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  1. This was a great read , I can't wait to see more.
  2. There is some screaming that is audible as Amber opens the mic of her radio. "Bea's with a patient at the mome-" Another loud scream echo's over the radio, muffled by the slam of a door closing which is likely to everyone's relief as well as Amber's. The woman lets out a heavy sigh. "We can probably escort her over to help distribute this next Monday or Tuesday, if that works for you. She would arrange the details with you herself, but a some unnamed man dragged himself fresh out of hell and into her care. Let me know if either of those days work for you, and then we can arrange a time of ar-" Amber is caught off by the sound of a french woman. "Get me some of ze saline, and Epineph-" She lets go of the button before the sentence was finished.
  3. I guess I have to get some more writing in since you all are flattering me! I plan to do some diary entries along with some photos I've been taking in game
  4. Additional Information Fernando re-spawned because his screen was black and he couldn't respond to you, and his screen still said that he was unconscious. You could have revived him if it was your intention as I had a pristine defib on my person which I was saving for when my friend joins our group on her medic. I would love to see some footage as well, but obviously that's not going to happen as neither of our groups was recording. So let's just leave this up to the admins, hmm? Since you can't offer proof that you actually talked to an admin, hopefully one of them comes forward involving talking to you for your benefit.
  5. It might be worth while to mention the Admin you spoke with, for prosperity.
  6. Adding additional information. Milo did have his weapon raised. I did enter the building with my weapon raised but I lowered it right away within 3 seconds at maximum. It wasn't even pointed at him, it was pointed at the bunks. When Milo raised his weapon, Fernando raised his in defense and told him to put his gun away with a 3 second warning. We did not hold Milo up, he said nothing was his, and we told him he was free to go. We also didn't accuse you of duping items during the event. Only mentioned it during this thread. "Do not bait other players into situations where you can take revenge for their actions." We were baited, the only reason we stopped is because Milo said hi and then put ammo on the ground to bait out leader into pressing tab. "You have to make contact with the target before initiating a hostile action against it. >You must make your hostile intention clear and unambiguous< and state each demand before you can harm the victim(s) for non-compliance." None of this happened. We were shot on sight with the only communication being Milo asking to join us and then offering Fernando ammo. No hostile attention was communicated from either party at any point during both "interactions" Edit: I am only upset about the denial of RP, the gear and death is trivial for me. 2nd Edit: They also hopped off the server quickly after
  7. We asked him if it was his stuff and he said no. He seemed scared but we told him that we weren't going to rob him and we weren't going to hurt him. And then Fernando asked him to put his clip on the ground, just for our safety, but we didn't take it. We told him he can put it back in his gun after we left. We asked if he was hungry or thirsty and he said he was thirsty and so Fernando gave him a full Canteen and said that he could keep it and we meant no harm and that he wasn't hostage and that he could leave at any time
  8. Amber blinked her eyes awake as her radio bursted back to life, she looked behind her to hear the man they foolishly chose for first watch being what her cousin would call an "edgelord" into his radio. Though, in her mind, what he needed to do to relieve some stress was more than called for. "Having fun keeps us sane. It's good to hear people still find importance in it. I stopped by the area quickly and say that all the food was picked over, and the hoe that Red left by accident was also taken. Either a lot of people won't go hungry, or someone was greedy."
  9. "I'm afraid I haven't been around there after some time. I set them down and left, announcing my position over a public frequency is just asking to get robbed. But I hope anyone there enjoys their fill. There also should be some seeds left around and about." Her Canadian Accent was strong in that last sentence.
  10. Youthful Laughter filled the radio in reply "And leave the bitter sting of sea salt in my nose for the perils of the north? Not a chance. I'd tie a slice of pumpkin to a bird for you, but I doubt that will work. If you find Plane Building for Dummies, then let me know and we'll get the hell out of this ..well..hell"
  11. "To all those hungry and desperate, there is freshly grown pumpkins and tomatoes near the west well in Elektro, near the Police Station." As the rain began to fall, Amber looked up to the sky, blinking away the raindrops as she squinted. "Try not to take too long, I don't want anyone getting sick if they are left out to the elements much longer. They are scattered around the garden plots there. Keep an eye out, and stay safe." Her thumb slipped off the button as her transmission turns off.
  12. Server and location: In a field south of the North West Airfield. US Server Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 0-10-2015, 07:10 Daytime or Night-time: Night Your in game name: Amber Parker Names of allies involved: Fernando Garcia and Grigori Popovich Name/Skin of suspect/s: Milo Niks or Milos Jovanovic. Introduced himself as Milo. There 2 others visible, names unknown Suspects weapon/s: No idea Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: We logged back at the airfield and we decided that we should get scarce since the area is dangerous. We checked one of the barracks on the way out, and we found someone who called himself Milo. He was just sitting there surrounded by piles and piles of ammo, weapons and gear. We figured oocly now after the fact that they may have been duplicating gear. We came in, were nice, grabbed some ammo because we didn't want anyone to have it and then gave Milo water after no hostility and offered to let him join us on our run to the coast. He declined and we made our way. We stopped in the woods to drop some ammo that we didn't need and Fernando Garcia DC'd, so we waited for quite some time since the server was full so we knew he could be a while before he got back in. We waited and watched and when he finally got back in we started to run. We heard Milo call us over so stopped and invited him over, and he said he would join us. He stopped us and that's when several others approached. They didn't even say a word, or threaten us before firing on us without any initiation. Updated: Listed Server
  13. Thank you so much , I just got whitelisted so I am so ready to get into this!
  14. Hehe, thanks , and I will absolutely start doing that if and when I get whitelisted. I am super antsy, I really can't wait to develop my character more.