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  1. Thing is it's not even just EU folks that get this issue. @BlazerPazer72 and @Spartancrg both live in the US, one East coast and one west coast, and both get kicked for high ping spikes pretty damn often. This is almost just the same as the server going down every 15 minutes the last update just now it takes even longer. Hopefully, someone will come up with something.
  2. Maybe this is just me... but this seems like it can get kiiiiinda rapey
  3. Jimmy would be under the hood of a car, his radio only a foot away from him when he hears Alex and Andy's radio message. He frowns at that and thinks of his own business, proceeding to mumble to himself, "Shit...I guess I should advertise my business so some edgy people can cut me up...". He would step back to close the hood, before grabbing the radio and pressing the PTT. "Hey all you extremely fucked up, and only kind of fucked up people out there. Tired of having to walk and run literally everywhere and getting extremely large thunder thighs? Well luckily for you, on this frequency you can contact us about buying a car, truck, or whatever the fuck you're looking for if we have it! Prices will be talked out over a private frequency along with a meeting point. Currently for sale we have..." He would pause for a moment to reach into his pocket to pull out a small journal, flipping past a few pages until he finds the list. "We have 1 Cargo Truck, 1 Two Seater V3S, Both of those trucks have their doors by the way. And lastly 1 Sedan that only has it's back left door missing. Who knows maybe you can sit a hostage in there and push him out when you're going like 120 kilometers an hour of something! But anyway, Just ask for Tony or Olivia on this frequency and we'll set something up! Good luck and stay in drugs and don't do school kids!" He would release the PTT and sets the radio back down on the table near by. He would than just kinda look down at his journal thinking of grabbing a few more vehicles to sell.
  4. Me and my party were driving a bus around the northern highway, attempting to have some form of bus service. When we arrived at Severograd we stopped after seeing a person running by, he ignored us as he appeared to be being chased by a large horde of people. As he ran past they party chasing him suddenly started to get on, among the new party were around 7 “Ugandan Pirates”...One of them being called the Captain. We started to drive on a bit longer as they continued RPing, until a player jumped out of the bus while we were driving and died. We stopped and allowed everyone to get out to examine the body. After everyone had finished taking items off the body, or moving on from the bus, a member of possibly the Ugandan’s or another random passenger stole the glow plug of the bus! Aiko got out of the bus to put in an extra glow plug when the Captain, Mongo, went into the driver’s seat and started stating how the bus was now his. After this Aiko crashed, and I had to re-log do to a turning glitch. By the time we had logged back in the bus was gone along with everyone else, so we proceeded to give chase for around 10 minutes or so. Eventually we caught up and heard that the Captain attempted to drive the bus of the dock of Svet. The bus was stuck on the edge of the pear and had to be pushed into the water to save the passengers inside. We ran around the meet the Captain and ask if everyone was ok, in which they laughed the situation off and proceeded to get some rest. Ok look I don’t wanna be a dick but that was extremely trolley RP. I simply have NOTHING more to say on the matter, it was just a really had situation to hear about over TS and be apart of. I mean come on guys...you’re all better than what I fucking saw...this was possibly the worst RP I have ever seen on the server.
  5. I am the walrus!

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      Fuck is this shit?

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      Didn't even care when Sayori died *smh*

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      Keira NO...That was the worst thing!

  7. He would rub his chin a bit at the teenager's words, frowning at how he is missing the point of what he is saying before responding again. "You are actually kind of proving my point with your response...Look you are 19, so you haven't really been around long enough to get some good life experience under your belt I am guessing. You are not going to be a politician, you are going to have to pretty much be the Marshal in this safe heaven you are making, you are going to have to kill people, and you are also going to have to make choices that WILL piss people off. This is a world where if someone gets annoyed with you, they can just shoot you and declare war with you." He would pause to gather his words for a bit, as the sound of laughter can be heard in the background and a conversation about food may be heard. "Instead of calling anything against what you are doing pessimism, take it as advice and warnings, don't shoot down what everyone is saying. Give us evidence and a reason WHY I SHOULD RISK ME AND MY FRIENDS LIVES? You say you have guards but what does that mean? You have people who have picked up guns? Are they former CDF? What happens when winter comes? Are you going to have enough food and medical supplies? What happens if a large militant group comes and attacks the town, what laws are you introducing into the town? These are just a few questions that many are probably wondering. I wish you the best of luck with this but...maybe you can change some of our minds about all this. He would release the PTT, and simply just leaves the table on the old stone wall waiting for a response.
  8. Jimmy would simply raise an eyebrow at the teenager's broadcast and just kinda laughs a little, before picking up his radio and pressing the PTT. "Uhhh...I am sorry but why do you think you are able to lead a town? You're 19 years old...that means you have not even been to college long enough to have a fucking an associates degree. You're way to young to be in charge of running a town, I mean have you ever even been in some kinda of leadership roll before? This isn't like some shit Tycoon game on a computer, this is real life." He would let out a small sigh before speaking again. "Look don't set up in some high traffic area, and don't tell everyone over the radio about where you and all your possible friends are going to be, I mean if anyone wants you dead they know JUST where to look now. Get the people you trust and make a safe house away from any populated area kid, learn to use your head." He would release the PTT, and mumbles "Hope that kid takes my advice...he may be to stupid and prideful to do that though..."
  9. I mean, if I had just been through some like TERRIBLE shit in RP, like I just got tortured and someone blew my best friends head off next to me, that edgy shit. Than some small group of like 3 or 4 run up on me and I keep saying something like "Hey, look just..just get away from me!". I look fucked up, ruined clothes, maybe poorly bandaged wounds, limping, ect. Let's say they keep approaching because they wanna help this fucked up looking guy and I draw a gun and aim it and keep backing up, whilst yelling. "Please! Just get away from me! Get away! I don't wanna hurt anyone! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!". Than one of them drew a gun and killed me, i'd be pretty upset with that one. That could have been some good RP ended because I raised a gun. I feel that is a bit of a better example of what you're trying to say here.
  10. I think this is clearly a sign we need a group of old farmers who keep the crops going and save everyone No but really... I could see a cannibal I suppose...I mean the only issue I see with this is if UN supply drops and done in the future. Cause the rest of the world isn't gone YET...I would probably wait till the 6 month mark, that's just me though. As long as you aren't like, "I AM GONNA CUT YOU UP WITH THE SCALPEL MY DOCTOR IN THE INSANE ASYLUM USED ON ME!", I think it's fine.
  11. Ok I think I get what the guy is saying...but like maybe someone could throw some other ideas out? Instead of just kinda bashing his. Things are getting pretty fucking heated here .
  12. It's a real shame to see ya go. I really hope you do well in Uni pal, go get yourself that good education that you may only use like 25% of in your future career!
  13. This looks very nice, I hope you guys really play this role right!
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