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  1. [GAME] This or That

    Campfire RP is more enjoyable for everyone, hostile RP always seems to be one-sided. Liberal or Conservative?
  2. [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    That signature is pretty sick 8/10
  3. [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

    We got this 2...
  4. Mathias Albrecht was the other person present with Geno at the time of the incident. I would also like to state that the distance between the house that we held Mr. Guvernandi at and the farming compound that Geno and Matt were killed at was approximately 950 meters according to the DB map. This distance would require another initiation on the two by Mr. Ivanenko.
  5. -user was warned for this post- We met Mr. Guvernandi at the airfield, RP'd for a short time, then I initiated. We briskly moved him to Lapatino while getting sprayed down by some inaccurate gunfire (courtesy of the Gamblers). I believe that during a legitimate gunfight there should be a priority of safely escorting the hostage, over the alternative of making pleasant conversation with the hostage while transporting him, with a high risk of death. I would also like to add that Mr. Guvernandi was acting very unruly during the entire transportation process and the robbery, and the clear, stern demands were perfectly justified due to this. Like I said above, it is no fun to roleplay with someone that is acting in this fashion. We escorted him into the house. I tied him up and provided him with food. The town nearby had a well for water. We took a few supplies, and I was sure to remove the AK off of his back for my own safety. I was informed that Geno was killed and knew that there were guys nearby coming for their buddy (Mr. Guvernandi). We finished the robbery up quickly because of this. We left the house and ran up the hill. Mr. Guvernandi proceeded to break out of his restraints and shoot at us with the Magnum that was left for him by Mick. He did in fact land one or two shots on Mick. We took several suppressive shots back at him and then continued to run. We both ran for at least 4 Kilometers until finding a secluded house to wait out the full 30 minutes then logged off. Thanks.
  6. [GAME] Guess the real name of the person above

  7. What drug is the person above you?

    Crack Cocaine
  8. We are not 100 percent sure that we waited the full 30 minutes, we were not timing ourselves as we should have. We are unsure of when the robbery took place in server time, and we waited for a significant amount of time for the OP to seek revenge on us, and logged off.
  9. Chris McNair POV: We met a man in the field near the Vybor compound and began to communicate with him. We talked for a short amount of time, then we began to initiate on him. Mick tied him up and I took his weapon. He then began to explain to me that he informed his friends about this, and that they were on their way from Kabanino. I took his rifle and left him with his pistol. There was food and water in the Vybor compound very close by, which is what I was referring to. I also told him he could wiggle out of the restraint he was in. The robbery only lasted around 3 minutes, and the only thing I took from him was his rifle for my own safety. We all waited for at least 30 minutes before logging out for the night.