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    S2 NVFL

    Yeah, when you're role-playing you should be doing so as if you are your character. You shouldn't throw your life away in some vain attempt to get glory or the off chance you will take someone with you. In the future I hope that you will understand that you choices have meaning or should as you role-play. You are building a living story on Dayzrp with others and you should try to keep yourself alive. Now that isn't to say you can't take chances if you think you have a shot, but be a little more careful next time. You were vastly outnumbered and out gunned, you should have just let us finish and you would have gotten to walk away. I think Red would like to speak to you and talk it out, so try and get in contact with us on TS. We have our own room and you can just jump into our open comms and poke us when we are on. I have talked to Red through PM and am going to pop on tonight around 9 EST witch i Believe is 10 CST I hope to talk to you all then
  2. fork42

    S2 NVFL

    Sorry for my delay in my reasoning on the NVFL but RL and work had to come first as I'm sure most people will understand. Scott and Gordy were in Vybor just outside the market when we ran into 2 people. The man introduced himself and his companion as his daughter. after explaining that my friend had narcolepsy and that he must of temporally fallen asleep in the wrong place again we proceeded to ask if they had any antibiotics to help with Gordy's condition. They told us they didn't have any and we were going to go on our way when it became apparent they had other intentions. the bound us and walked us out of town to an secluded are in the woods. while walking there Scott noticed that he still had his gun in his holster and his ax on his back. All Scott could think of was his father saying to him "never give up, and never surrender" so when his captors were not looking I would try to wiggle out of my restraints to do... that part I had not figured out yet. they lit a fire and continued to talk to us and during the whole time when ever they were not looking I would try to escape. Suddenly my only friend and travel companion passed out by the fire and mysteriously died. Scott was now feeling even more distraught then before. shortly after that I was taken aside and my gun was finally taken from me but I could still feel my ax hanging on my back. I was now taken back to the fire and the person who was my captor pulled a knife and started carving in my chest. The pain was unbearable and Scott snapped. All he could hear was muffled words and the words of his dad. he was led away from the fire by what he assumed was the leader of the gang into the darkness of the woods. it was during that short walk he thought about just running because it was so dark he could hardly see and he assumed that his captors could not see well as well. But instead of running he tells the leader to slow down cause it was dark and he couldn't see him and deep down all he wanted was to make his captors feel some of the pain that he was feeling at that time. Scott beveled that in this final spot it was only him, the leader, his daughter, and one other person who kept diapering in and out of the few shadows that could see. it was during the last final words of the speech " you have to make something of what little time you have left" that his binding finally broke and he decided to make something of those moments and try to take something dear to his captor... his daughter. He didn't see all the other people lurking in in the shadows and only thought it was him and two maybe three others. he new it was a slim chance but after all he had just been through ( having his dignity taken by being captured, his boyish good looks by being marked and his friend passing away) he knew he had to take it and "go for the gold" or die trying. As a side note I now know that the impact this situation had on all parties involved and have to say it was mainly my inexperience in the community that led to this happening. It was my first time on the DayZRP servers and I guess i still had the mind set from playing on public servers. I now know what I did was wrong and fully accept any and all punishment related to it
  3. fork42

    S2 NVFL

    Looking back now and seeing everyone eases point of view on the situation I know I should have definitely handled it better. It was my first time on Dayzrp after being whitelisted i now see the where nvfl fits in a role playing scenario and will not make the same mistake again. REDefiant I would love to chat with you next time we are both on t.s and learn how to better myself as a roalplayer in these situations. I never ment for it to come off as an insult on your rp or a "slap" in the face. I am a new here and was just overwhelmed with the whole situation not truly knowing what to expect here as opposed to on the public servers.
  4. fork42

    S2 NVFL

    Hello everyone. First of all I would like to thank all the party's involved for a wonderful first experience in this group. although there were some major hiccups on both mine and Dr.Why's (gordy) part. when we first met up in Vybor it was my first experience meeting people with in the DayzRp community and also my first "hold up" situation so I was unaware what to really expect. the fact that I didn't respond right away about the radio was i missed it in the chat and now know that i really have to pay more attention to the in-game chat. The whole "narcolepsy" aspect that was mentioned was just me coming up with a quick response and an attempt to role play as to why my friend was unresponsive to the whole situation. The moment that we were first confronted was at the exact moment that he was coming back on the server from loosing connection. Although the situation ended an an unfavorable way by my friends new machine having catastrophic failure forcing him to lose connection and log off. I did mention ooc that his computer crashed after an earlier conversation where i stated IG and in character that he might have just fallen asleep by the fire because of his disorder ( in hopes that his computer wouldn't compleatly crash. I was also hesitant to mention anything in chat ooc about his computer having problems due to the fact that i had been searched and did say that i had no radio and was trying to not communicate with him out of game. Once again I am sorry for the unforeseen circumstances that happened as well as my shyness in game ( i was my firs time ) an now know what I have to look forward to in the future.
  5. Hi everyone my name is Garth and I am brand new here. I look forward to getting to know everyone here and hopefully play with some of you (if I can get white listed).