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  1. Born in Berezino, Vojtch is a CDF veteran, joining the army in search of meaning in his life. He never excelled in school, never had many friends, but always felt the urge to find a greater purpose. He began studying the great theorists of Pan-Slavic ideals, and became involved with various nationalist groups before the breakout. With them, he learned political theory, religious education in the Orthodox faith, and how to survive as a Chernarussian man who wanted to protect his people. In the army he had a hard time adjusting to military life, he knew why he was fighting, but he couldn’t seem to understand why there was so little discipline. So many people, he believed, treated the army as a joke, a place to fool around and have fun. For Vojtch, the military was the sacred protector of the Chernarussian people, and he wanted to see it as disciplined as possible. Like all others, his life changed forever when the breakout happened. They were stationed at a military camp just to the West of the Balota airfield when it all first went down. Reports of cannibalism, the screams, the gunfire in the distance, he didn’t know what to do. To add to the confusion, some of his officers were deserting in fear of being overrun. He remembers taking post duty at the gate, and the next thing he remembers, he woke up unconscious on the roof of the base hospital. He scavenged around, managed to find some supplies, and set out from the base. Vojtch could not believe what he was seeing; everyone who he once called brother was now dead. He even discovered his platoon commander had taken his own life. He headed East, to the big cities, to see what he could find, was this just an isolated incident, or has this plague taken over the entire country? His discovery is well known, and he has tried to come to grips with the devastation he has seen. Needless to say, he will never be the same man again. He has since been on the hunt for his younger brother, Piotr, who he left behind in Berezino. His brother was much more involved in the city life before the outbreak, and was much more skilled socially than he. They always had a strained relationship, but when Vojtch returned home to see what had become of his family, he found nothing but a note from his brother. "To whom this may concern," it read, "We are leaving, if anything in this house interests you, consider it yours. From our family to yours, God bless". This note has left Vojtch on a mission to find his brother, and perhaps his aging mother and father. Maybe, just maybe, Vojtch had found his calling in life, perhaps his purpose was always meant to be the loner, but in that he found strength. The strength to fight for what he believed in, a unified, free, and safe Chernarus, is all he desired.
  2. thanks man! That is a wild story actually haha! Today I witnessed a man laughing as he was swinging an ax at house...interesting man to say the least.
  3. I have been playing on the server all day now and can honestly say it's an amazing experience and I am glad to be a part of this community! Looking forward to building memories, crazy stuff going on at Berezino today, anyone else have a crazy experience?