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  1. Geno Plotnikov

    My name is Geno, Geno Plotnikov, I use to play hockey for the Professional Chernarus Hockey League (PCHL) i was a captain for the team and quite a good player as well. Everyone knew me as a respected person with an attitude but when you get to know me we will become very good friends. When the infection started i was on my way to my first hockey practice for the season, i lived in upper myshinko and i noticed something wrong going on, police cars everywhere and houses and streets blocked off. i then proceeded to the hockey ring thinking that everything was ok, but then i noticed military vehicles roaming around everywhere i went and i reallly felt insecure. by the time i showed up for my practice no one was there just me, it was soo quiet, way too quiet. as i entered the building where the rest of my teammates would be but no one. i heard a grumbling coming from the locker rooms and i entered in and saw my coach looking at a wall. i spoke to him for a seconed and he turned arounf and came at me, so i pulled out my hockeystick and hit him to death with it, obviously it wasnt my coach anymore, and i was by myself.
  2. S?: Bad RP in Lower NWAF | April 3rd, 6:30am Server Time

    i was on my way from NWAF to help my friends out, i tried acting like i wasn't with them but i guess they didn't buy it Heres my POV:
  3. RP1 - BadRP/Combat Logging - 04/09/16 @ 07:25:00

    When all of us saw him we decided to rob him becuase he was by himself at the time. when i saw him i stated my name, asked for his and then didnt really say anything after that as my friend chris started to rob him. After that me and my friends walked away, i thought he had food and he had his pistol to defend himself with so i thought that we didnt do anything wrong, we did not take anything else from him but his gun. i dont know how long it was before we logged out but after we robbed him near vybor military we went to green mountain for a while then we decided to go to vybor to meet new people. After going around vybor for a little we logged off becuase we couldnt find anyone and it was very late at the time
  4. Bad Hostage RP

    So i load in on green mountain and i start to u know create a fire and just hang around. when a man by the name Jimmy Dextron i believe that's his name comes up and we have a conversation... after like 5 minutes me and this guy i met Mick Dodge say we are going to get some supplies and Jimmy kind of stalls us before we leave and then he says to me Mick Dodge and some other guy put your hands up! and as a go into my inventory and before i could even click the red x to put my gun away i was dead. he gave me like 5 seconds to put my gun away. i wouldn't have made this post b/c i usually let this type of stuff go, but i had just found a svd 10 minutes before and i just die like that so i was kinda mad about that.