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  1. kstvns11

    Green Mountain - Invalid Execution, Metagaming, BadRP

    Ok, I just wanted to post my POV for the situation.
  2. kstvns11

    Green Mountain - Invalid Execution, Metagaming, BadRP

    Honestly I remember very little about this RP session. This took place a few weeks ago. It was one of my first days in RP. I guess the video is the evidence? I don't have anything new to add, because I hardly remember it. Half of our group was brand new to RP at this time. I really don't have much else to say. Sorry. We held up 3 guys in the jail. We had RP going with them until another group approached. At that time, one of my group member accidentally initiated on the 3rd group by saying "Leave or die" basically. At that time he wasn't aware that that was initiation because he was new. I attempted to warn him but was AFK at the time he said it and couldn't press my push to talk button. Other than that, I know alot of people died. Obviously we did some things wrong, but this feels like were being punished for something that's hardly relevant anymore. We've all learned alot since this day. Sorry to everyone involved.
  3. As stated in our previous comments; all of us saw him conscious and wiggling around. Our own teams lives were our first priority in the situation since two of our members went uncon. We also bandaged Fernando and put him in handcuffs, so at some point Fernando would have become conscious at which point RP would have continued. However Fernando decided to take his life into his own hands and respawn, instead of waiting to become conscious.
  4. OOC// I just got home from work and heard my friends talking in team speak about someone telling Milo to put his gun down. He joined the DayZRP teamspeak to ask if he had KOS rights and was told yes. I joined the server, and was close by the airfield and headed over to meet up with my friends. POV: I ran to meet my friends who were searching for the people who had held Milo up and told him to drop his weapon. Since I was not in the server I did not have kill rights on anyone at that time. Since Milo still had his radio I was informed of the situation, and ran up to speak with the other group. Over the radio Milo and Rob were discussing shooting at the enemies for the initiation on Milo. I simply was talking to the other group members. Milo opened fire upon the other group and I ran up into the field. I did not fire a round until my team member Rob fired at me. I returned fire upon him since I was now involved in the situation. We both put each other uncon as Milo fired upon his enemies. Milo then patched Rob and I up. Milo also handcuffed a member of the other squad. He tried to tell the other member not to wiggle but he continued to do so while not speaking to us. He then randomly died. We moved on and continued about our day.
  5. I just got accepted into DayZRP last night! I'm looking forward to running into new people and having new adventures! Thank you for welcoming me into your community!