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    HUZZAH! The artist is back!
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    Gonna try to hop in game later today

  3. Video Games (Like you didn't see that coming) Hiking Soda Scavenging Being taught new things Gun Fights Explosions Being yelled at Tension Complete loneliness Just your average American college student. Time just happened to not be on his side. From being stuck in German when the outbreaks starts, to making the rather poor decision to make the attempt to hike to the Pacific ocean by way of crossing Russia. Though life has made it hard, he hasn't been alone. He met a man along the way that took him in while he was at his lowest moment, and brought him back from being in an arms reach of death. From teaching him to shoot, to being what looked like the one real light left in the world, you could say the man was more of a lighthouse in the dark for him. Conflict rises, and in an attempt to fix the issue explodes, quite literally, and leaves the mass majority of both groups dead, and the few survivors injured. With burns along his left shin, lower back and left side, just under his ribs, and his left hand; he is very much lucky to be alive. When he finally can move, with the help of an engineer that was lucky enough to not be at the meeting, he follows the path of his leader. Along the way, he leave the engineer, feeling like he's just weighting the man down. His limp is bad enough, he shouldn't be weighing him down. Now, he's alone, walking along the shore of Chernarus, just letting the days meld together. Life is nothing like it used to be.
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    Potius Cras

    Well, I'm back, so I should be able to be back on more frequent this week and onward. Work is being a little more leanent coming up, hope it stays like that.
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    Potius Cras

    @Elk I'll agree with Gary, Life's hit us like a bag of bricks. I'm working 5 days a week, training new people and doing the stuff new trainy's can't do because it would become a dumpster fire if they did. Hey man, I understand you want to see the groups be active, but life should take priority first, and then the rp. You can't enjoy it if your forcing yourself to play and stressing over "Oh, can I cram an hour into rp before work, or an hour before bed." Though, let me ask... seems that, um... a certain someone hasn't been on in.... about 5 months? Just point fun, all I'm saying is life is getting busy, but we'll be back in full force soon. ALSO @Oisin , welcome to the group, forgot to put it in here. (Always wanted to use that gif, huzzah)
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    Potius Cras

    You stay safe out there. Your always welcome in our channels. And you have to still play overwatch with me and Gary, who else would Gary carry to a higher ranking?
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    Potius Cras

    You are always welcome to hop in our channel if you wanna talk. I hope you the best of luck as you roam the great wasteland.
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    Capax Infiniti (Serious Recruitment Only)

    Well hot damn, Rogue's leading her own group. I remember back when you first started. You've come a long way. Now if only I could actually meet you in game.
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    Cya Staff!

    Well damn, it's sad to see such a good staff member step down. I hope like doesn't kick you too hard man.
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    Potius Cras

    Ironically enough, we've known about the irradiation, and we've been making the prep work to go in, though we have yet to actually enter the place. We know the hazards, but have yet to go IN to the place.
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    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    When your LSD trip takes a bad turn. I love it 10/10
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    Propaganda Broadcast Pt 2: Skintakers and Mountain Men

    *He grits his teeth, before pressing down on the ptt.* "We do not kill children, and we do not steal. We ask, and we trade for it, as is our protocol. But, you want to meet, I'll meet you. I want to see your evidence. You'll be hearing from me soon." *He lets go of the button. It's a trap... had to be, it had every sign of one. He just wanted to stop hearing the man's nonsense squeal on his radio like an alarm clock.*
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    Propaganda Broadcast Pt 2: Skintakers and Mountain Men

    *Logan flips through his notes, and thoroughly read them over, before reaching over for his radio. He presses down on the ptt, clearing his throat.* "These claims you've made... I've checked over every report and there is no logs of any children even being met... This would be a surprise considering I haven't even seen in children in this country. And trust me, there would be records, it's a part of what we have to do. So either this was a frame job, or you're lying out your ass, my friend." *He grins.* "There's also an important thing to note... Why would we do such a thing... If you die, then the samples are useless... So why would we kill someone, let alone children. You can't find a cure if the person who may have the possible key to curing it is dead. What logic would that follow?" *He lets go of the button, before setting the radio down.* "Who would kill children anyways? That's just heartless..."
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    Potius Cras

    Because... work sucks and it's like the best time for us all to get on. I mean, guess we could try and pull an all nighter... idk ._.
  15. This character is ALIVE //This character is KOSable. You may kill this character upon seeing her. Declassified information on Volt: Alexandra 'Volt' Harven is one of The Corporation's operating electrical engineers. Hired early on to help map and wire the power grid for the main base that most activities would be controlled from. Following that, 'Volt' was sent out with other on Team 4's convoy, sent down to the area to help start setting up a electrical supply for the operators station in South Zagoria. The convoy was separated, splitting 'Volt' from operators 'Hammer' and 'Termite' and chased into an old logging camp. It would take time before Team 6 to arrive to get her free from the horde that had chased the sound of broken and destroyed metal. Never the less, she continued on down with two members of Team 6, 'Greyhound' and 'Copper' before being dropped off at a railroad station that would lead her past a town called Sinistok. Now it's up to her to find out what the hell is going on, put a boot up someone's ass, and get the power going, because she know's these people don't know how to do it.
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    For The Record

    *He presses down on the button, after having to retrieve the radio.* "Yes... I'm doomed... *He lets out a chuckle as he scratches his head.* You make me quiver in my boots, you know? You know what, fine, I'm doomed, I'm doomed if I fall by your hands, and I'm doomed if I fail my job so spectacularly that it would make a ceo shudder. But hey, details right? You know... You sound like a man that would be interesting to talk to at a bar... but instead you've been attacking us, for what you believe is right, and we have to take steps accordingly... I'm sure one day this blood shed will end, but for now, I got work to do, notes ain't going to write themselves. Now, you have a nice day, and don't let that carrier bite you or get any of his 'fluids' in you, might not be as fond of him when it's all over." *He lets go of the button, looking down at the orange fuzz ball on the floor.* "Do you think I look good in red?" *The kitten tilts his head, making him smile.* "Yeah... not runway worthy."
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    For The Record

    *He grins as he listens, so their name is The Damned, good to know. He's tempted to say nothing, but his name got called out, so it seems that it's time to respond to this. His thumb presses down on the PTT.* "New lies? Hehe, well now, at least it seems that I'm fashionable enough to be recognized. Now, lets get one thing clear... We are here to be diplomatic first, and hostile as a last resort. And if this is a case of putting things on the table, then I'll say it. You, and your people, came after us. Even after several run ins, we still opted to not return the hostilities because that is not our objective... Then you ATE one of our operatives, and let a carrier bite another. He suffered for days, and we had to put him down so he wouldn't suffer a moment longer. For a group of people to sit on a high horse, you are more than happy to let a cannibal eat people and a carrier spread the disease that has caused the break down of the country's government..." *He groans, rolling his arm, groaning from the pain.* "Now... We don't want to fight... A fight is not what we were sent here for, but this has drawn the line... Watching that man suffer, to see that... we're more than willing to break a policy for that. And hey, I hear a voice of a man that threw the lives of everyone that worked with him to Anarchy... Now, I'm tired of this, I'm tired of being associated with Aegis's actions, I'm tired of people barking at me that I'm the monster that walks the earth... When I've seen the things certain pockets of the populas has does. There are good people here, and then there's scum... We'll help the good, we'll hand out food and I'll patch up the hurt, but... *Chuckles.* Looks like the people who pushed away the UN's help would gladly do the same to our offer to help. So.. The Damned as you've called yourselves... That carrier is going to doom you, as well as everyone else in this country with that virus, it's all a matter of time." *He takes his thumb off the radio, before throwing it across the room. Damned... We got a name, and they seem more than happy to keep this up. Well, just another day in country.*
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    Announcement for all people looking to stay alive in this world (Open Frequency)

    *He grins, as the kitten tumbles into the bowl trying to get the last drop of milk. He presses down on the button, chuckling before clearing his throat.* "Ahhhh, a doctor, it would be good to discuss with another medical professional... The field is not the best place to save lives, but it keeps me on my toes. But, to say I don't know would be.... mostly correct... I do know it will evolve, everything evolves, from animals to bacteria, the thing is, how long will it take? 5 years, 10, 100? But it will, time is the factor that must be put into question." *He lets go of the button, as the kitten meows at him, putting his front paws on his boot.*
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    Announcement for all people looking to stay alive in this world (Open Frequency)

    *He chuckles, not that he never heard about, but it brings him back. He pushes down on the PTT.* "I have experiences a similar incident in Stary when an orange truck brought a horde upon me... It was the day Anarchy was moving from Lop to Novy... That was not a fun time." *He lets go of the button, chuckling again.*
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    Announcement for all people looking to stay alive in this world (Open Frequency)

    *He sturrs up the powdered milk in the glass of water. May not be real milk, but it will work. He pours it into a bowl and sets it on the ground, before walking back to the radio. He'd chuckle at the claim of immunity, as he picks up the radio, and presses down on the button.* "That... is why evolution is a thing. Viruses can evolve and mutate, finding a way to beat the immunity, or in a better since, find a way to beat the body's white blood cells. Immunity is not some catch all that makes you never susceptible to getting the virus. Your white blood cells have found a way to fight the virus off. In turn, the virus has to evolve or risk dying out. It's not that they won't turn, it's that... until that virus has found a way to get past that hurdle, they got a a better chance than others. Once the rest of us who aren't as lucky as them die or turn, the virus will fix that issue, and they will not be immune any more." *He chuckles, looking at the kitten.* "I do like the debate... Used to find the radio boring ma'am." *He'd let the button go, leaning on the table.* *He'd cut his radio break short, just to respond to the man.* "So... you are assuming that I am one of the people discussed over this frequency? One of these 'blood bandit's'?" *He didn't state that he was one... The man must be a lucky guesser... or he's not alone in this house.*
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    Announcement for all people looking to stay alive in this world (Open Frequency)

    *He sits in a chair, wrapping his shoulder with the bandages, as he listens to the radio sitting on the table. A orange fluff ball pads his way over and knocks it off the table, getting an eye roll from him.* "You're lucky your cute, Agent Orange.... Even luckier that you weren't hit with one of those bullets last night." *This receives a curious mew, and makes him chuckle. He reaches down and groans, picking up his radio. He shifts in his chair, pressing down the ptt.* "I agree with the woman... Blood bandit is not very creative... Now, I've been listening to the talk on this radio for a couple days, and to me, there was some meaningful conversations about morality and about what people view as good and evil, but now it has devolved to ideal back and forth... I'd like to pose a better question to get everyone to think... about their safety... Look at the people around you... One of them could be a carrier... a person just like you and me, but in them is the virus... The thing that has made people attack each other, that has been taking lives... that has forced people to killed loved one's just to not watch them suffer... Tell me this, do you feel safe that if that person next to you is a carrier, that they can infect you with the virus at any moment, and that it could evolve to surpass any immunity that people have started to get to it... Food for thought..." *There's the sound of purring, as the orange fluff hops onto his lap.* "I think that's my cue to make dinner..." *He lets go of the button, setting the radio on the table, before picking up the kitten.* "Yus~ Yus it's dinner time.~" *He chuckles as the purring gets louder.*
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    Potius Cras

    I remember hearing about the initiation, but hearing this has change my thoughts on it. I'll make sure to talk to the ones involved in it, and I apologize that it wasn't as good as it should of been. Don't you worry, there's going to be head smacking going on. I do hope that our paths cross again, I'll make sure the experience could be more satisfactory. Also... I won't let them carry handcuffs next time. Actually maybe make that a rule.
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    The Corporation [Open Frequency]

    *He sits back against the wall, his mask on the ground, and Agent Orange asleep on his lap. He hears his radio, and for the longest time, he doesn't respond, before slowly reaching down and plucking it off his hip. He pressed down on the ptt. His voice is tired, and his eyelids are heavy as he talks.* "Wolverine reporting... We are... currently set up shop of the night... Resting... Two operators have died... Cinder was captured and murdered... Triceratops turned and had to be put down... We have made steps towards alliances... But we taken heavy hits in moral... But from it... I feel we have bonded in some sort of way... I will say this, you're in for a hell of a ride." *He slowly clicks his radio off, wiping his eyes. He isn't crying, but the feeling is there... lingering for a moment before passing.*
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    The Mountain Men

    Make this group official, it's a fucking crime that they aren't!
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    The Potius Cras Corporation Media Thread

    K9 in the dog house *Bu dum tisk* With Rose and the Mountain Men. Talking about their 'Brokeback Mountain' adventures The Mountain Men. God, so rugged. Team Potius Cros and Mountain Men, TEAM UP! Takes Triceratops to his final resting place. Our final salute to our bad ass Operator Coming together, for him