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  1. Hyped as well. What is the name of the exile mod in steam workshop, I see a number of exile named mods there?
  2. Admin Kick (invalid RP Name)

    Thanks for the great response time! Cheers
  3. Admin Kick (invalid RP Name)

    Would Roy Brown suffice? Thanks for your patience.
  4. Admin Kick (invalid RP Name)

    You tried using the name Bad Leroy Brown, which is from a song title. You cannot RP with a famous name. Change it to Leroy ______ or ____ Brown (please not charlie) and you'll be fine. I changed it to Leroy Brown but still same result?
  5. Admin Kick (invalid RP Name)

    Happens over and over again. What is the problem? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello Fellow Dayz'rs

    Thanks for the welcomes and I successfully completed my whitelist application. Cross your fingers for me!
  7. Hello Fellow Dayz'rs

    Good to be here.