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  1. The Beginning The man's stomach growled as the rocking of the train continued. It'd been three days since he last ate. A shallow sigh escaped his throat as he'd listen to the wind blow by outside the box. He'd smuggle himself upon a train which he knew traveled out of Turkey and through the South Zangoria area into mainland of Russia. He'd think to himself on how he'd find himself a quick job as a ditch digger or simply live off the 'waste' people threw away. His fingers splayed out against his stomach as he sat against the wooden frame of the box train car. His dark brown eyes watched the scenery fly by through the cracks of the car. Then it happened. The screeching of the brakes being activated; the force which was strong enough to send him flying across. He'd curse to himself in spanish as he'd gather his wits. "What happened?" he'd thought. His mind began to race. Did they stop the train due to finding out he'd stowed away? No, that'd be ludacris. He wasn't in a country where he was wanted; nor had they ever stopped the cars for a bum hitchhiking before. Fernado quickly dusted himself off, going to look out the cracks of the train car once more. Were those shifting shapes outside...people? He'd began to hear the conductor yell out in their native tongue, though he didn't fully comprehend the meaning of the words. He saw the conductor attempt to run through the people which crowded the train now. He saw as they grabbed him with the ferocity of a starving and desperate animal. He watched in terror filled silence as the crowd swarmed so they could devour the poor bastard. Fernando's heart raced. What country had people such as this? Had he made a mistake and ended stowing away upon the wrong train? He'd once more curse to himself in his mind. The Spaniard stood and watched through the cracks as the minutes slowly turned into hours. He had watched as each... person... had lost interest on their catch and began to slowly stumble and shuffle away into all directions. His heart jumped as he'd believed many a one made eye contact with him as he'd watched from the cracks. His heart raced as he'd run events he had just saw through his head once more. He should've been in Chernarus and in the middle of South Zangoria. What hell hole did he end up going to instead? He had remembered a factory worker in the area he should've been in. A man who once gave him refuge when he was here many a year ago. Perhaps the only man whom he could of called 'friend'.
  2. That was the best roleplay experience I've had on the server so far; it was a good night.
  3. POV: During my first contact with Milo as I entered the building I came into a raised gun(the animation of him looking down the sights). I honestly freaked the hell out and quickly raised my own telling him to drop it before I opened fire; having been shot before since I've startled people. Which he did comply with. I then told him to place the gun on the ground and remove the magazine. I stated multiple times that, "We are not going to hurt you, rob you or harm you.". I asked multiple times if anything around was his which he stated no. I also asked him if he was part of a group which he also stated no too. He then made some emotes about shivering. Feeling bad for the guy I offered him water and food, once more telling him he's not hostage and we're not robbing him. He accepted the canteen which I provided him with. He then left after saying his goodbyes and I wished him luck on his travels(Also warning him of the Jackals, Black Sky and Trust; Having encountered those three groups up north. Though never referring to them by name. Just armband color). As my group then left the airfield to head down south to start a farm I was kicked from the server due to my client acting up. It took me a good ten to fifteen minutes before a slot opened up and I was able to join again. As we continued on our way Milo approached the group yelling, "Hey!". Due to Roleplay being the entire focus of the server I stopped for a few moments; told him I was glad to see him and that he changed his mind in joining us in our journey south before we started jogging south once more. Several times he attempted to get me to stop by offer me items; at which point I simply just stopped to turn around and pick what he dropped so he'd stop trying to offering me things.(Which by going over the rules; is baiting if he had the right of KOS.) At that point two others approached the four of us and I quickly put myself between them and (at that time;I thought) new friend. I attempted to make contact with them; telling them "Hello!" and after not getting a response I approached one of them and asked, "Are you wearing an armband, friend?". At that exact moment; at the end of my sentence I was shot and put into a unconscious state. As my screen was black I was unable to tell what had happened around me as I heard the hail of gunshots. I had thought the entire group(including their's) was gunned down by a seperate party. I waited in my unconscious state hoping to at least hear someone say something. After a good minute had passed I began to hear Milo speak in a low and sensual tone. I was unsure who he was talking too; as I was unconscious and wasn't able to communicated or see anything. At this point he began to threaten to kill the person who he had taken hostage. (Whom I assumed was part of the two who approached us). It then slowly dawned onto me that he was speaking to me; at which point he had given me a countdown(which due to my state at the time I couldn't comply to) before he killed me. I simply respawned. TL;DR: Never threatened Milo besides when he was aiming at my head in the building. Afterwards apologized and clearly stated that we meant him >NO< Ill intentions. Before posting my point of view to add information I also looked over the rules for KOS. Which >IF< he did have the permission of a admin to do would be insufficient. Also the second thing stated in "What not to do" is what He >did<.
  4. As Fernando Garcia listened to the man outside their location make his proclamation he'd shift slightly reaching over to take the Canadian woman's radio, "You know, fellas. Since you boys seem so thirsty there is a well near by so that you may quench your thirst." Handing the woman her radio back, he'd mutter a few obscenities beneath his breath in spanish. He'd attempt to fall back asleep as the rain pitter pattered upon the roofing of the structure they stayed at.
  5. Hopefully we'll be seeing you in Chernarus; you seem like an interesting person to run across in the apocalypse. Best of luck to ya'!
  6. Excellently done, I'm always so impressed with your writing.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm stopping in to rub elbows with people I'll hopefully meet in the future. Hopefully I'll be able to join everyone soon and create some amazing memories together.