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  1. Karma


    Every year I swear that I will plan my book for NaNoWriMo (National novel writing month) well in advance. I always say that I'll make all my notes ahead of time and follow my outline. 

    And every year I find myself sitting here with 48ish hours left before it begins with like a quarter of a outline, a mess of notes that make no sense and do not even come close to fitting together and entirely unprepared for this years round.

    Maybe next year Ill be prepared before hand?

    1. Combat Logo

      Combat Logo

      *looks back at past events.* The past says no.

    2. Karma


      @Combat Logo Have a little faith in me man! I'll totally be prepared next year!


      but probably not because I am terrible at preparing for things.

    3. Combat Logo

      Combat Logo

      >.> If you do not remember your past, you are doomed to repeat it.

    4. Karma


      I still have 46 hours before NaNo officially starts, I can totally get my outline done and notes organized...


      pls send help there's no way i'm getting this done in time.

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