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  1. Karma

    XXXTentacion shot dead.

    Like others have said, if you have nothing nice to say then its better to say nothing at all. No one is forcing you to post on the thread, nothing is stopping you from scrolling past it and pretending it does not exist. There are plenty of famous people that have done some really shitty things and yet their music has also helped people through some rough times. Rather than being constantly negative just scroll on past it is really that simple.
  2. Karma

    Sanctuary (Recruiting)

    I am going through and cleaning it out today, we JUST merged with another group so I there will be updates coming to the thread tomorrow or monday once I get stuff typed up and graphics made. Also we only have one member who is over 2 weeks, and he is busy with RL atm the rest are sitting at at most 2 weeks since they were on last.
  3. Karma


    First day of training done for new job.

    RIP my back though, it is going to be a brutal job to be doing all damn summer

  4. Karma

    Finding a disappeared group (Open Freq.)

    Rose raises a brow hearing the location and picks up her radio. "Not a chance I am heading there. Nothing good has come from that place in all the times I have been there. If you want to meet I suggest lopatino or something around there. No chance I am heading to that factory though." She releases the PTT.
  5. Karma

    Finding a disappeared group (Open Freq.)

    Rose sighs again before picking up her radio once more. "Nothing personal, but after the week I have had I'm not too keen on meeting someone who claims they are looking for some lost group but wont give their name and cant name any of the people in the actual group they claim to be looking for. You have to see how that seems more than a little sketchy." She pauses for a moment thinking before she continues "Listen, I want to help people though right now I don't exactly have a solid set location that is being worked on. If you give me your name we can talk and figure things out, but without at least a name this is entirely too sketchy for my liking." She releases the PTT and goes back scanning the trees around her.
  6. Karma

    Finding a disappeared group (Open Freq.)

    Rose picks up her radio once more sighing before speaking. "Right, you can see how this would come off as a little weird right? That said if you are in need of doctors I need to know your name and you need to let me know where and I can come and help or send someone in my place to do so." She releases the PTT.
  7. Karma

    Finding a disappeared group (Open Freq.)

    Rose scratches the back of her neck for a moment before responding. "Right, do you know where they were ran out from? The names of any of the people with them? I lead a group of doctors myself but like I said there are or were at least a few other groups doing the same so my people might not be the ones you are looking for. Do you have ANY information that might help to narrow it down?" She shakes her head before releasing the PTT
  8. Karma

    Finding a disappeared group (Open Freq.)

    Rose frowns slightly before picking up her radio and pressing the PTT, her voice tired when she speaks. "There were and still are a few doctors traveling, do you happen to remember the name of the doctor in charge? If you do then that would very much help to narrow it down." She releases the PTT and goes back to resting against the wall watching the road for any strangers approaching.
  9. Karma


    Trying to get twitch sub badges done and this is how my night has been so far.


  10. Karma


    Image result for eyeroll gif

  11. Karma




    Raft Shenanigans with @yuthee

  12. Karma

    Rick Moss to Trey Morris

    Rose shakes her head and picks up her radio sighing softly before speaking. "That is what happens when you announce your location and then people start shouting threats over the radio. Also renaming a island when you aren't a local isn't going to be making you any friends either." She releases the PTT and sets her radio back down on the table.
  13. Karma

    Breathe - The Journal of Rose Vardent

  14. Karma

    [Game] Catch someone looking at their own profile!

    @Ender Got you
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