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  1. I "Combat Logo" agree that while I am playing in the Potius Cras group CP, I waive my right to report anyone for KOS or attempted KOS on me under any circumstances. All kills on my character will be valid so long as my character is in the Potius Cras CP no matter how the character death came about. So long as I am playing a Potius Cras character that is working for / with the organization, or my forum name is on the group CP on the forums, I waive my right to report any KOS or attempted KOS on my character. //Signed by @Combat Logo I agree to this, even if I'm not around right now to enjoy the rp.
  2. Had some great rp today with @HartlssHeretic @GaryCash @Jack the Ripper @Kirby-KP @Couch112 and @GoodGuyKFC. Feels good to hop in again and roll around with the group again. Got to get some samples and roam around. Had to run to the aid of a @GoodGuyKFC and just hear about the tales of his great fire fight while we run our asses off to help him. Just got to thank @GaryCash for convincing me to hop on today. Hopefully you'll get to see the one handed medic out there.
  3. I know I'm late for saying it. But I'm glad we're back Gary. You are one hell of a leader for bringing us back again.
  4. Jesus, there's a point where dark humor goes off the deep end and into some twisted territory. Hope everything goes well. Know that you'll be in our prayers... well, the ones that do pray at least.
  5. Big ol' profile updates
    Background is now the limit break 'Genesis' from Epic Battle Fantasy 5
    Cover picture is the crew from EBF 5
    Profile picture is a Matt icon form EBF 5
    The song 'A Breeze from Home' is from the game that plays during the boss fight with God.

    This has been Combat Logo with the profile update, see you all in 4-6 months.

  6. *Checks beeper.* Oh, we're back. Look at that. Feels good to be back.
  7. Combat Logo


    HUZZAH! The artist is back!
  8. Video Games (Like you didn't see that coming) Hiking Soda Scavenging Being taught new things Gun Fights Explosions Being yelled at Tension Complete loneliness Just your average American college student. Time just happened to not be on his side. From being stuck in German when the outbreaks starts, to making the rather poor decision to make the attempt to hike to the Pacific ocean by way of crossing Russia. Though life has made it hard, he hasn't been alone. He met a man along the way that took him in while he was at his lowest moment, and brought him back from being in an arms reach of death. From teaching him to shoot, to being what looked like the one real light left in the world, you could say the man was more of a lighthouse in the dark for him. Conflict rises, and in an attempt to fix the issue explodes, quite literally, and leaves the mass majority of both groups dead, and the few survivors injured. With burns along his left shin, lower back and left side, just under his ribs, and his left hand; he is very much lucky to be alive. When he finally can move, with the help of an engineer that was lucky enough to not be at the meeting, he follows the path of his leader. Along the way, he leave the engineer, feeling like he's just weighting the man down. His limp is bad enough, he shouldn't be weighing him down. Now, he's alone, walking along the shore of Chernarus, just letting the days meld together. Life is nothing like it used to be.
  9. Well, I'm back, so I should be able to be back on more frequent this week and onward. Work is being a little more leanent coming up, hope it stays like that.
  10. I am back from vacation (I know no one cares) and since work has put me on 4 days a week instead of 5, I should have more time to actually get in game, God willing.

    1. Stradic


      Just in time to try out 0.63 EXP.

    2. JkpFrog


      As someone who played a nervous little medical student, who had some brief but very tense and awesome RP encounters with your character with his "Agent Orange" kitty -- I'm happy to hear you'll have some more time to be around! Good RPers are always missed. Hope the vacation went well. ?

  11. @Elk I'll agree with Gary, Life's hit us like a bag of bricks. I'm working 5 days a week, training new people and doing the stuff new trainy's can't do because it would become a dumpster fire if they did. Hey man, I understand you want to see the groups be active, but life should take priority first, and then the rp. You can't enjoy it if your forcing yourself to play and stressing over "Oh, can I cram an hour into rp before work, or an hour before bed." Though, let me ask... seems that, um... a certain someone hasn't been on in.... about 5 months? Just point fun, all I'm saying is life is getting busy, but we'll be back in full force soon. ALSO @Oisin , welcome to the group, forgot to put it in here. (Always wanted to use that gif, huzzah)
  12. You stay safe out there. Your always welcome in our channels. And you have to still play overwatch with me and Gary, who else would Gary carry to a higher ranking?
  13. ❤️

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