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  1. A plea to bandit RP'rs

  2. I mean, if I had just been through some like TERRIBLE shit in RP, like I just got tortured and someone blew my best friends head off next to me, that edgy shit. Than some small group of like 3 or 4 run up on me and I keep saying something like "Hey, look just..just get away from me!". I look fucked up, ruined clothes, maybe poorly bandaged wounds, limping, ect. Let's say they keep approaching because they wanna help this fucked up looking guy and I draw a gun and aim it and keep backing up, whilst yelling. "Please! Just get away from me! Get away! I don't wanna hurt anyone! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!". Than one of them drew a gun and killed me, i'd be pretty upset with that one. That could have been some good RP ended because I raised a gun. I feel that is a bit of a better example of what you're trying to say here.
  3. Cannibal time

    I think this is clearly a sign we need a group of old farmers who keep the crops going and save everyone No but really... I could see a cannibal I suppose...I mean the only issue I see with this is if UN supply drops and done in the future. Cause the rest of the world isn't gone YET...I would probably wait till the 6 month mark, that's just me though. As long as you aren't like, "I AM GONNA CUT YOU UP WITH THE SCALPEL MY DOCTOR IN THE INSANE ASYLUM USED ON ME!", I think it's fine.
  4. Ok I think I get what the guy is saying...but like maybe someone could throw some other ideas out? Instead of just kinda bashing his. Things are getting pretty fucking heated here .
  5. Real life picture Thread

    A really nice artist though...
  6. Bye

    It's a real shame to see ya go. I really hope you do well in Uni pal, go get yourself that good education that you may only use like 25% of in your future career!
  7. The Forsaken

    This looks very nice, I hope you guys really play this role right!
  8. Got back in game after like a Month break, and had some fun RP with @Abu Muhammad and his pals. Hope to run into them again some time! Also had nice RP with @Taryn @Galaxy and @Spartancrg! It was also interesting finding that random Creepy Clown Chainsaw woman...don't know who you are but you turned my black jeans brown...
  9. Event Coordination Team Recruiting

    Awww hell ya!
  10. Event Coordination Team Recruiting

    • Aiko
    • Coda852



    1. Coda852


      You get this shit off here! >:C

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      Hahah nerd

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    4. Coda852


      You get out of here Jade! Go back to your dumb boat!

    5. Jade


      You leave my boat out of this!

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  11. You are banned

    Another one of your cool songs! Didn't like the second VDV song as much...this super makes up for it
  12. Jimmy Estacado

    Born in Maregrosso, Sicily, Jimmy Estacado grew up very well off for himself along with his siblings, Silvia and Antonio. Though Jimmy had everything that he needed in life, he felt bored with it all. His life didn't have a single worry or risk. Eventually he would become a big fan of old gangster movies and was inspired by risks they took. Jimmy choose to somewhat fallow that path and a started to partake in illegal activities. He started stealing small things at a young age, when his parents would take him shopping, he would simply attempt to steal a few small things he could fit in his pocket. Over time, when he was in his teens, he got involved in more dangerous actions such as car theft and car chopping. With the extra money earned from what he did, he would choose to put it toward some good deeds to help the community such as donating to church, or local homeless shelters. Later in life when Jimmy finally became an adult he choose to move to the united states along with his brother and sister. Jimmy moved to Jacksonville, Florida with his siblings and started to get back into chopping stolen cars. A few years would go by before eventually he made enough money to go on vacation somewhere. After looking around for a vacation spot, he choose to go to Chernarus, hearing about the nice hiking trails and historical castles. He also heard that skiing and hunting were somewhat big sports in the country so, he booked a flight. Once arriving and getting settled into one of the apartments in Chernogorsk, the events up north started to take place. Thinking that the local CDF would easily take care of any issues, and thinking the UN would step into play, to stop anything from getting out of hand, he choose to go on a hunting trip with a hunting guide. Whilst out on the trip, the hunting guide was attacked by an infected was approaching a hunting stand. Jimmy attempted to simply shove the injected off and kept aiming the shotgun given to him by the guide at the infected, screaming for him to stop before eventually having to kill it. The guide sadly was bitten, but Jimmy did not know this would cause him to turn later. He slowly helped him back to town where he was quickly taken to a clinic are started being treated. He stuck around in the building waiting to hear about the man's progress. Soon the man turned into one of the infected and was locked inside a room until officers came and had to put him down. He felt horrible about the guide's death but even more horrified about what he turned into. He would take the shotgun the hunting guide had given him for the trip and a box of shells, before quickly making off to return back to his apartment, only to learn soon after that he couldn't leave the country.
  13. 108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    Jimmy would be sat by Harper gently petting her head trying to help sooth her as she was currently stuck in a state of catatonia. When he heard his radio crackle to life he would turn up the volume trying to hear the young woman's words over the radio. He listens closely to the words and frowns as he tries to think of who she could have possibly talking about. He picks up the radio and presses the PTT before talking in a worried voice. "Uhhh...Thank you very much for telling anyone on this freq about this but...can you give me a description of what he looked like? Did he have anything on him that would help me and the rest of us identify who it is? Because it sounds like it could have been two good friends.". He would release the PTT and nervously fiddles with his radio waiting for another response from the woman.
  14. 117.9 We have the Cure (Open)

    *He would listen to Timothy's words and raises an eyebrow, before picking up the radio and pressing the PTT.* "I agree with you on it all seeming way too fucking good to be true but...I don't know don't you think we should maybe hear them out a bit? You guys got a lot of fucking shit it seems don't you boys have a doctor or some shit to like take a look at all this. If you can find that military shit can't you find some science stuff? I don't know, just think maybe they REALLY do wanna help!" *He rubs the back of neck thinking, and taking a long sigh.* "I don't know, maybe i'm crazy but if we really have a way out all this dumb shit shouldn't we seek out a bit? Maybe you guys can work out some kinda meeting or something." *He would release the PTT and set the radio on the nightstand next to him waiting for a response*