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  1. +1 from me. Suppressors are almost useless at this point. Make them great again.
  2. I like the backstory of the base and the general idea of the settlement. There is one thing though that bothers me about the design. The walls in the middle of the compound just seem odd and out of place. It feels like the walls were purely put in to turn the base into a fortress. This isn't a problem in itself, but I think you can achieve this in a more creative and better looking way. In the current state, the difference of the buildings outside the walls (which are a bit broken down and give an old sovjet feeling) and the walls themselves with the 'clean' looking courtyard just seems odd. Try to work it out with some different asset in the offline builder to see if you can change this. Feel free to contact me is you need help with this or if you wanna discuss my critique. This is just feedback and I don't think it is too bad to not be approved. So you still have my vote. //Approved
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  4. Seems like a solid group idea. Good luck with this!
  5. - Updated IC Goals: Completed a goal: ''Get the music broadcasts back on track by doing test broadcasts and signal strength tests (day 940)'' Added three new goals to work towards in the next couple weeks. These goals are OOC'ly aimed towards handling the current low population on Chernarus and to try and bring more roleplay to people that now roam empty streets around Chernarus.
  6. *Jan turns on the broadcast console and starts speaking into the microphone* ''Hello folks out there. Depressed Cowboy here again from Redwood Radio. Today I've got something special to tell you all. We as a group are starting to worry more about people out there. These days the streets of towns that used to be filled with people seem deserted and empty. There is a couple places left with people, but they are hard to find and most of Chernarus seems to be in hiding. We as Redwood Radio have been thinking on how to bring people together or atleast help them out... That is why we are now offering the following. The last few days some of the Redwood radio people have been out there trying to secure houses around the lands for people to live in. We are offering these places to people in need. So if you are interested in getting a relative secure home near other people. Let me know! Depressed cowboy over and out.'' *Jan stops the broadcast and hopes for people to respond*
  7. There is a lot of things wrong in this thread And don't mean the OP specifically. I mean most of the people responded to this as well. Everyone seems to be defending either camp A or camp B, so let me explain what I think the actual problem is here: - First off all, we can't pass the fact that there is a lot of people out there that hoard gear, stash it up and repeat the process. On the other hand we have the people that raid bases trying to get the same gear. I think both parties here are doing this purely for GearRP reasons even though they might say it makes 'RP opportunities' in the future. - Secondly, I think the OP has a solid point that it makes no RP sense that an entire group base or settlement is left unguarded for the exact same timespan every night. On the other hand, how can a possible intruder know when you are all 'sleeping' or when you are all on a 'trip to Tisy' for example. Yes it makes no RP sense, but there is no simple way to fix this so let's take this argument of the table for now. The Solution: There is just no real fix for offline raiding or gearhording. Although there is ways to disencourage it. The best method for this is something that is already slowly making its way into the game due to small adjustments made by Roland. This being the removal of the ability to store specific items like guns in most storage containers. If we remove the possibility to store items that are generally being 'hoarded' in containers then we solve two issues in one hit. There would not be a way to horde items into bases for gearhorders and there will also not be any gear related reason for raiders to make their ways into bases or settlements.
  8. Thanks! Cem isn't around anymore, but you can still come around and scream for him. Glad to hear you liked to see us, though we as a group haven't been away
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