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  1. Potius Cras

    Look at all these new people to work with... and to keep from dying... Just kidding, been great playing with all you. Love being the head medic.
  2. The Silent Brother - Isaac Anderson

    March 21, 2017 The plane cabin is lit, though the dark night sky that surrounds them does help that slow feeling of tiredness to creep up on you. Isaac sits in his seat, looking out the window as the plane flies over the Atlantic Ocean. He sighs out weakly, his eyelids getting a little heavy, when he feels someone lean into him on his left. He glances over to see it’s Amanda, the headphones pushed up a little on her head as it rests against his arm. He chuckles weakly, moving his right arm in as he pushes her up, to move the armrest to sit up right between the seats so it doesn’t dig into her side. “Stop moving… big dummy…” She grumbles out, as he wraps an arm around her. Her head presses up against the side of his chest, as she scoots closer. “I know how you get if you don’t sleep.” He says with a chuckle, pulling her headphones off and setting them in the bag on the floor. “Have to make sure your comfortable.” “Shhhhhh….” She gives his left leg a smack. “Pillows don’t talk…” It’s clear by her voice that she’s on the verge of falling asleep. He smiles weakly, gently rubbing her shoulder as her eyes start to close. The cabins quiet, most of the other passengers keeping to themselves. “Isaac?” Amanda’s voice comes in soft for a moment, as she looked up a him. “Yeah Amanda?” He looks back down at her. “If anything happens… You’re the best brother a sister could ever have.” She say, before yawning a little. “Getting all morbid on me now?” He says with a grin, rustling her hair a little. “You never know… Might as well make sure you know.” She says, before closing her eyes, going quiet. “Love you too… Amanda…” He says with a yawn, closing his eyes as he lays his head back on the seat. “Love… you too.” They both slowly drift off to sleep, as the plane keeps its course, heading for France. From there, one long road trip to their grandparents. Amanda pressed up against him, her arms hooked around his stomach, as he keeps his left arm around her back.
  3. The Silent Brother - Isaac Anderson

    Making Plans https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-3316/ <---- Character Page May 11, 2017 Isaac leans back into his chair, looking at the pamphlet in his left hand as his right hand holds a phone to his ear. His eyes glance up to the clock in his room, the seconds slowly ticking by, 10 PM. “Yeah… No, no, don’t worry grandma, I’ll make sure we get there safely.” He sets the pamphlet down. It’s for a rehab center, as he turns around in his chair. “I know, but this is what she needs… And we won’t be around for her to try and use… She needs help…” He gets up, starting to pace the room, not even out of his uniform yet. “I’m sure Amanda will be excited to see you, she misses you two.” He says with a chuckle. “She knows… we’re leaving in a week… I’m going to send mom there tomorrow… Yeah, it’s all been paid for…” He sighs a little, scratching his beard. “Guys, I’m going to the theater with some friends. I’ll be home before midnight.” Amanda’s calls out, from the living room. “Amanda!” The slurred voice of their mother comes from the other side of the apartment, and the sounds of drunken, uncoordinated footsteps move from her bedroom to the living room. “Oh no… Grandma, I’ll call you back in the bit, okay?... Okay, love you too. Bye.” He says, hanging up and setting the cellphone on his desk, picking up the pamphlet and putting it in his back pocket, and he steps out into the living room. Amanda stands near the door, as their mom comes in, a bottle of scotch that’s half empty in her left hand. “Amanda, your not going to g-go out and spend m-my money!” She says, walking up to Amanda with a drunken glare. “Mom! I’m going to the movies, I’m even using my own money.” She protests, as starts to slip into her jacket. “Amanda A-Anderson! I am your mother, and you will listen to me!” Their mother yells, Amanda recoiling ever so slightly from the alcohol on her breath. “Mom! You can’t st-” Amanda gets cut of as she gets slapped across the face. She reaches up, holding her face, the looking shocked. “You will listen to me!” She rears her hand back for another smack, but it’s grabbed out of the air. “ISAAC! LET G-GO OF ME RIGHT NOW! THIS IS MY HOUSE AND YOU WILL LISTEN TO ME!” Isaac turns her around, to look at him. “Ashley… Go sit down.” It’s become a normal for him to just say her name. Some would call it disrespectful... he's does it because it's easier to get her attention with her name when she's like this. Reluctantly, she goes to the couch, taking a swing straight from the bottle before falling back onto the couch. Isaac turns his attention to Amanda, looking at her face. “I don’t think it left a mark.” She just looks at him, trying not to tear up. He smiles weakly at her. “Hey… I’ll handle this… Just go enjoy yourself okay?... I’ll make sure your awake to see her off.” “Isaac… I hope this works…” She says, zipping up her jacket. “Are you sure you don’t want me here? You know how mom is.” He shakes his head. “You got to enjoy yourself, and she’ll just go to bed… Now go enjoy yourself.” He watches her walk towards the door. She opens it, before looking back at him and waving goodbye, and he returns the wave. With that, she’s out the door. He turns his attention to his mother, walking over and sitting on the couch next to her. “Mom… You have a problem…” “No I don’t Isaac…” She tries to get up, but he puts his hand on her shoulder, keeping her there. “Mom… You haven’t worked since I was 17… I’m 25 now…” He looks at her, before pulling out the pamphlet. “I’ve been working two jobs to keep us here…. But we can’t do this anymore. The land lord’s been working with me… He’s let me pay rent late when you steal the rent money to get booze… He watches the front door to make sure you don’t go out when I’m at work and get yourself hurt… but this has to stop.” He puts the pamphlet in her hands. “I know… Dad’s death took a toll on you… but you can’t just drown it all away…” She just looks at the pamphlet, it’s for a rehab center in New Jersey. “Y-Y-You can’t drop this on me… I-I can’t let you two…” “I’ve alright talk to the land lord… and he’s agreed to hold the room for us… Me and Amanda are going to see Grandma and Grandpa for the summer… and when we get back in August… Your rehab should be over…” He looks at the floor. “Amanda needs her mom back… S-She needs to have a mother that isn’t drunk all the time.” Tears roll down her cheeks, as she puts her head in her hands. “I-I’m… So sorry Isaac. I’ve been a terrible mother.” He wraps an arm around her, and she leans into his chest, crying into him. He smiles weakly, wrapping his arms around her, gently rocking her. “I know mom… I know… I understand.” He says weakly, gently petting her head.
  4. Potius Cras

    It's times to do some medicine and 'research'... yes... research...
  5. The Silent Brother - Isaac Anderson

    May 21, 2017 Isaac adjusts the duffel bag over his shoulder, holding a cup of coffee with his left hand as he looks out the airport window as he feels a tap on his shoulder. It’s Amanda, with a backpack, looking up at him. “Hey, I’m going over to that store and buy a set of headphones.” She turns and points to a small electronics store that’s probably for anyone who forgot something and don’t have the time to go back home and get it. He raises an eyebrow at her. “Mhmmmm, and what happened to your old headphones?” He takes a sip from his coffee. “They… broke…” She says, her eyes glancing away. “Mhmmmmm…” “Hey, don’t judge.” She says with a huff, crossing her arms in a sassy way as she looks up at him. “Okay… You meet me here in five minutes. They’re going to be calling us to board any minute.” “Ten minutes.” She says with a grin. “Three minutes.” He grins back, taking another sip of his coffee. “Hmmmmm….” She mimics scratching a beard, tapping her foot. “Five minutes.” “Deal.” He says with a chuckle, offering his hand and she shakes it, before she walks off to the the store. As he watches her, his eyes catch someone watching him. A woman, early 20’s, Caucasian, long brunette hair, blue eyes. She sits in one of the chairs near a terminal for another plane, heading for Seattle. Isaac shrugs it off, turning back around to look out the window, watching a plane land. He shifts his shoulder, putting the duffel bag at his feet. After a couple of moments, someone walks up to stand next to him. “Hey~ Ummmm… Where are you flying to?” It the woman that was looking at him. “Oh… Ummm.” He looks at her, shifting a little on his feet to face her. “Um, going to Chernarus… Going to see Grandparents… you know.” His tone isn’t uneasy, but it’s easy to tell that he doesn’t know what to say to further the conversation. “That’s sweet~ And who’s the girl with you? Is she your girlfriend?” She says, rocking on the balls of her feet, glancing back at the store. Amanda stands at the counter, paying for a set of noise cancelling headphones. He shakes his head. “No… Little sister.” He doesn’t look back at his sister, his eyes glance back at the runway as he takes a sip of his coffee. She smiles, offering a hand. “Margaret.” She says. Isaac takes her hand, shaking it. “Isaac.” As they let go, he feels someone lean against him. “So, I see your checking out one of the higher end models.” It’s Amanda, crossing a her right leg in front of her left while she’s leaning on Isaac’s left shoulder, her right foot resting on it's toes. “Yep, this one is quite a catch.” She reaches up and acts like she’s brushing dust off his shoulder. “Not a whole lot of mileage, nice beard, no smoke in the lungs. Can’t find them like this anymore.” Margaret tries her hardest to not laugh, as Isaac’s face is rather calm, though he’s starting to crack a grin. “W-Well… I got to get ready to board.” She says, trying to keep her composure. “It was lovely meeting you two.” Isaac nods. “You too.” Amanda nods, giving her a set of cheesy finger guns. “Want my card? Sure I can work something out with you.” Margaret shakes her head to Amanda, before walking back to her seat. Amanda laughs, slapping Isaac’s back. “Come on, I set it up perfectly! You should of just swooped in for the kill.” She says, looking at him. “We’re going to be gone for 3 months… No point in it.” He says, picking up the duffel bag and finishing the cup of coffee, tossing it in the trashcan nearby. He starts to walk towards their terminal. “Hey! No point!?! That’s what you said about Ashley from work.” She says as she follows. He stops, and she stops next to him, as they both look at each other, before laughing. He wraps his right arm around her as they resume walking into the crowd of people towards their terminal. (PS: I will fiddle with how the tilts look later on, just wanted to post this now, since I got it done)
  6. Combat Logo

    well look at that, I started a lore and stories... lets see if I can keep it up to date.

  7. Upcoming community changes - February 2018

    Should I just bend myself over a barrel now and take the pounding, or hope that the removal of dynamics will be vetoed. I just came back to rp, and been playing in game with friends, but even then, majority of the time, I'm by myself. And I have met NONE of these official groups. I've heard of UPS and trust me, my character isn't going to join them after being accused of being a member and being accused of being a pedo because of it. Even after looking at all the groups, my character wouldn't see a reason to join them. And I'll say this, I'm not a pvp'er. I am fucking shit at it, but if an initiation is dropped on someone I'm with, my one and only fucking hope is to raise my gun and try to get enough rounds unloaded into the initator of my traveling companion before I'm returned to pre-lore Logan levels of swiss cheese (it's was bad). The rules need to account for in game mechanics, and we all know that you will get domed pieced before that gun even gets leveled, let alone the first letter leaving your lips through the mic. I'm not a happy camper.
  8. Combat Logo

    So... I'm back in RP. Not your usual kind of guy, but I'm around again, for the most part.

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      LETS GO!!!!!


  9. Logan Whitehorn

    This character is ALIVE //This character is KOSable. You may kill this character upon seeing him. Declassified Data on Operator 'Wolverine:' Logan 'Wolverine' Whitehorn's record like most other's of the corporation is not available to the public but because of his position in the organization and the necessity to have some of the information readily accessible some of his files have been removed from the status of being held as classified. 'Wolverine,' graduated from medschool at John Hopskin's with honors and was nearly the top academic performer from his graduating class. 'Wolverine,' also spent a good amount of time in a branch of the US military as a medic. He was a sharpshooter of extremely high proficiency, and could have likely gone on to receive sniper training, but because of his knowledge of medicine, he was always kept as a medic in combat operations, but he is a extremely deadly force when wielding a weapon and was never one to hang back behind the field of battle when things started going wrong. After 'Wolverine's' exit from the military early he went on into Private Military Contracting, serving as a soldier and a medic for various other companies. It wasn't long though until he was picked up by The Corporation because of his extensive knowledge of disease and medicine gained from his schooling plus his tactical knowledge coming from his hardening as a combatant. This made him an indispensable asset to The Corporation and particularly their operations in South Zangoria after the infection had broken out and all hell started to break lose. 'Wolverine,' was part of the team dropped in with 'Hammer,'' 'Reaper,' and 'Battery,' initially and he helped 'Hammer,' and his other compatriots sabotage the agency that 'Hammer,' was working as a double agent of, helping them double cross. Though one day after the first team got swarmed by infected, he was separated from the others. However he was recently contacted by 'Winter,' of second team and 'Reaper,' of the first team and has their coordinates, hoping to meet back up with them soon provided nothing else deters them from reuniting, or continuing on with The Corporation's mission and operations in the area.
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      Yay!!!! 😊❤️

  11. Need a Doc (Open Freq.)

    *The radio crackles to life, as an older, gruff voice comes over the radio.* "Hello? Damn thing working? Alright son, listen, if your bad off, it's going to take time to get to you... whoever is going for you, but you need to at least lessen the bleeding or stop it entirely. Tell us what's wrong, and if we can, we'll talk you through the steps to at least keep yourself wake long enough to get found." *The voice pauses for a moment, as he coughs a little, then clears his throat.* "That... that is... if you can still hear us... God's speed son." *A click is heard, as the voice is replaced with static.*
  12. Hello anyone? (Open Freq.)

    *There is a large static crack. The voice that comes out is older, somewhat gruff.* "Gah! Damn radio... Set the volume too high... There we go... Son, Benjamin, I think that's what you said your name was... I may not be able to guide you, hell, I don't even know my own way around this country, but I may be able to help you out in some way. The sick, you know, infected. Think of them like those zombies from the movies, those that my son used to watch." *You can hear the sound of him scratching his beard through the radio.* "Well, they're like them, noises stirs them up and draws them in like moths to a filth covered flame. But as you seen, they don't lumber all undead like. It's more like rabies. So, they don't think straight. If ones on your tail, get inside and close the doors. They'll get bored before too long... My name's Harvey, if you want to know who's talking.... I hope you stay safe son, and know that God is watching over you." *Harvey lets go of the button, letting static fill the frequency.*
  13. Rory's very necessary Quotewall pt 1

    @Rory I don't think I've ever stopped malfunctioning... Still waiting on the reboot.
  14. [Discussion Thread] Killers Looking for Victims.

    I like the idea, gives people looking for a perma that is fitting for their character a way to easily achieve it, and for the serial killers, cannibals, etc. to add more victims to their book of names. And I agree with you Roach, the one main issue is the metagame. I mean come on, we know people can't resist the sweet taste of metagaming.
  15. Real life picture Thread

    Happy Halloween. Scaring very small children and handing out candy.
  16. Combat Logo

    A new character has been made (In case Harvey dies early or when the next update comes), Isaac Anderson, now older and less timid, should be fun to play when the time comes.


    Also, for those who remember, Logan of the pre-lore has a lore, and I never finished it. Well, I'm making myself finish it, and posting it on my page since it would be pointless to post pre-lore in the lore and stories. It's coming soon.

  17. Isaac Anderson

    Isaac is a man who doesn't need much to get by from day to day. Having lost his father months after the birth of his sister Amanda, he had to take charge of making money for the family, and things grew harder as his mother's drinking problem increased. All he wanted was a better life for his sister, better than what he lived through for the last part of high school and after. To see her go off to college, make something of herself. Slowly, he came to realize that home wasn't the place to try and do that. They were not going to have the money to do that, well alone survive as more of their money was drained into their mother's drinking. But he had a solution... Their grandparents, a lovely couple that lived on a farm in a place called Chernarus. It's been years since they last saw them, but Isaac knew that they were always welcome. So, a plan was made between Isaac and his sister, and after her high school graduation, they left, bought 2 tickets to France, and where on a plane within a month of her graduation. Now, it was just hitch hiking and hopping trains all the way there, just an older brother and his sister.For Isaac, having his sister happy is all he needed. For them, hope laid in Chernarus, but how long till it became something far worst? Expect more in the lore and stories. But he is made for the .63 update, so stay tuned.
  18. Combat Logo

    Well, I decide that I needed to look through my characters and make some decisions, so here's what happening.

    Harvey Knight: He will remain my main till either he is killed or put out of commision for some reason, hope you all enjoy a old man calling you 'young'ins' and 'kids' all day

    Isaac Winters: He's being put on Missing/Dead because I see no reason to play him. His main reason to play him is non-existent. He will probably never be brought back... I don't know, just stopped enjoying him.

    Logan Powell: He's getting deleted. I'm just going to let him remain in the Pre-Lore, with all his bullet wounds and his life in a russian compound to help with the voices... which reminds me, I need to finish the final part of lore for him....

    Now, someone I'm working on for after Harvey. I won't say who it is yet, I'll just let you guys look when I'm done with him.

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  20. Brother Harvey's Broadcast Frequency [Open Frequency]

    *You hear a loud squeal come over the radio, but it goes silent after a moment.* "Is this damn thing working? Ummmmm, hmmmmm." *It cuts out for a moment, static playing through for a minute before the voice comes back over. The voice is a little rough, and even from the sound, you can tell that the voice belongs to an old man.* "That do it? Yeah? Good... kids always said I was bad with this stuff, but I got it. *You hear him clear his throat.* Hello, I hope this is being heard by someone... I know that many of you young'ins aren't much for religion anymore... I understand that. This... well, the frequency I'm on... Ummmmm, I can't even see it, glass is all dirtied up. But for those who are, or just those who want to hear the word or some old gospel music... Well, I'll broadcast it for you... Oh, I almost forgot... I'm Brother Harvey... I know I've only met a few of the many in the country, but I do hope you're all staying safe out there." *You hear shifting near the mic.* "Now... the kids said they put music of this for me." *You hear a click.* "Now... where is it? *Click.* No... okay, so not under settings... *Click.* No, that's a calculator... *Click.* No... *Click.* Ahhh, here it is... Oh, music... *You hear a chuckle come from the old man.* So... I plug this into here... and this into this... And... hit play?" *His voice is replace with music, playing through the speaker as it fills the airwaves.*
  21. Bye

    From one college guy to another, got to bed early, get to class 5-10 minutes early, and get all your work done early. Holding off on it is never a good idea in the long run, trust me. Good luck King, I'm rooting for ya.
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    When everything starts to go to hell... Ships sinking and I'm just like "Might as well just... drown with it."

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    My internet's back, apparently a storm blown out a port in the cable box on the powerline. But I'm back!

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