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  1. Balota, no one goes there much but its a cool town and has everything you need.
  2. i can confirm the gunshots and we were within earshot of hearing that they had people held at gunpoint. Our friend Evgeni Makin was walkie talkie talking to us that he was heading to green mountain, he was mid sentence with us when he just stopped talking, so we decided to investigate what had happened. When we arrived just outside the gate we heard many voices yelling at people in the tower to come out hands up and so me and chris decided to investigate. The people inside the compound siad they knew that there was someone outside and so if we did not leave then we would be at fault for the hostage being shot. Me and chris decided to back off and i had a SVD with a scope so i tried to get a position to see the hostage and the holder, i had seen him for all of one second and took shots from the tower and the jail house, at that point we knew only that there were hostile people in the compound and that they had hostages. I took out the guy ontop of the tower and then got shot by the guy in the jailhouse, anything happening after that point in time i would have no knowledge of, just wasnted to help chris out because he has been nice to me in game
  3. As Chris McNair already stated we did leave the bare minimum of food requirements, he was left at a barn near green mountain where food, a pond and clothes all spawn. As for me taking his jacket that is not why we robbed him, we are a group of traveling thieves and we all escaped a giant massacre at GM minutes before, not that it matters but the only way jasper had the possibility of knowing our names is by checking pulse or because i answered an //ooc question he had. I only played part in the robbing to switch jackets with him, both jackets were of pristine value, i only wanted his because it was green and mine was blue. We "RP'd" the way we were supposed to and i even went back and explained that the reason we robbed him was because we didnt know him and didnt trust him, we left him with an AK with one bullet, and all of the gear he had arrived with, the only thing that we did was switch his jacket for mine and tie him up, he later could have broken out, drank from a pond and ran to Green mountain where there were many people to ask for food or he couldve ran to the closest town to green mountain which is no further than about 1500meters or so, so about 2 minutes full sprint. I apologize if he feels we didnt leave him with sufficient food or water, but in a survival game he definitely had a lot more than he needed to survive such a short journey to the mountain or a town.