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  1. When Mendoza was a small child, his family, except for his brother Cortez, was brutally murdered by a local gang known as the Ocho-Muertos. they kidnapped Mendoza and Cortez and trained them as drug rats to test out the product, but were separated to different parts of the facility. Later on, they fought there way up to 1st and 2nd in command, Cortez being first and Mendoza being second. One day on a mission to blow up an oil pipeline in Chernarus, they planted the bomb on the side of it but before they could escape the chernorussian military ambushed them and cut Cortez off from the group. Instead of trying to save his brother, he blew up the pipeline with him near it anyway, causing Cortez to lose his eyesight. When Mendoza got to his plane to head back to Mexico, they found that the military destroyed it, leaving them stranded. They went inland looking for aircrafts until they came across a shed with a bunch of noise coming out of it. Mendoza opened the door and stepped back slowly as the noise grew. eventually, a bunch of rabid people ran at his gang killing them all except for him. He shot a couple of them before running away back toward the pipeline to look for his dead brother. When he got there, he searched the entire location to not find a single body among the wreckage. He now roams Chernarus looking for his brother and a nice pack of Cuban cigar's
  2. When Wolfgang was a small child he was a very happy kid who had a wonderful family and lived a great life. One day his mother got sick and they brought her to the hospital where she was diagnosed with having stage 4 cancer. The family was devastated but no one was more angry than Wolfgang's father. He became a bitter alcoholic and blamed Wolfgang for her death, causing him to beat Wolfgang. After a while, Wolfgang's father decided to get away from Berlin and move to America. When they got there, Wolfgang started going to a new school where he met a friend in detention who was just about as rebellious as he was. They became best friends almost instantly and protected each other with their lives. One night when Wolfgang had his friend over, his dad walked in while they were playing poker and started yelling at Wolfgang. He punched Wolfgang in the chest causing him to fall back onto the floor. His dad stood above him when Wolfgang's friend smashed a bottle over his dad's head and ran. Years later, him and his friend started pulling small heists to feed them but they never got caught. One day they decided to go bigger and Wolfgang cracked one of the best safe's in the world. They got away with a bunch of diamonds and tried selling them but to no prevail. They were in his small shoe making shop discussing the diamonds when a van pulled up in front of the store and blasted his friend with a shotgun, then drove away. His friend died at that very spot which sent Wolfgang into a spiral of anger and mayhem. In honor of his friend, he met up with the people who shot him to give them the diamonds back and blew them up with a rocket launcher instead. He knew he was going to be hunted down so he took the next plane to Chernarus, a place where he knew they would not find him. He now roams the wasteland looking for things to steal.
  3. When Deacon was born, He was a very laid back and easy going child. He barely kept his parents up at night and was always happy during the day. When he was a kid, he was a below average student when it came to grades and his parents always tried to encourage him to do better, but he never seemed to care for anything. One year, he was introduced to a new class called Spanish Class. Spanish class was by far his favorite class and he got strait A's in it. He didn't know why, no one knew why, but it didn't matter because he was happy. One day when walking home from school with his friend Jeremy when a car pulled up beside him and they both saw an Asian looking man pointing a gun at them and yelling something in what he though to be Japanese and Chinese. The man waved his gun towards the back seat door and aggressively yelled at them in broken english "IN!" Being to scared to deny his request, they both jumped in the car. Jeremy was crying and Deacon was trying to find his way out of this situation when the man turned around and yelled at Jeremy and then Deacon. He pointed the gun and Jeremy and starting yelling the same phrase but neither Deacon nor Jeremy knew the language. Without hesitation, the man yelled one last time and pulled the trigger, shooting Jeremy in the chest leaving him bleeding on the back seat. He then pointed the gun at Deacon and yelled in extremely broken English "OUT! OUT!!" Deacon grabbed Jeremy and pulled him out of the car, then started to yell for help. Multiple people came to help Jeremy but he was already gone. After that experience, Deacon looked towards God to guide him. Deacon started to study multiple languages to try and find which language the man spoke before shooting his friend. Eventually, he had studied 6 Languages and learned all of them mostly fluently and even learned sign language just for the hell of it. When Deacon was 24, he started to look at colleges to go to as a translator and eventually found one that looked suitable for him. When he went for a tour, right before he entered he noticed a poster on the wall with big blue and red words reading "I WANT YOU!" He stopped, tore it off the wall, and drove to the nearest recruitment center. When he got into the army and the CO's told them all to pick a rifle and that will be the rifle they kill with. All of the men walked up, picked up a rifle, and walked back. When the CO turned, he realized that there was still one rifle. He asked Deacon why he didn't pick up a weapon and he told him that he was a religious man and wanted to be a conscientious collaborator. The CO's thought he was crazy but when they found out how many languages he spoke, they accepted him as a translator. On his first tour, they had to capture a man and interrogate him, and they used Deacon as a translator for him. They eventually got all of his information and arrested him. His next tour consisted of a 15 man squadron that had to defend a captive POW from incoming Enemies attempting to free him. They eventually broke through their line and one of the enemies ran strait towards Deacon and slammed him onto the ground. They wrestled on the ground for a while before he started to choke Deacon. Deacon started to fade into unconsciousness when he knew he had to do something drastic. he pulled the mans pistol out of his holster and put it up to his eye. The man yelled before Deacon pulled the trigger. The enemies surround Deacon and capture him. He is held at a torture chamber and tortured for many days but does not give up. Eventually, he started to listen to the guards and figured out their weaknesses and shifts. Eventually, while the guards switched shifts, Deacon knocked out one of the guards by slamming him into the bars, grabbing the keys, unlocking it, and running to the exit. He had to kill about 5 men before running into the desert. Eventually he came across an American convoy and when he asked what they were doing, they said "coming to save you, although having second thoughts." They brought him back to the camp and they sent him away because he knew to much and was a liability if captured again. They sent him to Chernarus, a small country off of russia. When he got there though, it was not how it seemed, there were buildings on fire, people running for their lives, and sick looking people everywhere. He followed his instincts and ran inland away from the big cities. He now travels the country, sharing his knowledge of language.
  4. When Kolton was a kid, He and his twin brother never left each others sides, whether they were playing a game or they were alone, no matter what happened Kolton would never let anything happen to Mason. One day when they were walking home from school, Kolton came around the corner where they usually meet after school and realized that he was on the ground and a bunch of kids were around him trying to take his backpack. Kolton ran over to the kids and immediately pushed one of them to the ground, but before he could even realize what he did there were 5 kids beating and kicking him on the ground. Mason yelled at them to stop but they did not until they saw blood and started to get freaked out and they ran. Mason quickly called their parents on her cell phone and her parents drove down the road and put Kolton in the back seat of the car with Mason. They rushed to the hospital and when they got there, they were shattered to hear that Kolton had two broken ribs and a broken collarbone. Many years later Kolton's parents were met with an unfortunate fate while they were driving to Kolton's Police Academy graduation. Kolton promised Mason that he would take care of him until his last breath and he kept that promise. A couple of years later, Mason and Kolton did not have enough money or income to stay in America and had to move to a different country. They each took a thumb tack, both closed their eyes, and stuck the thumb tacks into a map. They both, by coincidence, chose Chernarus. They gathered enough money to buy a boat and move to Chernarus. When they got there, they noticed a man on the shore where they were starting to dock. They docked, got out of the boat, and asked the man if he was alright, but before Kolton could get a full sentence out, the man turned around and jumped onto Mason. Kolton quickly grabbed the man and seemingly threw him 6 or 7 feet. The man rushed back towards Kolton and he quickly grabbed the fisherman's knife he had and stabbed the man in the eye. The man died and Mason and Kolton ran inland
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  6. How many Russian Soldiers can there be. Jesus xD

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  7. No, It's ok. I understand it was an accident and willing to look past it. I was just heated because I didn't expect it. I can see how he thought I was hostile with the whole shooting near him thing. Thank you guys for replying.
  8. @Jade No but I can assure you I only shot once at a zombie and was walking down the road with my gun down and posed no threat to the man at all. He did not even let me speak before shooting me. My RP Character is not only Non-Hostile, but I wasn't even facing the direction of the man when he shot me. Hell, I was looking for my mute sister when I was shot, Doesn't sound very dangerous, does it?
  9. Report #47 S1 EU - 07/12/17 N/A - Invalid Kill Server: S1 EU Date: 07/12/17 Time: N/A Rule breaks: Invalid Kill Your in game name: Kolton Devlin Allies: Enemies: Have you attempted to speak with the involved parties on TeamSpeak about the report?: No Evidence: Description: I was in Stary and my friend just went AFK. I had logged off to go and do something for a couple of minutes and I then got back onto the server. I started to walk down the road, Gun down, no threat. I shot a zombie on the road and kept walking with my gun down, When a guy comes out of the shed to my left and just lights me up with an entire mag by the sound of it. That is the best description I can give as I barely even saw the man that shot me or even knew he was there. He did not say anything all I knew is that I was shot in the back.
  10. Ey man, I'd egg a man on to kill himself with you any day.
  11. Disco Soup Can

    Bratva Media Thread

    Hangin' out with the family.
  12. Disco Soup Can

    S1 / RDM in Vyshnoe / 11/10/16 00:52 (Aprox)

    POV: I was in Stary waiting for a friend Jango when a couple of guys walk into Stary. 2 of them were named Mason and Kyle, the other I did not know. I talked to them and eventually they went away, about 5 mins later they come back we continue to talk until Jango got here. Jango told Mason that he shot some men at Lonely House and asked him if he wanted to come with me and Jango to see if whoever he shot was still alive or not. When we get there I raised my weapon and told Mason not to move, drop his weapon, and put his hands up. We bring him into the house, I took some milk and a bag of rice. When we were done we told him to lay down and count to 10. He started counting and we started running and before he hit 10 he ran outside. I turned around to see him run outside and get the gun that I threw in a bush. I saw him and opened fire, he returned fire, we ran. When we were at Vyshnoy, Jango and I changed clothes and waited. 2 of our friends started to come down to Vyshnoy and we were talking to them Via Radio when they told us 3 guys started tailing them. We quickly got into position and waited, Our 2 friends Mason and Dr. Karl walked past the houses we were in, causing the now 2 people to follow them past our houses. They were talking when all of us heard Stop and I was told Via radio that one of them raised their weapon at Mason and Karl. Mason and Karl started walking away when they kept going after them. Karl started running and shortly after so did Mason and they continued to chase them. that was when Mason turned around and shot one of them. The other ran up a hill, I came out of hiding in a house and opened fire on the man running up the hill when I saw a sniper get up and move. I opened fire on the sniper and he shot me until I was unconsious. Later I woke up and ran into a house, quickly bandaging myself. I heard over the radio that one of us needed help so I ran to the green house shown in the video and saw a man on the stairs. I asked over the radio if he was hostile and I got an overwhelming amount of yes's. I started taking shot when he ran and started yelling. I stopped shooting when I noticed one of the men with his hands up and the other begging and yelling at me to stop shooting. I told him to put his weapon on his back and they won't get hurt. I stood there for about 20 more seconds and then I heard a shot and I saw a man in front of me get shot. I then got shot in the head by the sniper.
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