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  1. We are glad to hear that you have solved this yourself with the accused party. The staff will honour your request of closing this report. /closed Signed @Basko, @Rover and @Realize.
  2. Greetings @AndreyQ, A separate portion of staff has reviewed your appeal and decided to ACCEPT IT. Your post was pointed because it was incredibly close to resembling a meme. Given this, we understand why it was pointed. However upon further review we have concluded that you are pushing a more unusual opinion. Such opinions are not inherently memes, however we strongly caution you to reconsider the way you word such posts to prevent such a warning from occurring again. As the staff team it is not our responsibility to decide whether someone stands behind a suggestion or opinion, or if someone does not. In rule 1.5 which is found below, it is mentioned that forum posts must keep a high standard and not include memes. When looking at your post objectively, you do keep this standard and no meaningless picture or other 'meme' content can be found. Therefore it is not an unnecessary post. With the above said, Appeal accepted - warning points removed. Signed by @Basko, @Duplessis and @Rover
  3. After all this time, you finaly did it!
    kermit GIF

    1. Basko


      Yes! Thank you 😄 

  4. its over GIF

    1. Basko


      It surely is!

  5. Welcome DagothUr! Hope you will have a good time around here.
  6. A bit late to the party, but welcome back! Hope you will enjoy it around here again.
  7. Welcome RandomDobby! Hope you get through the whitelist and will have a good time around here in the community.
  8. Another important point with Stuart Island is that it is great to have the developer of the map be in our own developer team. Makes communication about the map ten times better. With Valning this is not the case.
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