you will defenitely people everywhere.
  4. Unfortunately we have to say goodbye again to @Winter Lianne. We hope you can figure out some irl stuff so we can see you again in the future!
  5. Basko

    The Trade Union (Open Recruitment)

    Great to see this up finally! Seen good roleplay the couple times we met so far. Good luck with the group!
  6. - Updated Roster: Leaving Unfortunately we have to say goodbye to a couple of people. First of all Erik or @Uhka. The roleplay surrounding your characters death was amazing and hopefully we get to meet your new character sometime. @Uhka or Erik was one of the five people that was in Redwood when we started off back in May. You will always be welcome as one of the original members! Secondly we are saying goodbye to @Ostara. You have been the best security guard the station has ever seen! We hope to see you around in the future and possible roleplay with you again. Lastely we are saying goodbye to @Groto. Always a nice guy to be around, but IRL always goes first! We hope to see you back as soon as you got more time to play again. Joining Luckely its not all bad news. We are welcoming @Tewudin and @Daisy to the group! Hope you two have a good time! Also welcoming @Winter Lianne back in the group! After being away for sometime due to IRL reasons, we really like to see you back! - Updated Newspaper: Added the latest newspaper to the group page.
  7. *Jan turns on the broadcast console of Redwood Radiostation and starts speaking into the microphone* ''This is Depressed Cowboy here, once again from Redwood Radio. Some of you might have heard our call for help recently. One of our best friends, Erik Koivu died two days ago. Unfortunately we lost someone else aswell in the proces. Our friend Conor is lost again. We think he ran off after what happened to Erik.... We want to do everything to find him again. That is why I went back to Zelenogorsk to find the old posters.... they might not be that appropriate anymore, but this is the best way to find him I guess. Just like last time, we will be spreading out these posters across newsstands, but also have an encoded package on the radio for people to view. If they ofcourse have the equipment to decode it. Thanks in advance to everyone that is gonna help to try and find him. Delta Charlie over and out.'' *Jan turns off the microphone and sends out the encoded data package*
  8. It indeed was a crazy taxi. Most memorable ride I've ever had in dayz. @maybelele is definitely the best taxi driver in Chernarus. Was indeed alot of fun @Aron73. Coincidence we met again at greenmountain aswell!
  9. Had some really intense medical roleplay the other night. @Uhka's leg turned black and we needed a doctor as fast as possible. We tried radio, but they didn't respond quick enough, so I ran to Stary Sobor to get help. Then @BandsRP and his friends @Woodsy, @DexAgonRP and @ViperTCA came over to help as best as they could. The leg got amputated, but unfortunately @Uhka died of blood poisoning later on. One of my characters' best friend died that day. Another friend of mine, Conor (@Billy), ran off because of Erik's death. Another chapter of Redwood Radio was done, but also alot of new things on the horizon to work towards. @Daisy arrived with her new character at a bad time, but also was there to help my character out during one of the darkest nights he had. Thanks everyone for the RP!
  10. *Jan presses the PTT of Erik's radio and speaks with the most depressing tone imaginable* ''Thanks for all the advise on the radio here. Unfortunately it didn't work out. We got help from a combat medic situated in Stary Sobor. He came over and did the amputation. The leg was gone and we thought it would be alright, but there were some black veins further up. The medic said it was alright, but I guess it wasn't. *Stops talking for a second and multiple people in the background could be heard crying* ''Like I said..... T....H...anks for the he...l...p.... everyone. But I guess it wasn't en..o...ugh... One of my best friends... Erik Koivu.... Died a couple minutes ago. .... I h...ave no words for this.'' De..... Delta... Charlie ... over and out.'' *Slowly releases the PTT and looks at Erik's radio in his hands. The only memory he can hold on to*
  11. *Jan presses the PTT of his handheld transceiver* ''Hello this is Depressed Cowboy here. A friend of mine has a really bad looking leg and I really need a doctor to take a look at it. We got him on painkillers for now, but the fever seems to continue. The leg shows black spots and is not smelling good. I hope there is a doctor out there that hears this. Please come help us at Redwood Radiostation on Altar Hill. Delta Charlie over.'' *Jan releases the PTT*
  12. *Jan boots up the old Znet radio broadcast console and starts speaking into the studio mic* ''Hello Folks, Depressed cowboy here once again from Altar Hill. Today I got an announcement to make, but first of want to clearify something. This broadcast is not related to the anarchist licenses in any way. Now lets get on with it... We from Redwood Radio have noticed a decrease of traffic on the amateur radio frequencies and we only hear people on FM between 80 - 120MhHz. The reason for this is that most radio novices only tune to the old FM broadcast frequencies. But there is more folks!! Most transceivers can broadcast on VHF and UHF aswell. These frequencies can reach way further. Up to 20-30 kilometers, if you know how to use it. That is why we are gonna be giving HAM amateur courses at our radio station. Sign up right now when you still can and we will learn you how to use your amateur radio properly. Also when you complete the course, you will get a HAM radio license with it to show your achievement to others!! Delta Charlie over and out.'' *Jan turns off the broadcast console and leans back in his chair*
  13. We from Redwood Radio visited the charity yesterday and had a great time. Although there was only one actual member around, he did take care of us really well. Did a lovely interview with him and got a private tour to the tower. Looking forward to meet you guys again!
  14. Basko

    An Old Friend

    That guy on the right is looking great
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