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  1. Back to Chernarus, I guess. Too damn many zombies on this island anyway. I will miss it here, though.
  2. Just got word that the reason the island is being evacuated is due to a gas tube explosion at a military base (probably where the toxin rumors came from) that alerted a very large dormant horde of infected in the north. Apparently, it's extremely large and is moving south and people are starting to evacuate via the southern and eastern docks. At their rate of movement, the infected will be at the northern end of Stonington in only a few day's time. From what's being said over the radio chatter, this is one of the largest hordes seen since the outbreak began, and there's no way to stop it. After this weekend, this island will be uninhabited and uninhabitable by non-infected humans. Also, from what we've interpreted from the radio chatter, this "purge" people are talking about is to be carried out by a few unknown groups in an attempt to prevent more infected people from getting off the island. From what we understand, these people will NOT be asking questions. Maybe it's time for us to leave this island after all... Dean "Mountain Rat" Ratliff
  3. I found Hash! Or, rather, found me! He had heard I was looking for him and made his way south from the swamp area to the compound at New Hope Castle I was staying at with a group called the "Part Time Heroes". He'd been staying on Deer Isle since the outbreak due to better fishing than Chernarus. He almost died getting here, but fortunately made it and has been here for the past few years living off the land and water. Like me, he also stayed in hiding for a long time before revealing himself to others and living with them (other than the occasional trade with certain people). Spending so many years without family was rough. But now my brother is here, the apocalypse is looking a little brighter. Unfortunately, just when I thought things were getting better, shit always manages to hit the fan even harder than before. For some reason, people have been talking about an island-wide evacuation due to some reason yet to be known. There are many rumors of what's coming. I've heard rumors of a toxin that was recently released is about to contaminate the island. I've also heard that the water was had become contaminated and that this contamination was spreading. I've also heard about some sort of "purge" that is supposed to happen in the next few days. What this means exactly, I'm not sure, but it doesn't sound good. Many people in the group want to evacuate ahead of time to avoid any of these things. A few others think it's propaganda spread by another group - possibly Anarchy - to instill fear and division among the tribes and other groups on the island. Hash and I have decided to lay low and wait to see what happens in the next few days. We're taking every precaution with our water supply, and we have a boat stashed not too far away, just in case we need to bug out quickly. But this "purge" may prove to be interesting, and possibly even "profitable" to us if it means what I think it means. We'll stay just a bit longer to see what happens. Then we're probably heading back to Chernarus. Though we are also considering heading to Livonia. There's word that it might have more plentiful resources and less of the dead walking around. We'll just have to wait and see what the next few days have in store for Deer Isle... Dean "Mountain Rat" Ratliff
  4. It's just you. Never experienced any problems on Deer Isle and I play on it a lot. Nor have I heard of any problems from my friends on there.
  5. That's happened to me several times. I did end up saving a guy the other day who was using the radio to send out a distress call (see video in post below). I intercepted his transmission while scanning with the field transciever at my base. It made some fun RP. So it does have its place and it does work and can create some RP scenarios, but as Alan pointed out, it can be very buggy so most groups just use Discord.
  6. Yeah, I figured this was most likely the case. Definitely. And since boats wouldn't have much use on the Charnarus map anyway, they're probably wouldn't add much to the gameplay. Yeah, there should at least be some way to move someone. Thanks for the input, guys!
  7. I'm not sure how difficult this would be for modders, but I thought it would be cool if you could craft a crude raft from logs, rope, and/or rags. It probably wouldn't be of much use in Chernarus, but in Deer Isle and possibly Livonia, it could be useful. Especially getting to the oil rigs on Deer Isle. This might also encourage more players to utilize that server, too. Another Idea I had, was the ability to craft a stretcher for wounded people from long sticks and rags (or ropes). When someone goes down and is unconscious, or unable to walk, there is currently no way to carry them to safety. Also, it would be cool to make it so 2 people can carry the stretcher faster from either end, but if only 1 person can carry it, the stretcher would have to drag on the ground at half the speed. Not sure if these ideas are even feasible, but they would definitely be a cool addition. Especially the stretchers. Thoughts?
  8. Hey, that's me (in the medical jacket and hood with skull face)! lol! Glad I could help, Paul! It's pretty awesome to see it from your perspective. It was a good thing I was scanning my long range radio from base and heard your distress call. Glad we were able to get you to safety and all fixed up. Stay safe out there!
  9. Deer Isle is better than Chernarus, imo. I've been having a blast playing there. There are plenty of groups and RP interactions on Deer Isle. I have a lot more fun playing there than on Chernarus. And there's never a queue to whine and moan about. Excited about the upcoming update.
  10. I just found several packs of tetracycline at the main hospital on Deer Island. The one to the very south.
  11. I love this idea! The only problem I really see is the lore within the current timeline. To me, it would seem a tribal group like this would be more likely to occur in the distant future, many years after the outbreak of the infection, due to a lack of supplies and resources. But seeing how the infection was only 3 years ago, it's less likely a primitive-like group would form so soon since there are still plenty of resources like guns and such still available. I suppose 1 fix could be that this particular group may have simply gone into the woods and isolated themselves for those 3 years right after the outbreak started. Perhaps, they were some sort of religious/spiritual group before the outbreak? Or maybe they were already isolated for many years BEFORE the outbreak and are just now making themselves known (perhaps they were already just simple fisherman?)? There should probably be some kind of history of isolation in their background, whether it be forced or voluntary, to explain why they live so primitively. Other than that, I think it's a really great idea and would enrich the RP greatly in-game.
  12. I just got word that my old friend, Chris "Hash" Hashimoto, might still be alive! Apparently, he barely survived the initial outbreak and was in the vicinity of deer Isle. One of the travelers I spoke to had met Hash on his travels. He said the guy he met was an Asian-American fisherman that had been fishing around the coast of Turkey when the outbreak happened. That HAD to be him! Hash was the only one from his boat that escaped, according to the traveler. The bad news is that this was over a year ago and the traveler hadn't heard from him since. If I know Hash, I'm willing to bet he's probably still alive. While chances of him still being on island that are probably slim (he may have gone to Chernarus, or back into Turkey, or even Romania), it's still worth heading over there for a look and maybe ask around...that is, if anyone is around. I think a change of scenery might do me some good anyway. I guess the only way to do this will be to retrace his steps, if possible. So I suppose my first stop should be Deer Isle Prison, which is where the traveler ran into him. It's a long shot, but perhaps that place holds some clues. I know how Hash thinks, so if I can make it there, I can probably work out where he went next. Hell, I have nothing else to do... Off to Deer Isle... Dean "Mountain Rat" Ratliff
  13. Hi all! It's been 4 years since I've played, but I'm back and can't wait to see all the new changes and meet all the new faces! I had to quit not long after I was whitelisted due to computer issues and lack of free time because of my job. But now I have a better job, lots of free time, and a good working computer! I just posted my character's updated bio (Dean "Mountain Rat" Ratliff) over in the lore section if you want to check it out. Hope to see you all in game! Cheers!
  14. 3 Years ago... It's been 3 long years since I arrived in this god-forsaken country. I've been laying low in the woods and living off the land, though I have had to raid some camps for supplies sometimes, never taking more than what I need. I've been observing others, but never making my presence known. After what I went through almost 10 years ago during that "final job", I've learned not to trust ANYONE so I don't talk to anyone. I have come across a few people and even traded with them over the past few years, but only if I had no other choice. While I've enjoyed my solitude at times, it has come at a cost. 3 years with very little human interaction changes a person. Most people would have gone mad by now, but I've always been used to isolation and was trained to tolerate it. Still, maybe it's time to start trusting people again? Maybe I need to seek out human interaction? Maybe it's the only way I'll survive. Maybe it's the only way for humanity to survive. We are a social species and we are much stronger together than alone, I just need to convince my paranoid mind that this is true. Plus, I'm starting to get old. My knees aren't what they used to be. By myself, I might last a few more years, but with a community, I might last much longer. From my observations over the years, I've seen people do a lot of bad things to others. But I've also seen a lot of good people do things for others. This gives me hope. Maybe this country isn't so god-forsaken after all. Well, I guess it's time to come out from under my rock. Hopefully this doesn't backfire on me... Dean "Mountain Rat" Ratliff
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