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"Am I a Soup Can that Disco's? or Disco Soup in a Can? Who knows."

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  1. Rest in Spaghetti, Never forgetti.

  2. How many Russian Soldiers can there be. Jesus xD

    1. Watchman


      about 3 fiddy

  3. Ryker Blackburn

    Ryker, Although committing some devious acts, was a good kid and was going toward the path of success. When he was growing up, he always did his school work and home work and that stayed like that for a while. Before Ryker knew it he was going into college and was looking forward to a career in baseball. When he moved into his new dorm and met his new roommate, he immediately went to the sports center of the college and signed up for college baseball. During the tryouts, the first 2 swings he took missed the ball completely, but the last 3 were spot on home runs. they added him to the team as the main batter and, as expected, he basically blew away the competition leaving the score 13 - 2. One day while he was doing push ups in his room, his roommate came in with a bong in his hand. He handed Ryker the bong and said "just take a hit man, this shits real". He took a hit and started to cough, a week later he would smoke with his roommate every/every other day. Sooner than later, the sports center caught wind of it and searched his apartment to find the bong and an ounce of weed that was left by his roommate next to his bed. they not only arrested him but also kicked him off of the team. He tried to get into multiple baseball teams after that but with his record, no one would. Eventually a team emailed him, telling him that there was a professional team that needed a good batter in the next couple of days, the only downside was that it was across the country in Chernarus. When he got to Chernarus via boat, he went to the meeting spot given within the email. When he got there, he was surprised to see that there was no one outside and no cars. He grabbed his bat and walked into the old, abandoned looking warehouse, turned a corner, and felt a pair of arms grab his neck from behind. He struggled out of the arm lock and turned around to see a disgusting looking, homeless man and about 4 others that look the similar. One of them tried to grab him again but Ryker kicked him away and hit him with the bat, leaving him unconscious. He waved his bat towards the people who were lurking in the dark and yelled "If anyone attacks me or follows me, You will have to clean your own brains off the ground!" and ran for his life to the car. When he got there, he drove and drove until he ran out of gas. He now roams the wasteland looking for people to meet and baseballs to hit.
  4. Ey man, I'd egg a man on to kill himself with you any day.
  5. Bratva Media Thread

    Hangin' out with the family.
  6. Greetings everyone.

    Wuddup, Welcome to DayzRP!