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  1. RIP Bernie Mac but currently Joey Coco Diaz has to be one of the funniest in the game hes always got me dying [video=youtube]
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S3-BadRP-Bad-Initiation-GearRP-at-NWAF-Tents-29-06-2016-03-40?pid=1483128#pid1483128 Why the verdict is not fair: not that it wasnt fair i understand the reasoning behind it, its to make sure players give their POV in reports so an outcome can come quicker. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: The report was solved and i got it appealed so everything is finished and done with. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Get the ban revoked since i put my POV in What could you have done better?: make a habit of checking the forums more often and putting my POV in reports im involved in faster
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): INSERT_LINK_HERE http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S3-BadRP-Bad-Initiation-GearRP-at-NWAF-Tents-29-06-2016-03-40?pid=1483128#pid1483128 Why the verdict is not fair: Even though i have stated i wasnt there during the robbery and the video even corroborates with this because you cant see me or hear my voice just the other two involved. I never robbed the OP of the report nor am i friends or in a group with the other accused i simply got banned for him naming me in the report even though i had nothing to do with it besides meeting the guy at tents and introducing myself. Also even though the OP of the report said he remembered the robbers name and told him the names of both of them they banned me and one of the robbers and let the other one go free with nothing. I would also really like to stress that I had nothing to do with the robbery the two robbers were a man named token and ryu as the OP has said. Ryu already got banned but the other didnt, The OP of the thread even edited the video because he didnt leave in the beginning part with all of us talking before it happens. I would really appreciate if whichever staff reads this lets me compare my voice to those in the video because the difference is very very obvious. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I had just gotten to NWAF Tents and ran into the other two accused we ended up just talking for a second introducing ourselves to each other then ran into the OP of the report i introduced myself to him and went on my way to loot the rest of tents the other two randoms i had just met decided to rob him and by the time i came back to that side of the camp i heard them robbing him i just sat by watching from behind adjacent tent then i ran off when i saw the other robbers leave his tent and head towards mine. Despite this and the fact that the two voices in the video arent me and i will be more than willing to come into TS and let you hear my voice side by side with the video and you can see for yourself. i would also like to bring up video quality into play because the fact that it is just complete black you cant even see anything so im confused how they could make a verdict based off of word of mouth and voices theyve never heard before. http://vocaroo.com/i/s1IkDPrTPVr8 The first link is of my voice, this second link is the video of the robbery, I WOULD LIKE YOU TO SEE THAT THE TWO VOICES YOU HEAR IN THE ROBBERY VIDEO IS NOT ME AND IS ACTUALLY THE 2 ROBBERS. The voices are from ryu and the other robber token. i hope this can clear this up. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Just to get the ban strike and 5day ban revoked since i didnt rob this man the only thing i ever did to interact with him was introduce myself and go on my way. What could you have done better?: I dont really know seeing i cant see my fault, if i was with my friends i wouldve tried to help the guy but i valued my life and got away before anything happened to myself.[/code]
  4. It has been days since the encounter happened i am not friends with these men just had met them previous in the day i dont remember their names to be honest with you im sure if the OP has posted a video he should have an unedited longer version if not im sorry i cant really help you. Additional edit: This report is titled that this happened on the 29th, but if you look on youtube the video date shows this actually happened on the 28th. Just thought that was useful to let you guys know.
  5. My POV and you can even agree with this i pulled up with them introduced myself introduced them to you then i went on my way to loot the rest of the camp and by the time i come back to that side it was already happening. I didnt hit you,rob you,etc nor can you hear my voice because i wasnt there when it was happening.
  6. As alex and brandon have said in their POVs we were holding these two up in the cell at VMB we took what we needed and began to have a little fun, one of us said to fight to the death but I realizing we couldnt do that said to fight for the first knock out and whoever knocked the other one out first would be able to keep the remaining bits and bobs on the ground and carry on, surprisingly enough a couple punches in and abraham had died. We had no idea this would happen and sadly it is what it is and i apologize for that. As for the logging out before the 30 minutes were up we had just been in a continuous session for hours so we figured it was about time to go to bed and log off since it was now about 6am EST and we had been playing since midnight. I apologize for the early leave exhaustion was setting in and i felt that we had gotten far enough away out in the boonies that there was no chance we would've been tailed or encountered by anyone.
  7. Rodeo

    Its dark out there

    Views from the Six [attachment=2756]
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    Its dark out there

    Convoy status [attachment=2750] Support your local politicians! [attachment=2751]
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    Its dark out there

    I bet he never thought this would see the light of day, the things you find on cannibals are shocking [attachment=2748]
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    Its dark out there

    [attachment=2727] [attachment=2728] [attachment=2729] The Calm before the storm. much love to anyone at gm last night!
  11. Rodeo


    I was nearby so i can only give my perspective, I can't speak for Armando or the other guy that was with us but there was definitely the initiation as well as the command to not raise a gun followed by maybe 2 seconds of Armando saying to not raise it before shooting. This is just my pov I was running back over from the med tents when it all went down by the containers
  12. A gallery of our night time adventures [attachment=2723] [attachment=2710] [attachment=2717] [attachment=2718] Spooky
  13. First off let me start by saying that you guys took Fletch hostage not me. Second Fletch never promised you the rifle earlier in the day you were more along the line begging him to gift it to you to which he made up several excuses to get you to stop asking and make it clear he wasnt giving it to you. Now for the novy part, i John was nearby listening to the conversation between your group and fletch unknowing to both your group and fletch, when you guys began asking for the gun and then asked him to follow you into the town. This is when you guys then began to command him to put his hands up and drop the gun and what not. I at that point realizing there wasnt a good chance we were leaving the situation unharmed i walked into the compound and yelled to him to run and i started shooting you and your friends. If it is even an argument as if i had the rights to shoot or not ill be surprised. Your argument is it is bad rp because i did something about you robbing my ingame brother just off the fact you had us out numbered. I hope this will get cleared up as this is nonsense. Also Fletch even stated his name to you guys before you began to rob him so im not sure why you have it completely backwards. I would also like to say this is the third time we have run into them and this is the first time they have done something like this every other time they have faked being friendly to us.