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  1. Is the i5 Intel? Would that work since I've got a amd set up? Didn't think you could integrate them?
  2. Thank you slash I'm in work atm, il check it out when I finish in a hour
  3. Hey guys : I'm not very technical when it comes to cpu's and gpu's and pc builds in generally but I know I have a pretty average rig, regardless I'm struggling with my fps in dayz, it's not terrible and definitely playable but I definitely want to improve it, I'm just unsure if it's my cpu or gpu that's the issue, I currently have a ATI 5850 graphics card, amd phemon 2 X4 965, 8gb ram, Windows 10 I know the specs arnt great but I got it all for £100 so I'm looking to upgrade but I'm not sure what needs upgrading more than others? Any help would be awesome Regards lastshotbestshot
  4. *Tiber Listens to the mans wisdom and feels the need to respond* "amen to that brother" *tiber turns off his radio and continues his long journey as the sun rises*
  5. *Tiber looks at his radio confused and picks it up and utters a simple response* "the triangle?" *Tiber puts his radio next to him as he relax's in camp debating what he could mean*
  6. lastshotbestshot

    [33.36] Skryty [Open to customers and friends]

    *Tiber picks up his radio to respond to William* "So William is it? My name is Tiber Decimus, I assume you want to trade for the certain item I need to be obtained? I am currently doing a lot of my..*Tiber smirks*....hunting at night but am lacking some attire, what would be deemed an acceptable trade for some black cargo's and say a black military jacket.... M65 to be precise?" *Tiber returns his radio back to his hip and continues his return to camp*
  7. *tiber clicks his radio* "Thanks bud, il make my way over there soon...as for you Ide il be on this channel for a while, keep me informed" "Tiber puts down his radio to pack for the journey north-east*
  8. *tiber clicks his radio* i'm currently in the market for a new tent, i was jumped by some infected earlier this week and to say repair is not an option i need a new set up, you supply this and il get to work on your order *tiber clicks off his radio to get back to his hunt*
  9. *Tiber Clicks his radio* Hey if anyone can here me I am looking for a tent for trade, i understand there not easy to come by but if anyone has one I will more than compensate them, name your price.... *Tiber puts down his radio and eagerly awaits a response*
  10. *Tiber Clicks his radio" "theses item can be....obtained, but the real question is what are you willing to trade" *tiber puts his radio down and returns to organising his wares*
  11. lastshotbestshot

    (Open Frequency) Dolina Roamers

    *picks up radio after dealing with a stranger* Hey no tents right now come on down might find one and other people are doing sales here as well one of them might have one. You can contact the shop on 117.2 that's the frequency the Roamers use. *puts radio away as more people enter the shop* *Tiber Decimus clicks his radio* "sorry buddy that's a long walk for a maybe on the tents, I will pop by next time you open up shop and check out your wares....stay safe *Tiber releases his radio to get back to cleaning his arsenal *
  12. lastshotbestshot

    [107.1] New World Mafia [Frequency]

    *Tiber Decimus curiously clicks his radio to respond* "I could do with you help but what's the catch? I'm in need of acquiring big military tent, if you and the new world Mafia could get this for me what would you want in return? favour for a favour? *tiber release the transmitter waiting for a response*
  13. lastshotbestshot

    (Open Frequency) Dolina Roamers

    *Tiber clicks his radio" "hey buddie do you happen to sell tents? what would your trade for one?" *tiber puts down his radio eagerly awaiting a response*
  14. *tiber Picks up Radio* "what about that guy who opened a clinc in starye? anyone spoke to him maybe he would come and stay?" "tiber awaits response with radio in hand*
  15. i know right? i absolutely loved terra's response