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"It's not about saving the world, It's about surviving it"

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  1. Karma



    seems about right @yuthee

  2. Karma


    Monster hunter time 😄 



  3. Karma


    It was fun but its time for a break, I've let the stress from drama here get to me far far too much and I need to take a step back for a bit.

    Ill be back for .63 maybe but this was looooong overdue.

    Ill still lurk on the forums from time to time and will probably post when im streaming but I've hit my breaking point and its time I went and recharged somewhere else for a little bit.



    (Not making a leaving thread on the off chance that .63 comes out within the next month)

    1. Whitename


      its always a better idea to disengage from drama than get into it

      see u soon

    2. Svenne


      Sad to leave... I complete understand your feelings when it comes to drama och stress.

      I hope to see you back soon! 

    3. EndeavourRP



    4. Malet


      Take a break and come back whenever you feel like it 🙂
      Get burned out by the summer, not some drama.

  4. Karma

    Sanctuary (Recruiting)

    We had a good run but please Archive this.
  5. Karma

    To Rose, about the bar.

    Rose rolls her eyes and picks up her radio. "I never said you could not have a bar, I said we have a bartender already in town and hes a friend so at the end of the day I will chose him over someone who just up and turned tail and ran when trouble popped up a few months back. You decided to have a attitude with me, insult faith a number of times, insult other friends of mine in the town and just be a all around asshat. Maybe if you can show you have changed we can have another conversation, until then no you cant set your bar up in the town without so much as speaking to the people who allready live there first. I made it clear the last time I ran into one of your guys that I did not like you, I gave you the chance then to discuss it with me and you chose to never get in touch, that is on you not anyone else." She releases the PTT and shakes her head.
  6. DrMax

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    What was more emotional, Piper and Alex’s last scene in OITNB or The 100 season finale?

    1. Karma


      S T O P

    2. Whitename


      quite literally everything was more emotional than piper and alex

      their storyline is the worst as well as like every single male storyline

  7. Karma



  8. Karma


    Its too god damned hot to do anything else today so im just going to be playing Staxel and giveing away free shit when I hit 250 followers ❤️



  9. Karma


    +1 for astros, I used to break my headsets every few months and then was gifted Astros like a year and a bit ago now. Only thing I have had to replace is the cord because my cat chewed on it.
  10. Karma

    Unique Faces (1st September 2018)

    Again, it's not that we cant or dont want to, its a matter of timing and what not.
  11. Karma

    Unique Faces (1st September 2018)

    I did consider it actually, its more just a matter of not knowing if I can make it work with timezones. Its still something im considering depending on my free time.
  12. Karma

    Negative Karma [Open Thread]

    Anyone who plays AC;NL and claims they havent done this is a liar. I usually surround their houses in layers of pitfall seeds if its someone I really dont like
  13. Karma


    Made a total of $14 today at work. Got to the first job to unpack and they had done it already, got sent to go help someone else and same situation (though the second customer was rude AF) Third and last job we could have been sent to the guy just never showed up. So my work today consisted of sitting in a car driving all over town until I was dropped off at home because they had no other work for me.

    1. Svenne


      Sounds like a lot of fun... 

    2. Strawberry


      Get a new job

    3. Karma


      @Strawberry Trust me im looking, but I live in a uni town and everyone would rather hire the students apparently. Except for the telemarketers and Ill never do that shit again

  14. Karma

    Sanctuary (Recruiting)

    Welcome @DrMax back, how about you actually stick around this time? and @Dakotaen Always to you
  15. Karma

    Sanctuary (Recruiting)

    He might but I dont