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  1. User was warned for this post We met harvey and clyde on the air field and we were talking and it was raining so we said lets go in the fire station so we talked and traded and then we heard a voice harvey and clyde said we were friendly then after they left we told him to get on the ground and one of us handcuffed him we took some things like a water bottle and Ryan took a helmet (we needed food so thats why we held him up) then i untied him and we ran away.
  2. How is this relevant this happend three-four dayz ago
  3. We were 800 meters away I checked it and how did you check this??
  4. I was there when this happened Ryan did nothing wrong he followed all the rules (within 500 meters and had recently interacted with our group) i am one of Jayces allies but im trying to be fair to Ryan and he did nothing wrong. Thanks- Clinton