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  1. Last Saturday Night/Sunday Morning -- Ran into the gamblers or should I say they found me in my pipe! Either way, Johnny gave me a Gamblers wrap, don't know what this means for me but now maybe Alexander won't be lonely anymore. [video=youtube]
  2. It actually happens to me quite frequently even when the server is still up. I open up the console using Ctrl+tildkey (~) and paste this in -serverconnection.resetmovelist() It seems to work, sometimes I have to do it a couple times in a row but eventually my character gets back on track.
  3. Do you know of a way to keep from character animation from freezing. I can only travel so far till my character just dead-stops on the screen. I am forced to re-connect to start playing again.
  4. Thank you Shiro! I really like your group page for LIF but I wanted to go more of a peasant character as it will probably suit me more. That and I don't know to much about these kind of time periods. I will probably add "cringy"ness to this game but I am sure I will get better.
  5. First time logging on today and character kept freezing in place. Thought I was doing something wrong lol.
  6. Congratulations Roach, you can tell you worked really hard on every video you produced.
  7. H1Z1 would work if it was done right, but at the end of the day there would probably be more reports on the forums lol.
  8. You left me!!! Why??!?! But I am glad you enjoyed your experience, I like meeting new friendly people like myself.

    Life is Feudal server is open

    I have seen reviews about this game and from what I have seen, people have said that its really early access and with the price they have set it is not worth it. Reviewing from what you guys have done in the RP server is it any good for the price its at now?
  10. Found one at green mountain on top of one of the towers, looked up and saw the paper. I bet someone grabbed the ammo out of a box they had... but none the less I went up and checked it. It said "Don't Look Down"
  11. CODEHX

    Screenshot of the Week Contest - Dusk/Dawn

  12. Bravo!! Bravo!! That was beautiful, wish I could of met the character!
  13. Does anyone know of a time-frame this might be coming out? Will it take as long as the last patch to go to stable. Opinions please?
  14. This is a great idea Credidred. I would not mind the clipping cause I think its bound to happen with certain ideas.
  15. I tried to feed one a banana one time, it just got more pissed off at me!