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  1. Combat Logo

    Harvey is set and ready to go. I may play him a bit tonight. We'll see.

  2. Interview with a community member: Redbond9

    Eyyy, I think you could get away with it. Loved the interview, and I'm glad you got picked for it @Redbond9.
  3. Combat Logo

    Hey, if anyone was wondering why I just disappeared off the face of the Earth, well, I took a small vacation before school starts. So, I'm back!

  4. Combat Logo

    I got a B in French, so TWO B's! TWO FUCKING B's! IN BOTH CLASSES!



    1. Chewy


      B is for Both!

    2. Samti
  5. Combat Logo

    Finally went through with making the page for Harvey, it's looking good right now.

    1. Samti


      Tres bien

  6. Harvey Knight

    W.I.P Will work on it when more time is available.
  7. Combat Logo

    I'm going to hop in game (le gasp, I know, crazy right?) after I finish up the rest of my final for french.

    Also, been mulling over another character idea, because apparently I can't be happy with one character.

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    2. Combat Logo

      Combat Logo

      Sounds like a plan, thanks for the heads up Articuno Buddy.

    3. Samti
    4. RogueSolace


      Yay! S2 Kab!

  8. Sanctuary

    Nice, you all got approved. Maybe I'll see you in game, would be interesting to see this collection of characters together. Congrat again on becoming official.
  9. Combat Logo

    New profile song


  10. Combat Logo

    Finally ingame for the first time since the Lore Wipe. Lets see how it goes.

    1. Rose


      Don't get shot <3

    2. Combat Logo

      Combat Logo

      >.> This time, I won't become a sponge...

    3. Rose


      Sureee I totally believe you 100%



      we both know you are going to be a bullet sponge again

  11. Combat Logo

    My profile feels more complete now, and hey, no more size limits on the profile music! Thank you God!

  12. Logan Powell

    WIP (In case of main character permadeath, set character to active.)
  13. Isaac Winters

    Born on a farm 5 miles from Knoxville, life was pretty simply for Isaac. He grew up with an interest in people... mainly they're eyes, but still people. He was offered to help his brother in running the farm when his parents would retire, but he declined, wanting to do more with his life. After graduating from high school, Isaac was accepted into the University of Tennessee and went into the field of Optometry. It was here that he met his wife Jax Winters at the campus library. They got married on March 24th, 2012 and Jax gave birth to her first born Son Cody on January 8th, 2015. Unfortunately, After complications from a severe case of Croup, Cody died on October 23rd, 2016 and was incarnated seven days later. Parts of the Ashes remain inside of two very small vessels that are attached to two necklaces, the two of them carry around their necks until this day.
  14. Combat Logo



    1. Buddy



      Image result for party cyndaquil gif

    2. EpicShipshock


      Cyndaquill is the best pokemon

  15. Asking out of need {Open Frequency}

    *Isaac listens to her, a moment of fear gripping him. His right hand holds his radio, shaking slightly. He takes a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves. He presses down on the button.* "I-I know what your food is... Y-Your food hurt her... You hurt her... I... I don't care what you do... I won't let you hurt her again. She's all I have, my true family. Your not family... Your just like the slavers... F-Find me if you want... I-I have... lived through worst things..." *He lets go of the button, rubbing his hand on the back of his neck, over two scars, both meaning different things.*