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  1. KOS/Avoid RP 22-02-18 23:20 Server Time

    Wasnt me
  2. Garry Winthorpe

    I was a farmer in chenarus before the brake out. And I am always out for revenge! All I wanted to do was blow up and make history in the farming industry, then act like I didn't know anybody. I have always been a scary guy and this will never change. I eat people, they taste good, and I'm never gonna stop because the meat is so tender. When I see anyone I don't like I always take care of the dirty business. When I was younger my parents called me Danny, I always hated that name, It never fit me. Who would ever want the name Danny! My parents died when I was about 10 and have always been living on my own since their death.
  3. Mick Dodge

    My name is Mick. Mick Dodge. I was born and raised in chenarus. My father was a police officer, and I always dreamed of being one too. When I grew up I was able to be in the police department. I was working when the outbreak was starting. I heard about all the riots. Everyone was so worried about chenarus, they were worried about the world. I was on duty one day, It was a very nice day. The sun was out and the birds were chirping. I felt like my life couldn't get any better. I thought these outbreaks would just disappear in the next couple months, boy was I wrong. I started noticing people were acting very strange that day. The department were getting so many calls about people acting like monsters. I had to go check out one of these complaints, and that's when my life went to hell. I was with my partner, his name was Dylan, and we went to this small farm. All I could see was rotting cattle and the worst smell I have ever smelled before. Me and Dylan walked up to the house and knocked on the door, but no one answered. We were waiting there till we heard a shotgun blast to the back of the house. Me and Dylan went to check it out, and there we saw it. It was a person, they were dead. Dylan went over to check it out. He bent over to see if they were breathing. Then the body reached up and took a huge bite out of Dylan's face. I shot the "zombie" then had to also shoot my partner Dylan as he had the same symptoms as the farmer. As I was going to the department to get help. Everything was quiet. I couldn't find a single person. Except for the walking dead.
  4. Cool Dayz Intro

  5. We found Fiorentino Guvernandi in NWAF and decided to initiate on him. As we were heading towards Lapatino (talking to him the whole way there) his friends started shooting at us. We kept moving and took him into the house seen in the video. That's when we robbed him and left him with a glock (2 clips). I dropped him food and lapatino was close by to get some water. We ran and he started to shoot. We shot back, then started running.
  6. Youtube Video

  7. I do not know who owns those tents and I did not place any of the tents in that area.
  8. I was also looting there about 2 days ago. I took some stuff and had that note in my backpack. I needed more space so I dropped the paper in the tent. I did not move any of the tents to block doors.
  9. When the hold up started I was in the apartment looting. I heard Craig say put your gun on the ground and hands up. So I decided to stay on top of the roof just to make sure the guy didn't have any friends around the area.
  10. I typed 15 minutes but meant 30 minutes.
  11. We were at Vybor military and we saw a guy by himself. So Chris McNair, Ebenezar Cheb, Geno Plotnikov, and I decided to rob him. After this happened Ebenezar Cheb and I ran up towards GM. The other two went to Vybor. We all met up at the town and it was late so we were going to get off. We waited 30 minutes then felt it was safe to log out.
  12. Ban Appeal for Alt Accounts.

    We were playing CSGO together and all changed our name's to match.
  13. Ban Appeal for Alt Accounts.

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): None Why the verdict is not fair: We are not Alt Accounts, just friends from the same town. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: We spoke to Wendsill in the dayzrp TeamSpeak. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To remove the ban. What could you have done better?: nothing
  14. S2 Green Mountain KOS

    I was with Chris at Green Mountain and we heard people in the jailhouse (sounded like a holdup). We were just outside the front door of the jail house until I got shot out of nowhere. I did not see or hear any warnings that i would be shot.