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  1. Not gunna lie the Radio chatter on the new sanctuary discord is making me super sad and it feels like such a bittersweet ending to the original Sanctuary family Thank you @Dragan @HappyPenguin @Defalt and@Firestorm for the amazing times we had in the original sanctuary even though things kinda fell apart at the end and the now somewhat bittersweet ending to the characters. that group was amazing while it lasted the first time around and hopefully it can be even better this time around with some added new blood for the group and a new direction for it ♥

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    2. waavey


      Its was a blast but lets see if the new blood can mix things up and make this group more lively!

    3. Raptor


      Have no fear, you're friendly neighborhood Raptor will always be around for quality RP!


    4. Rose


      @Raptor Sorry no snakes allowed in the group this time :P