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  1. Personally a change to this rule is in order, in my opinion. If you take a hostage and are trying to move them to a safer place so you can talk to them without the worry of being shot, but you begin taking fire while moving said hostage it doesn't make any IC sense to have to worry about the life of this hostage over your own and that of your allies. Nor does it make any sense to just leave them there when they could pull out a gun and shoot you in the back. If the hostages allies are shooting at you while they can clearly see their friend with you then it seems to me that they would not be
  2. POV: Wasn't involved in this situation, Exotic killed me because of a prior/ongoing situation.
  3. In my opinion the only reason to add this would be to have a reason to carry them, but personally I'm not a fan of being able to boost your health using drugs as it is very unrealistic being on some opioids or anything for that matter doesn't make you any harder to kill. Maybe if they could be used to regenerate faster or something like that would be better. I already use them for RP reasons as im not a fan of having to emote using, ruins my immersion.
  4. Redfox700


    Thread looks nice and I like idea. Good luck with this.
  5. Great RP from you as well, really enjoying it. Excited to see where this goes! @Jackfish
  6. So I'm starting to work on a new character but whenever I try and save it I get "That value is not allowed" for the name I've put. Why is this? Any help is appreciated.
  7. Hopefully next time the devs don't send me to the moon before the action starts.
  8. That seems to of solved the problem thanks!
  9. Well now I'm having the same problem again. This is what it says - Status Access Violation
  10. Yea I think it wasnt working because steam was trying to update something at the same time, but the issue has resloved itself now. Thanks everyone!
  11. Dr.Pepper is hands down the best drink out there nothing else compares to it's sweet cherry taste.
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