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    I don't really get on here as much anymore, but I wanted to show the little gremlin named Sammy that we adopted.

    It's been hard since we lost Jade, and he reminds me so much of her with some of the little quirks he has. We brought him him a little over a week ago and hes finally starting to really settle in and is so affectionate and talkative.

    Forgive the blurry pictures, he does not like to hold still



    ^These two were the first time he actually laid on me on the couch, he has a weird fascination with supernatural and was very intently watching it with me



    1. Karma


      Meant to say We brought him HOME a little over a week ago

    2. Crows


      There’s no such thing as a weird fascination with Supernatural to be fair, it’s just normal. Nice to hear from you, good wishes to you and Sammy!


    1. Banshee


      Yeah... I wasn't planning on sleeping tonight anyways.

  3. Anyone know what might cause a pc to suddenly blue screen and then just not start back up? It will run for about 5 seconds and then shut down again and keep doing this till i pull the cord on the back and idk what to do.


    Dont know specs off the top of my head but it is windows 7

    1. FalkRP


      I think my brother had something on the lines as this with his PC. Far as I know it was his ram. Maybe that's a start looking there.?

    2. DrMax


      I had that and I found out it was something wrong with my windows 10. I had to get a whole new windows 10 to fix it...

    3. Crim


      Is there an error message? From my personal experience blue screens are usually hardware related, usually a dodgy device driver

    4. Karma



      @Crim it doesnt even boot up long enough to show anything on my monitors. It runs 5-10 seconds with the fans coming on then shuts back down before going into a loop of starting up for a few seconds and goung down till i pull the plug on the back

      @EndeavourRP i will have my boyfriend check that when hes home. I am not touching anything inside myself lol

    5. groovy chow

      groovy chow

      Could be your motherboard/CPU. I'm in need of a replacement myself as it's gotten to the point where prolonged use start overloading it. 

    6. Brayces


      You're caught in a boot loop? Does it error out? Does your Mobo "beep" or anything? How many beeps does it sound off? 

      What error does the BSoD note before it cycles? 

      It could be many things from bad RAM, CPU, PSU, MoBo or OS. :S 

      I got a boot loop once when my GPU fan was enabled for monitoring though I was using liquid cooling so I needed to go into the BIOS and disable GPU Fan monitoring.

    7. Karma


      @-Chow- @Brayces Turned out it was my motherboard, one of my ram slots has finally died. 

    8. Brayces


      Aww, well... New Mobo time!!

    9. Karma


      Issue with that is my motherboard is from 2012ish and they dont make this one anymore apparently, so if I get a new motherboard I have to replace 90% of my computer with it :C Which is just not in the budget right now

    10. Brayces


      OH yeah. Dx I know that feeling.

      I had to replaced my old old MoBo for my new RAM which then I needed to replace the CPU on ... And the PSU... 

  4. I just spent 20 minutes trying to get on the server and getting really frustrated that it kept saying it couldn't find the EXE. Only to remember I installed it on my second hard drive and not my main one.

    Today is off to a great start.

    Also hi yes im back for now at least

    1. Samaritan


      Oops, welcome back.

  5. 12 followers until I do my giveaway!

    Playing overwatch with the boyfriend (when he gets home from work) Random matches till then!


  6. Streaming time ?

    Playing SCP and giving away like 10 games when I hit 250 followers ❤️


  7. Just curious, what is the ruleing on This thread regarding the lore wipe? it seems most people voted yes so is that a thing we should expect or no?
  8. Im okay with some being unbanned, However those who took part in the big ban wave who felt it was alright to attack people personally should stay banned IMO.
  9. Its basically a month and a half till NaNo and I actually have more than half my outline done for it this year.

    I might actually stand a chance this year of having a proper outline and shit ready to go on the first.

  10. WI7JzoJ.jpgrdtpJ1v.jpg6oVDTFT.jpgKTfrsQR.jpgKC6txNi.jpg

    Bought some replacement parts so I could get back into gaming without my shit disconnecting all the damn time, and this is how it arrived. And purolator is trying to tell me it just got damaged in the rain, The box was bone dry and looked like this.

    1. Method


      ....... wow i cant explain that tbh

    2. Brayces



      Hmm ... That's some heavy ass rain. 

    3. Aisling


      Yea looks like water damage and it was left somewhere it shouldnt have been

      Thats how a box looks after it dries when it was soaked

  11. i3jprfV.jpg

    1. Karma


      Me 100%

    2. Ender



  12. Thank you @Ender for reminding me this was a thing ❤️ 


    1. Ender



    2. Karma


      See this video for my reply:


  14. Late night horror streaming, because what could go wrong right?


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