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  1. When I'm sitting alone waiting for the rest of my group to get on and hear people and gunshots in town:



  2. Sanctuary

    We had a good run, but Sadly I think we just brought this back a little too early. Staff please /Archive this.
  3. The Tower

    Great RP with you guys today <3 Tons of fun being basically holed up in the tower with shots ringing out around us
  4. Sanctuary

    Welcome @Fidz to the group <3
  5. 20799120_10155489505548956_8686389231825

    My boyfriends mom is literally the sweetest woman ever. She knows I just got home from the hospital two days ago and sent me flowers, truffles (which i sadly cant eat yet) and a card and bear again ♥

  6. Sanctuary

    Roster updated again along with recruitment numbers, Lore update will be coming in the next few days.
  7. I have the best boyfriend, I'm still hurting like hell and cant really get up to cook or grab food for myself, so today he came home during his lunch break and made me food then for dinner made me toast and waffles because that's what I was craving ♥

  8. Fun fact, When you have your gallbladder removed, they basically deflate it and pull it out through a cut in your bellybutton.

    Which then hurts like a mother fucker and bleeds like crazy

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    2. Elmo


      You said it was a fun fact ;-;

    3. Rose


      @Elmo Totally fun, Currently I cant bend over at all. walking hurts, breathing hurts, oh and they incubated me so swallowing hurts.

    4. Rose


      Intubated* bleh cant spell right now

  9. Finally home x.x

    holy fuck my everything hurts though

    1. warmr


      Welcome home! Hope you're alright?

    2. Rose


      @warmr I'm alright, just sore as hell.

      Turns out when they take your gallbladder out they take it through your bellybutton so that's a thing x.x

    3. warmr


      Jeez yeah. my sister went through the same thing, sweet jaysus you must have been in some terrible pain. I'm so glad it went okay.. Time to sit back and relax on pain meds eh?

  10. Surgery went well. Im hurting like a motherfucker but otherwise there were no complications. Heading home today or tomorrow depending on if this pain fades soon or keeps up x.x

    1. Elmo


      Hope it went well, I make status update just for you <: 

    2. RogueSolace
  11. Because of you I am listening to the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat and had 4 nurses singing it in my room. I'm not sure if I should thank you or not.

    1. Tony


      I did it for the beanz... though not really. ^_^

    2. Rose


      It gave me at least some entertainment in the hospital so I guess thanks for that :P

    3. Tony


      My devious plan revealed.

  12. You are banned

    Never will I not give beanz to something done to the tune of any song from Hamilton ♥
  13. So tonight dinner actually looked really good, corn, rice, a couple pieces of broccoli and... Fish

     I have a rather unplesent allergy to fish and shellfish mainly, the hospital knows this and yet in my tray there was fish, i didnt even notice until I cut it and went to take a bite. Thankfully I noticed before I ate it.


    Good news is that my liver infection is gone and all of my levels are back to normalish levels. Which means that hopefully tomorrow morning I go in for surgery then get to come home the following day if there are no complications!


    It will be so good to get home sleep in my own bed and be able to play games on a non potato computer

  14. Someone please come sneak me in real food...

    this was tonights dinner


    the mac and cheeses was a solid mass of gunk and what i assume was cheese had spread through the whole thing ruining the veggies that were once again over cooked.

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    2. Rose


      @SweetJoe Honestly last nights dinner had meat and it was somehow almost as bad as this. Hospital food is just never good.

      And thanks ♥

    3. Mercy


      .................................................... what on earth......... is that even like............ edible?

    4. Rose


      @Mercy It was not. I ate about 2 noodles of it and almost gagged. I ended up having to grab something from the cafeteria downstairs because that whole bowl smelled like death and the cheese had gotten onto everything.

  15. Yay more delays on surgery. 


    I really just want to go home now.

    My arms are all bruised to hell because its hard to find a vein on me, they keep making me fast only to tell me they have to postpone each and every time. Then by the time I am allowed to eat everything except TimHortons is closed so its not even food I can eat because its too high in calories.