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  1. The last episode was...stunning. Can't wait for next one.Just can't...
  2. What about Taviana?No one likes it?For me it's best map ever made.It's balanced and landscape is just awesome. I read,that DayzRP had Taviana server.What happened?
  3. This is so far the best robbery I've ever seen.Who the hell robs a person with makarov.I lol'd.
  4. Nothing.I hopped to get more fps but still the same.Well,I will try to get used to play with 20 fps then.
  5. I like it.Original.And you used one of my favorite soundtracks too!
  6. I already like you guys.Crush all the bandits!
  7. True.Here in Lithunia mother's day is 5 of May.
  8. sAvitus

    The Hazmat Convoy - All 5 parts uploaded

    Well that's weird.Today one of those Hazmat guys visited TP,but people rudely met them,so they just drove away.lol.
  9. Heavy/thrash metal:Metallica,Motorhead,Iron Maiden,Megadeth.
  10. sAvitus

    Whitelist closed

  11. Hello comrades.Another victim joins the harsh zombie apocalypse world.I heard rumors about a mod for Dayz called "DayZRP" so I am here.I am huge RP fan and I have a lot of experience so It won't be problem for me and for other players.Curently I am waiting for whitelist to open.In meanwhile I'm going to create a back story of my survivor. As you noticed English is not my first language.My worst phobia is people attacking me,that I did a small spelling or grammar mistake.Instead of "your grammar sucks.go kill yourself"person should say what mistake I did.I'm learning from mistakes.As long as you understand me there shouldn't be any problem.Right?The point is,that my English is not perfect.I do mistakes,but I can speak and understand it easily. Long story short.See you in game,folks! P.s If I did a mistake feel free to write it.Mistakes make my English knowledge better.