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  1. Mutant

    How many time did you died in the last month?

    'Only' twice, one time trying to free a hostage and the guy emptied an akm drum mag into my foot round a corner. Loving the super realistic gameplay DayZ
  2. Mutant

    S2 , Meta-Gaming/NVFL , 07/02/16 @ 9:15

    As far as I was concerned and knew from some traders I came across who had also met you prior your characters had something of a screw lose as it were hence one can hardly blame me for having doubt as to what your intentions were and during rp, your fellow bandits made it clear to me that I was not going to be set free anytime soon hence it was not something of a concern to try and dodge your shots as it were as in the moment I didn't really have much of a chance to think through every single minor detail of my escape as I'm afraid I am only human. I much appreciated the RP that did occur but by nature my character, as you can feel free to read my application, has no desire to stay in such a situation that is life threatening and has no military background hence neither myself or my character had the capability to think through how to counter the shots fired at me as for your comrades having raised weapons I'm afraid I did not see this at the time hence I apologise for not thinking it through assuming I had more time than expressed.
  3. Mutant

    S2 , Meta-Gaming/NVFL , 07/02/16 @ 9:15

    As mentioned before I had made an escape as soon as uncuffed firstly to gain something of a head start as it were and as I'm sure can be confirmed I ran in the direction of the woods close by in an attempt to possibly lose them as I felt it was unrealistic to do so along a main road or up a hill to our right and hence if I wasn't shot I would have a better chance in my opinion. As for my chances in a fight it provided me with the chance to attempt an escape from my restraints and if I were to lose to a man who had already hit me in the head twice and furthermore one could pressume had more experience than I, they had told me they would put a bullet in my head. So I felt my chances of living through this deal were bleak.
  4. Mutant

    S2 , Meta-Gaming/NVFL , 07/02/16 @ 9:15

    Purely speaking for myself as I did not believe it to be an issue I have no such material I'm afraid. (Apologies for forgetting to quote Ellie).
  5. Mutant

    S2 , Meta-Gaming/NVFL , 07/02/16 @ 9:15

    In reference to your *frisking* as mentioned before, communication with them was cut prior to that to aid RP, and my chances in the fight which provided no garrauntee of living and rather suggesting you intended to further torture my character; escape was my main priority henceforth any chance to escape was reasonable for anybody in that situation with a sane character to play and as for running to cover either way being chased by 3 men with guns with nobody nearby to aid me in the situation no direction was a "good" direction and I feel at this point you are nitpicking at the situation which has no major significance to furthering either of our characters and is no sinificant breach of any rules.
  6. Welcome to the community mate! Always a pleasure to get new people on and look forward to seeing you in Chernarus, good luck out there
  7. Mutant

    S2 , Meta-Gaming/NVFL , 07/02/16 @ 9:15

    I'm afraid as the person in question I don't quite understand the issue. First of all I would like to make it clear that it is only my 2nd day of being involved in roleplay hence I apologise if I provided insufficient roleplay on that grounds. As for when roleplay first innitiated I did in fact stop and introduce myself to the entire group and since I did not hear any further replies I presumed you did not wish to continue the situation and went on my way. Throughout your time following me I was fully compliant with the situation replying to everything that you asked so I feel in that case it was also not an issue. As for the hostage situation being confronted by 4 armed men I felt my character without any military background would attempt to escape from the situation when you told me I would spar for my life against one of you and therefore felt this was the most effective way of playing out the situation in terms of realistic roleplay. As for being on TS I was on with the people I wanted to meet up with to confirm their location whilst on my travels with the conversation otherwise being completely OOC so was irrelevant to the game and as they will tell you I left for a while whilst speaking with you to prevent any distractions. Henceforth neither do I believe believe this jeopardises my characters VFL or does it come under metagaming as of the aforementioned reasoning hence both I would argue are false claims and a waste of the staffs time. (I have no intention to make any further remarks unless asked to by forum staff not involved in the situation to sustain report formality).
  8. My apologies for the atrocities that are the structuring issues behind it however thank you very much for said comments. I'll see to making it less daunting as for the sake of the reader. But otherwise it was accepted last night hence I very much look forward to meeting you all!
  9. This is my first attempt at a character background so my apologies for any rough parts or gaps in it that need to be addressed. Although this is primarily present as an extended version of my application any feedback or details you would add are greatly appreciated. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dennis Mattey was born in Surrey, in the south of the UK, July 1987 into the somewhat problematic family consisting of himself and both his parents. He is a caring and thoughtful character who strives to aid those in need and stand by his fellow family, friends and survivors willing to show a kind and open attitude in return. Dennis saw little of his mother and father together as a young child, if not at all due to his father dedicating the majority of his life to his work as an investment banker in London so was very close to his stay at home mother when growing up becoming extremely fond and close to her when growing up contributing to a development of a caring and protective attitude to those close to him and any willing to show such friendly intentions in return however as of the lack of a father figure in his early stages he shows little resemblance in character and naturally feels hostile towards those who would put themselves first over others. In school he strived to be the greatest he could be at everything he did with great skills in regards to social skills and a degree of peacekeeping in regards to his friendships and attitude of compliance towards authority figures and as a consequence went through school with ease and came out with a respectable level of GCSE’s and A levels and continues onto university and gaining a BSc honours degree in paramedical science he trained and applied to become a paramedic for the NHS. However after a while came to the conclusion as of the pressure and stress that resulted from his occupation he would seek work elsewhere where he could concentrate more on looking after and observing patients in a more calmed and to an extent more methodical manner so decided to join the Red Cross and started to work in the fray of the Ebola Crisis in Sierra Leone, July 1914 helping to study the symptoms and develop treatment of the Virus in the few months he was involved. However this swiftly came to an end when Dennis was re-deployed to Chernarus on the 21st of October largely uninformed and unaware of the severity of the turmoil he was being tossed into furthermore without the knowledge of how quickly reality for him would be torn piece by piece by the monstrous corpses he sought to protect the desperate refugees from. Soon after setting up shop in Elektrozavodsk he was forced to go back to the job he had attempted to escape, that which involved the gore of dragging corpses operating table to attempt to stop the infection from spreading and recruiting yet another drone to join the increasing hordes that were ravaging the country. A few days in alongside a few other aid workers and UN peacekeepers who had decided that it wasn’t worth being ripped apart he travelled alongside the refugees north along the coast just before the city fell to the undead and eventually made it drenched in the blood of the failures of his research and attempt to help others in the form of their dark blood to a heavily fortified camp on the 1st of November just north of Svetlojarsk in a last ditch attempt to help those left the carnage that was the fall of the south and the majority of the east coast. Although he did not have high hopes as to where his efforts would take him he knew he had to do all that he could to survive and keep those around him going to fight for what he believed to be the human race itself.
  10. Thank you, In that case if it means not having to cut too much I shall attempt your recommendation of referencing it from elsewhere and hopefully it should be acceptable on the terms of those reviewing it (however I am not sure how that would effect the 'required wordcount' on the whitelist application).
  11. The rapid response and advice is much appreciated however I am unfortunately unable to locate said box hence I shall attempt the latter. Thank you very much and I hope to put it through soon.
  12. Sorry if this is just me being ignorant, but I am writing my Character Background description for the whitelist application however it doesn't fit in the box available capping at 2000. I would simply like to know if there is any way around this issue or any alternatives to putting through my character description as I ideally would like to keep the majority of the description to present my character concept and knowledge of the lore to an acceptable extent. My apologies if this is an inconvenient place to ask as I can ask on teamspeak tomorrow however I am eager to submit is as soon as possible and get involved in the server. Kind regards, -Mutant
  13. Thanks very much I'll make sure to get well aquatinted with everything prior to starting up.
  14. Mutant

    What type of Role play do you prefer?

    As of my terrible aim I'm not much of a bandit or what not but no hero either. I prefer just generally helping people out doing random favours usually as a medic in exchange for food or ammo, however many a pvp servers have I had my head blown in for it so it's maybe not the most practical play style. It may mean you don't get the rush of a good 'ole firefight but it's a great feeling just to help a fellow survivor out.
  15. Hey, just a quick introduction, I'm Mutant (or mutant816 if you want to be specific) and I'm really looking forward to getting involved with the community. I'm no stranger to Dayz and a complete sucker for great RP ? I haven't yet gotten round to going through with the whitelist application but I have some great ideas for some characters and hopefully I can get to know everyone on the forums first to experience the great community I've heard so much about!