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  1. Well I guess me and my group have just had REALLY bad luck than. I'm honestly pretty surprised most of you lot haven't been initiated on even once so far.
  2. Still noticing people are just kind of saying the same thing. "Don't carry spooky gun, and don't wear mili stuff." Though like I said before I don't. The character i'm playing is a Mechanic and he still has some hope that the military or some world organization is hopefully gonna fix this. Had a good one saying it was probably because we lived near something military and we've moved since than. Hopefully we get some interactions besides mostly hostile. If the REST of you are looking for it I mean the entire North West area is a hell hole so go have some fun if you're desperate for it.
  3. Don't worry about it, I don't want you to feel like i'm targeting you or anything, play how you enjoy playing!
  4. I am noticing an interesting assumption that 1. I am only carrying military stuff/am in military areas. 2. I am alone and hording things. I currently am wearing sneakers, jeans, a long sleeve shirt, baseball cap. The only military shit is a ballistic vest you can find anywhere and an AK74-U I stuff in my bag. I suppose the holster on my belt is military but the point is. I mostly try to dress like a civ. Maybe i'm just having some bad luck is all but, I've been mostly staying up in in northern towns, only have entered military places TWO times and thats not even where I've been
  5. I played this a long time ago and got kind of bored of it because it seemed to mostly be a bit of a dick waving contest between bandit groups and stuff. I came back recently because some friends said it has changed a bit but not gonna lie, I have had mostly stories of people getting held up or robbed, have robbed, or have BEEN robbed (three times in 3 hour period today). This is mostly just an opinion post but, what do you lot think? Is most of the RP hostile/robbery RP? Interested in what some of you guys think, maybe some of you can can convince me it's not. I just feel myself gett
  6. Not sure if this'll last but I figured i'd give it another go.
  7. Alek was born to a Russian father and an American mother. Both believed in the classic American dream of a house in a nice part of town, the man going to a 9 to 5 job, and the wife staying home taking care of the child. He grew up with a pretty normal life all things considered, though that usually meant it was borning. Alek always wanted adventure in his life and was very interested in his father's homeland. Alek's father wasn't aginst teaching his son what the culture of Russia was like and the language but was not adamant about his son ever going to visit the place. Alek's father growing up
  8. Thing is it's not even just EU folks that get this issue. @BlazerPazer72 and @Spartancrg both live in the US, one East coast and one west coast, and both get kicked for high ping spikes pretty damn often. This is almost just the same as the server going down every 15 minutes the last update just now it takes even longer. Hopefully, someone will come up with something.
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