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    My whole mood dealing with bullshittery today

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    1. DarkPengu


      Ew cats

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      @DarkPengu Ew you :P

  4. Karma

    Nearly $200 spent today but 100% worth it. My fave store finally opened in my town and my boyfriends birthday gift to me was shopping :D Thanks to sales I saved nearly twice as much as I actually spent so I would call that successful 

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    It's drawn but hey it works i feel


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    Related image

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    why hello therecute-red-panda-19.jpg.63c0eea0922e993bb56c11d1b26ac50f.jpg

  5. What If i fail the 6th attempt?

    You wont be able to apply again period, since you are only allowed one account on the forums.
  6. Karma

    Also, someone taught my 80 year old Portuguese grandparents how to use snapchat... I keep getting snaps from them and I cant think of a nice way to make them stop, Please send help.


    Edit if anyone thinks im joking:




    Seriously please send help

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    Might be slightly in love with this song right now

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    Going live with LiF: MMO hopefully it is less grindy than the regular Lif Then doing subnautica because that wont terrify the shit out of me at all!

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      I could spend the rest of my life watching this

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    told ya id be back

  9. Karma

    I have the best boyfriend, he knows how stressed I have been because of all the court drama. And just brought me a big thing of reese's pieces icecream to make me feel better ♥