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  1. CrownZ

    KOS/Avoid RP 22-02-18 23:20 Server Time

    Not sure what you're talking about @Paradox. We were talking to both the OP and you. Please don't call me a liar, thanks.
  2. CrownZ

    KOS/Avoid RP 22-02-18 23:20 Server Time

    So we were at the airfield looting and killing zombies along the way. My friend Gary informed me that there were people at the well on the Vybor side of the airfield, so we went to investigate. The OP and his friend were running around recklessly with zombies chasing them. We killed the zombies and proceeded to have a short conversation with the two. They were quite hostile with both of us, short tempered and threatening. We had no choice but to stand up for ourselves and initiate on them. We clearly and loudly demanded that they put their hands up. They didn't comply and proceeded to run, leading to my kill on the OP and Gary's wounding (and my kill) on the friend. We didn't want to do this, but like I said for our defense we had to. Hope this clears up any confusion. Thanks.
  3. CrownZ

    KOS/Avoid RP 22-02-18 23:20 Server Time

    We ain't did nothin my dudes
  4. CrownZ

    Drunk Thread

    at a solid 6/10 and climbing rn boys happy new year and cheers
  5. CrownZ

    Operation Kopec - Lore Event [RP-PvP]

    @Major My character will be Vladislav Artemovich, sorry for the delay.
  6. CrownZ

    Persistence wipe

    I was more specifically talking about the rare guns and the large groups that could easily take everything important right before the wipe and log out.
  7. CrownZ

    Persistence wipe

    The only issue that I can see is if these persistence wipes are planned, say on a certain day every month, what's stopping these larger groups from just picking up everything and re-placing it when the wipe is over? Surely they won't allow their extremely rare items to be wiped away and put back into the loot table.. maybe a little less precise heads-up and randomize the day of the wipe every month? Maybe warn the community of a persistence wipe within the week of it happening, not within the day or hour. Just a suggestion.
  8. CrownZ

    Server Machine Broke

    Played for a few hours sporadically today, I did notice some slight rubber banding and delayed actions but nothing that made it unplayable or impossible to RP, in fact, I had some good RP with PCC members at the airfield that was in no way hindered by this. The main thing that I noticed was that after becoming hydrated/energized I wasn't becoming healthy, I'm guessing that this was a result of the sheer number of people in and waiting to get into the server. (US East Coast)
  9. CrownZ

    BeanZ WAR

  10. CrownZ

    Widows End [Recruitment Status : Open ]

    Excited to be a part of this, looks pretty good to me.
  11. CrownZ

    Survivors: Looking For Group

    IGN: Chris McNair Country: USA English skills: Expert. DayZ Mod Experience: Little to none, barely played it. DayZ Standalone Experience: Nearing 2000 hours now. (1900 atm) Roleplaying Experience: Been on DayZRP for over 2 years now off and on, accumulated a decent amount of playing time across the board between this and ARMA 3 (500+ hours) What kind of In Game role best describes you: I'm a good adviser and always got your back when you need me. Have you been in any clan/group previously: No real official groups though back in 2016 I led a large dynamic group for a short period of time, we mostly harassed the hell out of the old Gamblers and Masquerade at the time. :) Additional notes: N/A Best way to contact you: PM me on the forums. Backstory: Character page on my profile
  12. CrownZ

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @ExoticRainbow I did enjoy the brief encounter(s) we had last night around NWAF and thoroughly appreciated the RP you were able to provide while others at the same time continued to rob me and my buddy @Filetminyon99 blind
  13. CrownZ


    Only 5 bucks for a premium sub at the Sponsor level? What a steal! Thanks @Rolle for the low prices and fancy purple text on my name now.

    1. Dan


      Where's my follow? :( 

    2. CrownZ


      Gotcha :)

      Can I get one now? Someone start the trend

  14. CrownZ

    Operation Kopec - Lore Event [RP-PvP]

    Anyone have a quick and generic backstory that I can build off of for my BPR character?
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